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Which shouldn't be an event, and once upon a time I could say that two or three times a week, but now it's more like two or three times a year. :-p

This is actually about the second book I've read this year (the first being the unreviewed The Sistine Secrets.)

What seems like oh so long ago, I wrote a short story set in the Great Depression (tidbit and journal entry on that) and for a while I did a bunch of reading and made a bunch of notes for a book outline.

Water for Elephants is the sort of book I'd want to write if I ever get around to turning those notes and ideas into an actual book.

The character who dictates the story hooks you pretty much imediately. The book is well paced, giving you both sides of the story in neat chunks that give you persepective and round out the character. The plot is believable. The characters are believable. There are a few things I'd likely have added if I'd written it, but then I'd likely have cluttered up the storyline and bogged it down. Being related to carney folk, knowing what I know of the Great Depression era, I could tell she did her research before I got to the end of the book and read the notes.

I've had the book for weeks, on loan from a high school friend who had it from her mother-in-law and they were raving about it. I brought it with me this weekend, just in case I had time to read, picked it up just after 8PM in the hotel room with Elly and finished it a little before midnight. Except for a break to grab a shower and get ready for bed, I don't think I even blinked. 331 pages devoured in about 3 1/2 hours.

The back of the book declares "Compelling...Vivid. Rich...Emotional." And I have to agree.

Two thumbs up and I'm looking to see what else she's got.
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My Sunday morning yoga teacher is multi-talented:


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