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There is quite a lot to say... Baby Elly's arrival was certainly not how anyone expected or wanted, but all is well that ends well.

Monday started off pretty good. We had breakfast with Paul headed into the city. I had decided it wasn't practical to go. I was having contractions, but they were half an hour apart and ignorable. I went to the Dr to make sure this ignoring part was okay. They agreed with my assessment and we figured Elly would be arriving Tuesday. Isaac was at his daycare, it was a gorgeous day, we went hiking. Ramapo isn't a serious 'hike' but it is a really good walk, especially when you take the ridge path. Three hours later we went to get lunch and pick Isaac up. We didn't have a whole lot of time before we'd need to leave to get my Dad at the airport, so we headed home.

Our experience was foretold by Paul's. I had just commented to Mom that 2:30+ is a lousy time to be going down Main Street. A minute later the cars in front of me are jamming on their brakes. I follow suit and stop. I hear brakes catching behind me, glance in the mirror and see nothing but gray metal. I brace for impact and we are hit hard enough to shove us forward into the car ahead of us.

I'm in too much pain from the contraction to do much of anything for a minute. Mom flies out of the car, forstalls the woman's attempt at being apologetically social with a curt, "You have no idea what you've just done", in contrast to Isaac's comment, "Oh! Big Bump!"

I was an audience to most everything. I was freaked out, but fairly certain I'd caught myself okay. At the same time, I wasn't going to take chances and stayed in my seat.

We were in front of the high school, the band was out practicing, so I rolled the window down and directed Isaac's attention that direction. He wants to play the drum.

The cops were there in seconds and the amubulance building ..... with a tennis racket and a new ball, I could probably have hit it. The woman who hit us was having a nervous breakdown, calling for the ambulance in tears and at this point when everything is okay, I do feel badly for her. I'm sure her night was much worse than mine.

There was a crabby older man and woman in the car I hit, and I thought they were going to get arrested. The man kept getting in my mother's face, and then trying to get past her to me and the cops kept telling him to walk away. The third time the cop intervened you could tell he had run out of patience and the guy finally backed off.

I've never ridden in an ambulance before. It's not fun. But when the crew commented on how my pulse rate was dropping, and almost at a resting rate, we got to talking about yoga and somehow scuba came up. The girl on the crew just got certified, so we talked diving on the way to the hospital inbetween all the other questions.

From the ER they took me to the maternity ward because I was still having contractions, and after a call to my Dr they admitted me. They all agreed it wasn't going to happen quick, but because of the accident, they couldn't release me.

My mom had called Brian and left him a vague 'we're going to the hospital message' since she didn't want to freak him out, and that became the norm for the day. We just told people I was having the baby. He was already on his way home, so he was there quick and then there was additional running around. Brian decided to make his own plans (instead of listening to what I said), went to the wrong place to get Isaac (because my instructions printed on the wall were too insulting to stop and read), but in the end, Paul didn't have to walk the whole way back to our house, Isaac was squared away at home, Dad visited with me before taking over Isaac duty and Mom, Brian and I were at the hospital.

The stay at the hospital was a lot longer than I wanted. They didn't want me walking around because of the accident and I was hooked up to monitors and while they were sure Elly was fine (I could feel her moving and her heartbeat was good) nothing much was changing and they were worried I'd end up too tired by the time the show happened. So they 'broke my waters' to try and speed things along. It did, but not enough and now they were talking about other plans.

I finally insisted that I HAD to get up and resorted to Isaac's tactic of "I have to go potty" to get them to unhook the monitors for a minute. That was all I needed. In the few minutes of freedom I'd won for myself to stand, stretch and make myself comfortable, I went from 4/5 centimeters to 8 and into active labor. Why the hell they confine a woman who everyone agrees is really doing ok to bed, is beyond me.

That was just about 8pm. I told them I was ready for the epidural, that happened just a minute or two later, and then Elly was born at 8:52pm. Pity I didn't fuss and get up sooner. She was 6 lbs, 14oz and 19.25" long. She has Mommy's straight brown hair... we'll see if she keeps it and she's doing very well now.

More pictures later (Lordy do we have a bunch!) and I'll talk to everyone soon!


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