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or, Too much confidence, Too little caution?

This is all over the news I'm seeing today....

New Jersey Men Die in Dive to Explore Ship Off Keys

Three New Jersey men died Friday while exploring a sunken Navy ship off the Florida Keys. A fourth man, who did not enter the ship, survived.

And it's making me think lots of jumbled thoughts.

My favorite sites are all "wall dives", meaning there is a mountain with its head above water providing lovely views and occasionally a great climb, and its toes way down in the bowels of the sea. In between there are reefs rooted in boulder fields teeming with life.

My favorite sites are also all in nice clear warm water. This allows for lots of light. It also makes it very easy to go very deep. I hit 100' and was still going down in the company of a turtle who didn't seem to mind too much that I was there. The divemaster summoned me back, banging the hell out of his tank until it dawned on me that the noise meant me and I looked up.

Max depth for me (my style of diving) is 120'. After that I'm really risking nitrogen narcosis and the bends.

Since then I have been a lot more careful.

Wreck dives are a whole separate ballgame. I'm not certified for them, but I did do a shallow wreck where the floor was about 60' down. Navigating the narrow confines of a boat while diving is extremely different than when you're walking. The tank bangs into walls or hooks onto entry ways. Even for a person as small as I am, it can get tight. And even that shallow, in lovely Caribbean waters, it's dark.

As cool as they are, for all the things you can see... 130' in the cold, dark Atlantic just doesn't appeal to me. And then to crawl into what can easily amount to a coffin? ::shudders::

It's like the lava tubes in the Galapagos. They've lost divers there, too, and again, I don't see the appeal. I'm not a scaredy-cat sort of person. I'm not afraid of the dark or closed spaces. I've gone spelunking. I like my thrills. I like a challenge. But some things cross the line.

Like Everest. I want to see it. I'd like to climb to the first base camp. After that, I'll stare longingly at the peak, imagine how triumphant it must feel to reach the summit, and I'll turn around and climb down.

Maybe I don't have anything I feel that passionate about. Maybe I don't have the level of skill and experience that makes these things seem safer or levels out the bang for the buck vs risk. I dunno. But I see stories like this and wonder why they had to go. What made it worth the risk. Maybe if I were there, staring into the opening, maybe temptation would strike. ... I dunno... I can almost picture it. Turning around and torn. Hopefully I'll always have enough sense to be the one that says no, even if it means making a long lonely trip back to try and get help.

Lion fish

Dec. 24th, 2005 03:22 pm
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Lion fish
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The first two dives in Nassau didn't impress me. The second two were much better.

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