Water Dog

Jul. 16th, 2011 08:49 pm
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Water Dog
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Water isn't as clear as I want it (stupid rain) but we had a good day and Dexter has gone from a dog afraid to get his feet wet, to diving and retrieving toys from as deep as the 4th (and last) step. I expect, by next week, he may well be taking them off the bottom in the shallow end. Not sure just how deep a dog can go, or how long he can hold his breath, but he's lots of fun to play with. We've put the baby fence back up ... just in case, since he will often play by himself and I've seen him drop his ball in the pool for himself and dive in after it without any of us there to prompt him.
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Happy Halloween!!
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Hope everyone is having a spooktacular day! Ours has been dreary and rainy, but we did manage to get out. I think the kids have had almost as much fun answering the door and seeing everyone else as they did ringing the bells.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
The Harvest eggs are shiny! After a few fails and dodges, I made a zombie, now I just need a vampire.
Adopt one today!
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container effort
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Most of my front is done in pinks, blues, whites and purples (the previous homeowner was big on purple, I've been thinning it out with other colors), but the front containers have been orange and yellow since I got my dalias. So, this is this years effort. Verbena, million bells (Calibrachoa), the dalia, agastache (hummingbird mint) and Lysimachia... which is better known, I think, as creeping jenny. I wanted something that might drape but be less appetizing to the deer than the sweet potato vine. Hopefully this is it. The tag says it's a perennial, but so is the agastache. This year I'm going to try and protect them and maybe they'll last.
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I have THOUSANDS of pictures. Gigs worth. But digging into the first folders in "My Pictures" is comic. It was before I went digital and a lot of what's in there are really bad scans. Some of them are sooooo bad I'm tempted to dig the shots out and rescan them, but that would take way more time than I have now. One day. :-)


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That was actually the answer to a crossword style game show the other day while I was at the gym. I've no idea what the show was called or what channel it was, but it was mildly diverting and I actually knew about half the answers. Probably more if my attention didn't keep wandering.

My camera is off to Canon for repair. The fix-it-yourself instructions I found were for a slightly older model and do not work with my model. I guess Canon got tired of people fixing their design flaw on their own? The guy at the shipping place was familiar with shipping cameras which didn't improve my mood because it means he sees a lot of them. It won't get there until Tuesday, so I am going to have to find all the pieces of one of my old cameras, get the batteries charged, the memory cards ready, etc or I will not have a camera for our trip and that's just not acceptable. That I won't have a good camera pisses me off to absolutely no end. The whole reason I got that one was for the zoom. Well, not the whole reason, but a very big reason and now I don't have it and the new exhibit at Bush Gardens is open and there's no way I'm getting the pictures I wanted. *pout*

This little bit of extra aggravation I did not need.
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A friend was having problems with her card/camera. She's not technical and there was no way to give her steps to follow but I thought I'd check her card to see if it was okay. Stupid move.

My camera wouldn't help because it won't read the card if the little door is open. I put my card in and I get "Memory Card Error". So, I don't know what her problem is, but her card, or something that happened when I put it in, hosed my camera. Base fixing price is $119 + shipping.

I am not happy. The odds are I will not have a camera for FL unless I take the more expensive option: trade it in for $165 and pay 2-day shipping.

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We've survived Day 2 of Isaac's Spring Break.

Our outing yesterday was a trip to the farm to have a donut (they have a bakery), run in circles and feed the animals. Isaac didn't believe me when I refused to buy carrots (to feed the tops to the bunnies) because bunnies will eat dandelions and those are free. But the bunnies goggled them up and he had fun hunting for more. We also went to the gym so I could work out and take a 'new' (to me) class that has left me a little achey. Funny thing about the class... some of the 'poses' they were using were virtually identical to yoga and I could tell no one else in that class takes yoga. We were in Pigeon -but using a physio ball to stretch the chest and then to do modified lunges, and he chiding everyone to lean toward the floor... 'try to put your chest on the floor'... so I laid down. Literally. Propped my head on my chin so I could still see him but I was otherwise flat with one arm lifting up in a sort of twist to move the ball. The instructor did a bit of a double take. Given where everyone else was, I guess he didn't think actually getting to the floor was possible. All in all a good class, but damn... skinny bunch of women. I don't think I've ever been anywhere where I'm the only person in the room with a little extra body fat.

Today we went to the zoo and park with friends. Isaac was typical in that he doesn't stay with the group and simply doesn't know how to interact nicely. It's very frustrating. I'm not sure he even gets anything good out of anything, which is a shame. Elly liked the animals, and I had older kids to hollar when Isaac was up to no good and the oldest boy ran to get him and herd him back a couple of times. Isaac needs to learn to listen to the older kids -- they are trying to save him (mostly from himself, but also so he doesn't get in trouble). The loudest shout was when Isaac climbed up on the fence to where the buffalo and elk live... given his usual lack of coordination, he was a breath away from a 10' fall into the mud with the animals. All because Elly and I looked away to look at the eagles....

