Mar. 1st, 2008 08:39 am
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I don't care that it just snowed another three inches -- I saw Robins yesterday. A whole flock of 10 or 12 of them hopping around grubbing for bugs. All those puffed out red chests made me smile and I am hoping they are a harbinger of warmer weather (as opposed to the frigid Easter we had last year).
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Ok. It's a little gory but I've got a dark sense of humor that appreciates the macabre...

Something died violently on my deck today. At least, that's what I think given the broken branches and the crusty red snow in the tomato planter. And the lack of critters this afternoon.

I'm a little bummed that I missed the excitement.
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My girlfriend and I have been getting together every week to scrapbook. Since it was nice today, before we wrapped up and she went home we took the kids out for a walk.

There was a kid on one of those noisy/smelly motor bikes jumping on one of the hills by the empty lot. Suddenly this dog ran out by us, scared by the noise. It took a second for my brain to process the fact that it wasn't a dog. There, in full daylight, only a couple of yards away, was a coyote. It was so concerned by the bike that it didn't even notice us and jogged off into the brush to hide again. We just looked at each other, a bit stunned by having it Right.There.

"Maybe we should keep Isaac closer." She says.


We kept looking for it, but the area it ran into is full of boulders, old construction debris and prickly brush.

One day I will get a picture.
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Apparently, the coyote likes to cruise through my end of the woods on the cold, dark, crappy days when I have no hope of getting a good shot. I had trouble getting an even half-way decent one of the deer it was tailing. Brian saw it earlier but, listening to him describe it, you'd think we had wolves....

I was mildly amused when I freaked out a squirrel and a woodpecker when they came up to the feeder, glanced over, and saw that I was Right.There. and the door was open so there was nothing between us but two feet of rain. Would have liked a shot that close of the woodpeck though. Ah well.

Amazing what I get to see from my kitchen.
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There is a coyote standing in my back yard.

Now I know

Nov. 3rd, 2005 05:13 pm
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I had wondered why, with all the deer and woods, nicely landscaped yards and birdfeeders, that we do not have more rabbits and squirrels then we do. Turns out those dogs I hear now and again aren't dogs -they're coyote.

Glad I don't have kitties to worry about.. just gotta keep tabs on the little man.
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Normally, bugs don't bother me. But big, twitchy, slightly aggressive bugs with fangs, make me a tad uncomfortable. This is a very large spider, and it has taken up residence on my front stoop. While it's interesting, and we watched it eat and fix it's web, for safety's sake, I think I might have to evict it.
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I put Isaac down for his morning nap (not that he's sleeping yet) and carted things down to the kitchen and the trash and I'm standing at the sink washing my hands and notice odd movement in the backyard. Now, mind you, I'm near-sighted and almost never wear my glasses (they are for TV and movies only) so I'm standing there for a minute trying to decide what this is without being able to really see it. Whatever it is, it's the same color as the leaves in the backyard and moving rhythmically. It's not spazzy and gray, so it's not a squirrel and it's too big to be any of the birds I expect to see... I go get my glasses.

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