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Today has been a very long day that did not go as planned.

Keith and I left the hotel about 11:30am to take me to the airport. It is now almost 12:30am and I just got home. My 12:58 flight became an 8:50 flight. We landed just after 10:00 making it impossible to catch the 10:15 shuttle, so I had to wait for the 11:15 shuttle.

Now. To grab a few hours sleep, get up, repack and get on a flight for FL in the morning.

Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly and I can begin catching up on my sleep. Hopefully.

At the very least, the group I was with mostly kept its sense of humor. We had one woman join us late in the day from another flight who whined about her hour wait and found herself the target of our collective humor, but she took the chop busting pretty well when she found out how long we'd all been there. I feel for the dude who had to catch a shuttle to the train station and try to get south to Treton, and then Camden and home. He's still traveling. And I met a very nice gentleman at the shuttle shelter and we chatted during the wait and the whole way home. Very rare the conversation I get to end with Namaste.

In summary, I did not get to see my children. We had to cancel the consultation with the eye Dr for Isaac. Tomorrow is going to be rushed. But I had a really good visit with everyone. I had fun with my games. I think everyone had fun with my game. I had good people to suffer with.

So a painfully long day but all is well that ends well. I will try to catch up with everyone over the week as I grab computer time in FL.

Good night!
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The kids are wiped (we carted Isaac in semi-conscious and just put him to bed in his clothes). I'm wiped. The house is freezing. But we're home, the flight was uneventful and the baby slept for some of it so I banged some more words out. Tomorrow we unpack, clean and get groceries. Breakfast is gonna be lean but we ate so much the last several days that won't hurt us
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Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:57 am
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Thus far the trip to FL has gone smoothly. The kids, both healthy when we boarded the f@#$%!plane, are now running fevers. Isaac lost most of a night of sleep because he was roasting, but last night was better. Hopefully they will both bounce without getting truly sick, but as my mother joked, 'what would a trip to FL be without a trip to urgent care?'


BUT! Dad was cleaning out the attic, tossing old papers and whatnot and made a discovery: an old box of books. Mom dragged it out to show me because the kids are now the right age. Most of them I recognized right off and the flash flood of memories the old covers brought out was amazing. There's one or two I'm not sure are in print anymore, some with fantastical beasts, another with a little boy who learns to gather flowers for an elderly British painter. He reluctantly buys food and a warm blanket for his family and brother, but finally gets to buy what he really wants - a shiny, hardbound 'fancy' book. For the whole book he works in the shadow of a tiger, which men are hunting ... and that's the one detail I can't remember the resolution of. Other parts I could recite, but I know I only read the book once. Guess it struck a cord with me. My old dinosaur book was there, but I think the one that excited me most of the petshop book with all it's unusual creatures. I'll have to look later to see if it's available, but I know I've never seen it in a bookstore while buying stuff for the kids.

I think we'll draw from the box for bedtime tonight.
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swim with the fishes
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We have returned. For all the hoops we had to go through to get home (taxi to ferry, to taxi to airport) it went remarkably well. The trip itself was also lovely. Getting there was hard -the hoops make mommy grouchy at the end of the day, and it isn't a happy adventure when I'm lugging luggage and children, but I think it was well worth it. We had beautiful weather, met lots of nice folks, I had time to visit with my family, the kids got more time with Mom-mom and Pop-pop and mommy got in a few really nice dives. I think, next time, I might see if I can wrangle a solo trip back to St Lucia. One-on-one diving suits me... actually, I think it spoiled me. Now I get vexed when I get the "time's up, ascend" signal and I look down and it's only been 35 minutes and my tank is still 2/3 full. But, probably more on that later.

I think the kids are going to miss the buffet, but I will be happy to get back to normal eating (I feel like a little sausage and it's not a good thing). Elly will miss her giant sandbox -she played for HOURS, it was too cute. Isaac loved snorkeling, though he was a tad intimidated when it was time to jump off a boat into a whole big ocean with no land in sight. The guide had gotten a body board out, so I pointed it out to him, told him to swim to it, and mommy would be right behind him. It helps that Pop-pop was already there. In he went. My little fish just took off. The downside was that he was so excited by it all that he kept smiling and wanting to talk and that kept letting sea water into his mouth and snorkel. :-p

Now. To see what time everyone gets up tomorrow...