Tomorrow we're back at the same zoo and park, but with a friend of his from school. I'm hoping the smaller group will help him keep it together and we'll go through the zoo part faster to get to the playground. ::crosses fingers::

At least our evenings have been good. He's gotten pretty good at getting the flowers out of their packs, breaking up the root ball a bit and helping me get the annuals planted. Tomorrow we do the pansies and we're done with those until after Mother's Day.
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Flower shopping with Mommy -1
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Elly and I had a good day. Brian took Isaac for a train ride (on the commuter train a couple of stops) and Elly and I went shopping. Mostly we bought flowers. I was hoping to find more poppies since mine didn't come back, so I stopped at a smaller nursery that had them before, first. No luck, they'd already sold out. But we found a few things we liked and then it was off to the big place for a few more things. Elly picked out a 'hen and chicks' for herself. Now quite sure what attracted her to those, but she put a lot of effort into carrying the pot to the cart, even fell once. I figure it'll do well in a larger pot by the pool area.

I got one small bed redone. Several of the new things went in ... a few of which might ultimately get moved because I'm not sure they're going to get enough sun. But we'll give 'em a year or two and see how they bloom. Then I divided up some of my smaller lilies, taking a whole clump out. This summer I want to clear the bed on the next tier up from the one I did today and make it a (mostly) white garden. The only non-white will be the rhodies and an azaela.

I'd have gotten more done but after naps Brian took Isaac to the playground and left Elly with me. I'm not sure why he couldn't take both (what does he think I do???) but keeping her in sight and shoveling through very rocky ground makes for VERY slow going. And my already sore shoulder and now achey back are likely to be singing the blues tomorrow. Which is likely to make yoga really challenging....
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Feeling Silly
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To go along with the write up yesterday I am slooooowly going through photos (I actually took a few this year!!).

Stormy and I were watching someone.... Possibly Lucky Jack with Random at the All Night Ruckus, and he invited Dave to "come join the little monkeys", prompting this as he squealed, "I can't watch!" It was quite funny and we had to do it again after folks scrambled for cameras.

[Edit: my ACUS pictures (the ones worth keeping at least) are finally uploaded to flickr and are part of the flickr Ambercon group, as well.]
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(nearly) Full Snow Moon
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Lots of days have been rough the last week or so, but today went relatively easy. It was nice not to be all strung out and ready to smack the next person to get on my nerves.

I signed Isaac up for a session of camp at the YMCA where he takes swim. I talked to the director about what we do if this is a disaster because it isn't cheap and they have a no refund policy. He said he would "evaluate the situation" and I suppose I could make them keep him until they give me my money back. Each session is two weeks and he wanted the one with outer space (they do music week 2). The next was 'once upon a time, music, theater and magic' and I was tempted to sign him up for that too, but I was afraid I was pushing my luck.

We went to a Mexican place for lunch and Isaac actually remembered to say 'gracias' for thank you. The guy thought it was funny and answered in Spanish to which Isaac sighed and shook his head, "I only speak one word." I had tried to sign us up for a pre-K Spanish class but it didn't have enough people. I might do a little bit with him since I wouldn't mind knowing more of the language.

He's starting to finally really grasp his letters. I bought an old chalk board mini desk that I used to have (which Fisher Price has suddenly reissued) and we've been matching the magnets to the stencil and spelling. He knows enough letters now that it's not totally frustrating, and he enjoys being able to spell and "read" words. We did that on a piece of paper while we were waiting for our food and it helped kill several minutes. It also helped pace the rate at which the chips were vanishing. :-)

He helped with grocery shopping. The store had little carts and he loaded his with more produce than I needed, helped pick out the fish (sorta) and at least didn't crash into anyone as he raced around. I got carded for buying a bottle of wine, which was cool until I found out they card for under 40 and the manager almost let me go because she figured I was at least that old (the cashier, bless her, did not).

They took naps (yay!), we played, went for a walk (he mostly rode his bike), ate dinner (an amazing amount of food vanished into those little bodies tonight) took their baths and into bed they went. Princess was out almost immediately, but Isaac rattled around a bit. So long as I got to go out and practice a few shots at the moon, he could putz around all he wanted. I am hoping the practice, standing outside freezing my cheeks off, helps me get a good shot of the eclipse tomorrow. I should be able to see the whole thing and it's the last one until December 2010.

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One of my favorite pictures got chosen for the Sierra Club's "Daily Ray of Hope". I was pretty tickled when I got the email from them, and then I get paired with Einstein? Bonus!

