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adpaz had something about posting something beautiful and while I don't quite get the whole meme thing, I thought 'I can do that.' Helps that I'm going through old photos and working on my scrapbooks (the weather is too crappy for anything outside).

This was from our honeymoon. The Galapagos Islands are a must see and I have every intention of seeing them again. Amazing, amazing place.
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Isaac Grandma's
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Butts Cheerfully kicked. I need that as a logo. eE, you have the cutest icons.

So the baby had another crabby day, but a third canine tooth has broken through so there's only one more to go and then hopefully he'll be consistantly cheerful for a few days. Despite the little grouch we got out and looked at a 2 million dollar house with an outdoor living room and kitchen (in addition to inside counterparts) a 'media room' that was basically a leather clad and comfy theater, multiple bedrooms and these glorious 'closets' since Floridians never have basements. Most of it I could have done without because it was over the top, but the living room/kitchen collection was sweet. With that as inspiration, Mom and Dad are renovating a nook in their pool area into an outdoor kitchen. Work started today and the grill arrives sometime tonight and when I come back in March it'll be done and working. That should be fun and I plan on arriving a few days early to take advantage of it.

I've also gotten boxes and started packing because I have no hope of getting everything into suitcases. Baby made out! And I helped Mom finish her 'Isaac Album', which makes me think of all my pictures that still need to go into albums. A perfect project for a dreary north east winter.

The picture is Isaac after our dip in the hottub. You can almost see where he smacked his head on the pool deck (not sure who felt worse about that - Isaac or mom and I). He's such a funny little guy, even when he's a little bearish. Despite the weather I think we'll both be happy to be home and I don't even have bunches of posts to catch up with. Must be the holidays because most people aren't posting, or they ain't posting much.


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