Good night, and I hope the days have been good for everyone else, too.
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Very very odd... packing, repacking to consolidate, and repacking again because we'll get penalized for a large bag, but not two smaller ones. Third time around Brian asked me if 'this is all you're bringing' and I said yes. I stopped to think about it, wondering how many shirts I'd pack. Ain't often when the husband replies, 'not enough'.
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and utterly exhausted.

It really doesn't help that the children have taken turns waking me up several times each night the last several days. I feel like my eyeballs want to fall out of my head.

The flight arrangements for us, my MiL and SiL are made. A car there and back again is also arranged. Boarding passes are printed. Pictures of Sidney have been located, touched-up and emailed (I'm going to choose to believe that I was just the easiest one to ask instead of the only one with recent pictures of him). My husband's suit and our clothes are packed. Costumes are packed (Elly is now to going to be Tinker Bell to go with Hook, Pan and the Pirate). Nebulizer and medicine is packed because both kids are sporting wheezy, asthmatic coughs I know airplane travel won't help. ...passports...!!


And now, in addition to waiting for the last load of laundry so Princess has jammies, I am struggling to finish a letter of recommendation for one of the girls at the gym's playroom. I'm happy to write it, but my brain is fried. I really wish I'd gone at it Friday when she asked me. I just didn't expect to run out of time. I don't suppose anyone is still awake and has brain power to proof-read?
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TBR was fun, the drive there was unbelievably easy (even if I did arrive after 1AM) and the drive home went surprisingly well when you consider that the major highway I use (I-91) was closed for a section and I winged it with a fragment of zoomed out map printed from Google and still got home within half an hour of when I expected to. I have made notes of the roads used, will have to Google.maps exit 19 to figure out what I did there (nothing like blindly making all the right turns) and hopefully I can reverse engineer it for next year. 

Princess was graced with oodles of attention - which leaves her suffering a bit of withdrawal now... poor baby keeps looking around every time she hears something and I swear she's looking for other people. 

Speaking of.... sounds like she's destroying something. I should investigate that..... 

Sounded worse than it was. One of those papery plastic bags (too small for her head) that came with one of Isaac's toys. Little man will not be happy with the mess she's made of his toys. Guess he and Daddy should have put them away when they were done. (nothing got done while I was gone. surprise, surprise)

but -- Thank you [personal profile] dirkcjelli , [profile] princejvstin , [personal profile] mcroft and [personal profile] immlass for the games! Never having played Continuum or Sprit of the Century (despite having it in my hands ever so briefly) I felt a little flat footed with the mechanics, but the games were fun. Being able to shoot down a zeppelin with a handgun while flying my splashy lil' plane made my night. Nothing as nice as a called shot that goes perfectly. And I think I used most of my aspects. Where else do you get to shout, "My mother's dress!" to aid an action? Continuum is a bit to get the head around, but negotiating the challenges was half the fun. Getting to totally frag Fiona was the other half. 

[personal profile] eternaleponine you can tell Evan Catherina says, "You're welcome." She recognized the importance of the books, but you were really becoming a bit of a hazzard to yourself and she'd be put out if something happened to a cousin on her watch. ;-) 

I think Ms Pippen will become a regular Con character. Got to put Shaely through her paces in Equalizer and now that I've had her in action and know better how to use her, I think she'll be fun. Even if she smells a little odd to discerning noses. Forgivable, I think, when you consider that she can get you high or blow you up depending on which pocket she reaches into. And blowing things up was ever so useful. 

But all y'all can keep them twiglettes to yourselves. I'm going to file them under 'ale' with the other wheaty, hoppy sorts of things that my tastebuds protest.

I finally got to meet [profile] goldfired ! And [personal profile] follybardwas there! and if Princess had woken she could have been a prop, 'cause she'd have been perfect for the baby in the fleeing zeppelin. 

Mine own game went okay. I wasn't entirely pleased, but never having GMed solo before I'll take the learning experience. I know exactly where I got derailed, what I should have focused on and what questions I should have asked myself two weeks ago. Plus, next time I'll keep a better eye on the clock, though I only blew it by about half an hour. And while I couldn't sit down and about broiled in the heat of my jangled nerves, I don't think my anxiety was blatantly obvious. Of course, I might not be the best judge of that.  Ah well.

All in all, a good weekend.