The newsletter subscribe page: http://sierra.convio.net/site/PageServer?pagename=Signup_DailyRayOfHope
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swim with the fishes
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We have returned. For all the hoops we had to go through to get home (taxi to ferry, to taxi to airport) it went remarkably well. The trip itself was also lovely. Getting there was hard -the hoops make mommy grouchy at the end of the day, and it isn't a happy adventure when I'm lugging luggage and children, but I think it was well worth it. We had beautiful weather, met lots of nice folks, I had time to visit with my family, the kids got more time with Mom-mom and Pop-pop and mommy got in a few really nice dives. I think, next time, I might see if I can wrangle a solo trip back to St Lucia. One-on-one diving suits me... actually, I think it spoiled me. Now I get vexed when I get the "time's up, ascend" signal and I look down and it's only been 35 minutes and my tank is still 2/3 full. But, probably more on that later.

I think the kids are going to miss the buffet, but I will be happy to get back to normal eating (I feel like a little sausage and it's not a good thing). Elly will miss her giant sandbox -she played for HOURS, it was too cute. Isaac loved snorkeling, though he was a tad intimidated when it was time to jump off a boat into a whole big ocean with no land in sight. The guide had gotten a body board out, so I pointed it out to him, told him to swim to it, and mommy would be right behind him. It helps that Pop-pop was already there. In he went. My little fish just took off. The downside was that he was so excited by it all that he kept smiling and wanting to talk and that kept letting sea water into his mouth and snorkel. :-p

Now. To see what time everyone gets up tomorrow...

Good night, and I hope the days have been good for everyone else, too.
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I sent a bunch of photos in to a stock photo place... sat and waited for three days, and then they accepted 6 of the 12. I'd sent in 3 a few months ago and they were all rejected for noise and for being too much like hundreds of other photos. This time it was 'too common', poor composition, light or blur.

At least I eliminated one flaw.

Now, to work on the new ones. The blur... sometimes I swear there's either something wrong with my camera, or my eyes because lots of my stuff is blurry. But, I figured out what was causing the noise, eventually I'll work this out too, and in the meantime, six of my shots are for sale. I have a feeling the days I spent waiting to go through the approval process are nothing compared to waiting for them to sell, but I don't see as I've got anything to lose.

Poking through ever older pictures looking for something else that might be good, and ...wow. What a lot of crap. No help there. :-p

Gotta go see if there's a book or two that might be useful (starting with my camera's manual). 
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pretty 'maids' all in a row
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Made it to the NY Renaissance Faire in Sterling Forest.

I invited a friend to join us since I haven't been able to catch up with her. She was happy, and surprised. Apparently, the people she'd asked had all told her 'no, it's not safe', 'it's not appropriate for children', blah blah blah. I have no idea what those folks are talking about. The weather was fine, the actors were great, the shops were all tempting, the rides were wild, and a good time was had by all.
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the finished product
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Directly a result of having eaten entirely too many cookies. But they broke and they were sad just sitting there in a little jumbled pile. So I put them out of their misery.

Them and a couple cups of tea were very tasty.
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Ball head
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I can't believe it's the end of August already. One more week and it's September. At least the temp climbed back up into the 90's - perfect for swimming. For one of the crappy days we went back to 'In the Swing'. Batting cages for the older kids, an arcade for all ages and a climbing play area for children under 7. The first time there were a few boys for Isaac to play with, but this time it was just us. Which wasn't as much fun, but Elly got to play a little, too.

The scary thing about September is that he turns 4. Unbelievable. But there it is. Invitations are sent. He wants a Scoobie cake and a party store had Scoobie food coloring (apparently Scoobie and the gang are enjoying a revival) so I'm mostly set for that. Even bought Scoobie balloons. We have favors, but I need food. I should make a to-do list or I'll be scrambling.

Monday I have to shop and get ready to make cupcakes for him to take to the daycare he's been going to for two years. Hopefully the new school will be a positive change for him. He certainly seems excited, and talks about his new school every time we drive by. And since they've too many babies for the fall, they can't take Elly for the few hours a week I use and I can't justify sending her part-time. So that's the end of that all the way around. I'm going to miss the adult interaction. The director is a neat lady. Ah well. Hopefully the Moms at the new school will be more social than the others I've met

Children's museum Tuesday (loads of fun but an hour drive in pouring rain both ways). A birthday party today (Princess had a blast, but she made the birthday boy cry). And that's about the size of the week.

