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In last Sunday's class we did pigeon pose with partners. We were told to chose someone as sweaty as we were and people were rearranging in that awkward moment when strangers are forced to interact and they weren't expecting it. Those of us who are veterans to this class had a much easier time of it and Elliot (who was next to me) grabbed a towel and promised he'd dry off for me. I pointed to a towel I'd brought but not touched and said I had extra if he needed it but I'm a mother with small children, sweat doesn't scare me. :-)

After we negotiated body arrangement (due to the fact that my foot can pass under his leg but not rest on top of his thigh) we worked on the full expression of 'pigeon' which is a hell of a lot more intense then the name might lead you to expect. He counted down the inches... "three, two.. one ..." until breath by breath I arched all the way and touched my toes. (I managed to help him get fully vertical, but he wasn't going one inch further)

Today -different teacher- we were working on the same pose. We did it with straps and then the teacher came over to help and holy crap I did it again. This time I didn't just touch, I fussed around and tried to grab my big toe (couldn't quite lock the grib though).

So, add a strap and a teacher's assist and this is what I did: King Pigeon

I've been working toward this -forever- so it's nice to finally have it.


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