Now I have grocery shopping to catch up on, a house that needs cleaned, a party to prep for, a baptism that's just had it's details changed, and a whopping, nasty headache I can't shake. Hopefully another night's sleep, another dose of allergy meds and a gallon of water will be the end of it.


May. 7th, 2007 05:32 am
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Nothing makes it harder to sleep than knowing you've got to get up (early).

Kiddies and I will be home in time for lunch. Hopefully it's a nice day in Jersey (cause if it's not, the flight is going to be screwed).

Lazy Days

May. 5th, 2007 11:40 am
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The trip down went pretty well. There was some last minute rushing around (there always is) but we got out the door when I wanted to, no delays really and got our luggage with only some minor confusion (they moved where we would pick it up, but never bothered to post the flight number anywhere).

Yesterday we took the boys to Bush Gardens. The rented stroller almost dumped Elly to the pavement, but Grandma has good reflexes and caught the carseat before it hit the ground. Jarred the baby awake, but she's okay. Will have to comment on this to the rental people. The boys had fun running around and doing all the kiddie rides. Elly liked watching.

Today is a quiet day at the pool for my nephew's 3rd birthday. Elly loves the water as much as her brother, and he is DYING to play with her in the pool. Frustrates him that I won't hand her over, but somehow, that strikes me as a Very Bad Idea.

Go figure.

And it's a good thing today is our pool day. Holy Moly is it HOT. Considering how cool it's been at home, stepping into 90+ weather is staggering.

Tomorrow morning we might do Bush Gardens again (we have season passes so we go often) and if it does finally rain (slim chance) we'll do the aquarium instead. I'm almost hoping it rains - it's been a long time since I've been to an aquarium. I doubt Isaac remembers his first/last trip, but the Jersey aquarium is so far away.

I lied

Mar. 22nd, 2007 03:59 pm
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But it wasn't my fault.

Pack. Check.
Ride to airport. Check.
Get there on time, get through security, everything good. Check.

Wait to board.... Flight Status: Canceled.

Rebook flight. Pace terminal. Call hotel, call Keith, get something to eat and worry over baby who is now going to be off her schedule.

Flight Status: Canceled.

Get directed to REALLY long line. Call 800# to rebook flight instead. Find out it's going to take at least 2 hours to get my luggage back, or I can trust that they are going to get it onto my flight tomorrow morning. Abandon luggage and call Keith again.

Make multiple phone calls to find a way home, find out both credit cards aren't working when I try to buy bus fare. Find cash in diaper bag.
Find father-in-law.
Finally get back home.

They said it's weather, and there were announcements that the FAA had issued weight limits for flights [because of it] and airlines were being forced to estimate the weight of luggage and passengers and they were having to take people off of flights. It went down hill from there as delays began piling up. Rather than stress and struggle, I went home. There is a limit to what I can do with an infant in tow and the only way to get out today would be to find another airline with an open seat and get my airline to put my ticket toward that, find my luggage, get it -and me- to another terminal/airline and expect that this next airline wasn't going to be running into the same problems. Even crew members were on cell-phones trying to work things out... it looked like a mess that was getting uglier by the minute.

But, flight woes aside, we're home, the baby is in a MUCH better mood (it got really sad there for a little while), I have one CC problem worked out (the hubby has to handle the other) and I'm booked to head out at 6:45 in the morning. Hopefully the weather system causing the grief won't cause more grief and my luggage will actually go with me. ::crossing fingers::
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OMG I'm tired. So tired I couldn't sleep well because the brain and body are on overdrive. This morning was painful and I'm really hoping Isaac naps so I can or I'll never make it through the day, much less to yoga tonight.

airplane saga )

Dunno that I have enough brain power to do more than organize today, but I have a short story to rework and a mess of posts. One suggestion for the story was to write it 'from scratch' since it's all in my head, but there wasn't an opportunity to do that at ACUS. Maybe tomorrow, or after a nap I'll have time for that. Hopefully the posts go faster. In the meantime, there is grocery shopping and laundry to put away and a kitchen that needs cleaned again. :-p
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Brian's comment after we listen to the messages on the answering machine and the only one not for me is a machine advertising some service or other for Cablevision.

Once again the trip went pretty darn smoothly. The taxi was right there, the lines at the airport weren't terrible, I think we left on time and the flight went ok if you don't mind a little turbulence. The only snag was the change in pressure waking Isaac up from his nap. From the way he was hitting himself in the face, I think it was his sinuses. Poor little guy was freaking out and there was no way we could help him (I can't decide if managing to blow his nose actually helped, or if it was coincidence).