Not sure why my days are such a blur. And I'm not sure I can claim to be *that* busy. I guess it's sorta what summer is about, but I thought it was supposed to feel like more fun.
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Which is sad, because we don't have very many left. Even sadder - the river birch in back has already started to drop a few leaves, and a maple up the street is already tinged in red. It is WAY too early for that, but there it is. :-/

It was a busy weekend. We took Isaac up to the Mountain Laurel Center/Tom Ridge Pavilion to see Laurie Berkner. For the pre-school set, she's a major rock star. Even had her own tot sized mosh pit going. According to Brian (who took Isaac down to participate in the mosh) said the venue photographer was complaining that it was worse than GooGoo Dolls. My theory is that the adults would get out of the way, but the children -not realizing that he's supposed to be privileged- ignored him as just another random adult.

We bought him his very first concert t-shirt (I may have trouble getting that off of him long enough to wash) and a book and he's asking to go again. He would also like to invite Laurie to our house. I told him I'd send her a letter.

After the show we stopped at Bushkill Falls (we were driving past, didn't have to make an extra turn, why not). The falls are lovely and it was a nice walk. At one point the little man was so distracted looking around that he stepped right off a step. SPLAT. Right in mud. Fortunately, it was just one step and not a whole flight, so he wasn't hurt, just stunned and very dirty. Nice was it was, I wish I'd been wearing better shoes but as painful as the hips are today from the bit we did, it's a good thing I didn't. I'd say we'd do more the next time we went, but traffic getting in and out was pretty bad. There were random slowdowns on I-80 getting there, and one particularly bad intersection we crawled through both ways. Made a long drive even longer, especially with two small children who were so over-tired and wound up that they couldn't sleep.

We'd been hoping the walk and lunch would take him down from the concert high, but no such luck. He had trouble going to sleep and then, since he never sleeps well that tired, he was up at 5:15 this morning rattling around. Which means I've been up since 5:15, and I didn't get to nap. :-p

But today was pretty low-key. We swam, he let me take pictures (I need to do the invitations for his birthday party and wanted one for that) and I taught him how to swim with a mask and snorkel. He'll need several more lessons, but he was very excited about it. I'm hoping he's got a hang of it by the time we get to Cozumel so he can go out with me.

Princess hit the 10 month mark last week. She's now up to 16 lbs, so just a bit bigger than when folks saw her at TBR, but still fitting into all her 3-6 month cloths. Back to Laurie: the concert was the first place I've been where, after asking me how old she is, people responded, 'aw, she's little!'. Other people are always telling me how big she looks and I want to ask them what country they're from that she qualifies as big.

Last week was also our first week without camp. Ouch. Friday it rained and in desperation I called a play place to see if they had 'free play'. They did. Right when I needed it, for just an hour. I rushed over to make sure we got all of it we could, and there was a group of boys just his age to play with. And he played nicely!! There were a few little girls he tried to play with when the boys took a break... and that was a disaster. As far as the girls were concerned, they were being assaulted and they burst into tears, screamed, the one was demanding that her father take the little man out, and then she hit him. He took that to mean she did want to play, and went after her. The screaming escalated. She hit him in the head with a ball. He launched a whole arm-full at her. None of them got any where near her, but she got hysterical at that point and her father finally got her to Go.Somewhere.Else. The boys came back and he played again with them for another half hour. The girl was bawling again 10 minutes later because someone else had done something. Not a child I would want, but hopefully we can go back and there will be more little boys for him to rough house with.
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windows to the soul
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I played a lot with the camera last week and got the little man to pose for a bit. The right bribe at the right time works wonders! He had his camera out briefly as well. He doesn't appreciate that Mommy has Macro and leans in really, REALLY close to everything.

mundane details of a week off to a productive start )
But tonight I've got a massage, tomorrow we see Josh Groban and hopefully the week will go without a hitch and be at least as productive as today turned out to be.
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who has who?
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Friday night was the raindate for the concert and fireworks and the little man behaved long enough for use to see it all. Barely. Before the music started there were a few performers, including this guy who gave the kids turns playing with the kite (Isaac needed help because the thing is a little awkward and really heavy for someone his size), but he loved having it and didn't want to give it back. Surprise, surprise.

Princess liked it all, and got very excited by the fireworks. Little arms were straight out as if she were reaching for them, her mouth was wide open, she shrieked and shook her head (dancing). It was very cute. And then she gave us the 'tired now' signals, we put her in the carseat and she went straight to sleep - with fireworks still exploding. Our friends had to leave early because their little one was freaking out, but mine know no fear.

We have to leave because the little man becomes unmanageable. :-p

Today was my July party and about half the size of last year, which works. I'm tired, we've the Baptism next weekend, and it meant I got to try the grilled cheese experiment: blue cheese and fig sandwiches on the BBQ. Odd as they might sound, they were quite yummy. I might do them again when my Dad is here next weekend.


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