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Princess and I hit the polls before her music class and I held her hands while I made my selection because she couldn't wait to hit the bright orange button that said "Cast Vote". She was very happy when it was time to give that a slap.

I'd been afraid the line would be bad and I wasn't going to wait, but there was an open booth waiting for us, we signed, selected and we were done. Apparently I'd missed the rush by half an hour or so, which is fine by me.

Isaac went with Brian this morning and I think he found it very anti-climatic. All this, and that's it? He seemed confused. But when he comes home asking (he was already asking who was winning before he got on the bus) I can assure him I went and it was either John McCain or Barack Obama, just like him. :-)

And at the library, we were taking to the librarian who runs the children's programs and we were looking 'duck runs for president' or some such and she was disappointed by the books out there for kids about elections. Apparently that's something that needs written.

Totally unrelated, some of my dragon eggs are getting ready to hatch and others are just sitting there doing nothing. I still don't quite get this, but they are somewhat addictive.

Adopt one today! ~*~ Adopt one today! ~*~ Adopt one today! ~*~ Adopt one today!


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