But we're home now, he's reaquainted himself with the house and his toys and been bundled off to bed, so it's all good.
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Being sick, I haven't gotten through my pictures (entirely). I still need to get the dive photos onto a CD to get developed, but then there are all the others.

We liked the Atlantis enough that we might go back, this time with Isaac. I think, without all the demands of other family, it could be a fun trip with him.


Dec. 27th, 2005 10:59 pm
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Got my suitcase back (did I mention that?) which is good because it had my favorite clothes and we really needed every little bit of space we had to get everything home. The bike Mom-Mom decided he had to have, had to stay in FL. I could find no reasonable way to get it home right now. And he can't ride outside right now anyway.

But, after many hours of traveling, the little man is tucked into his own bed (he is such a good little trouper), I am half unpacked and half the mail has been gone through. If I wasn't so wiped, if my head didn't hurt so much and if I was so ill, it would all be good. :-p

I will sleep, my girlfriend sent email begging for a call because she has stories so that will fill tomorrow's activity slot, and it's back to the routine. After all the cookies, that will be a very good thing!
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The wedding was lovely. The Atlantis resort is wonderful! (loads of pictures and stories later) And all in all we had a good time. Then came time to head to my folks place in Tampa. We got the airport ok, I got through customs, said goodbye to my luggage, got on my plane, schlepted from one terminal to another -on foot- because apparently my US Airways flight was on Continental (go figure) and arrived in Tampa to discover my suitcase is seriously lost. It's been 24 hours now and they can't even tell me what country it's in. They gave me a whopping $50 to cover my costs while they continue to search. Have you ever tried to go shopping with $50? This close to Christmas? :-P

I tried to replace some of my clothes, but I can't find the styles, in my size, in any color. And that's just my gym clothes!

And plus, if they don't find it, I'll need to buy another suitcase too just to get home. Thank GOD I sent my dress and my dive gear with Brian!

Hope everyone has had good days and over the next week I will attempt to catch up.
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This could get extremely long and rambley because there's just an awful lot to talk about. Over shadowing everything is the disaster at the end. We're still dealing with the fall out from that and I'm so stressed I'm actually ill. Which is a real shame because most of the trip was really good.
Day by Day )
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In what is turning out to be a yearly sojourn, we once again ventured to the former Dupont residence to see what we could see.

Originally uploaded by egwenna.

stop and see the flowers )
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The dash to the airport got a little crazy, but that was my doing (couldn't find my sunglasses & can't afford to lose them) so I can't complain. Besides, all's well that ends well and I got there with a minute to catch my breath before boarding. M.Croft and [ profile] immlass were on the same flight so I even had a chance to say Hi.

But now I'm home, I've had a chance to play with Isaac, and despite a splitting headache, things are good. My new grill is in, the washer and dryer are connected and ready to rumble, and the guy buying the old house stopped by while Brian was fixing something and when Brian commented that I was going to miss one of my plants (I'd love to know how that came up) he told Brian I could take anything I wanted because he didn't care about plants. So I'm going to be busy taking him up on that offer the next few days! Hopefully the weather will hold because we've already got flooding in places, but it makes the ground nice and soft and easy to dig in.

The only down note is that Isaac is once again sick, so we won't be as social this week as we normally would, which is going to stop me from seeing my girlfriend's new baby until next weekend. This weekend Trace had her's early, weekend before SB had her's early. Good thing I'm staying home the next few months or Jean and Lise might be in trouble.

ACUS recap later and tonight, if I don't crash, I'll start notes for ACD.
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I must be home.

All in all, except for a twisted foot (missed a step in the dark trying to leave a party) it went pretty well. Our flight wasn't even as delayed as some of the others going to the same place (some of Brian's family was still at the airport when we got there).

Now I need to juggle a bunch of things for the new house, take another step getting the old house set, unpack, get some blood work done, and get packed up for ACUS.


Mar. 23rd, 2005 11:16 pm
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Despite the snafus yesterday and problems with the plane today, we made it. Isaac is a little unbalanced, but with the move to a new house, the poor little guy is probably thinking, 'oh no! not again!'

Being in FL right now, you can't turn on the radio or the tv without hearing about the Schiavo case. more )


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