Nov. 30th, 2008 04:53 pm
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Took me a lot longer today than it should have, but I'm done!!

Except... I'm not. I stopped 1/4 into a scene that I will probably go ahead and at least hash out notes for because if I ever do what to chisel away and try to make something of this, this is a scene I will want.

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and yet, so far....

I've made up most of the distance I fell behind, but my butt is sore, my brain is sputtering and my tea is cold. I think it's time to call it a night.

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After the gym this morning I stopped back at the grocery store to pick up my phone (I'd left it on the service counter) and I asked about the woman who'd been hit. She's in stable condition with broken legs but they didn't have much information. The manager seemed a little frustrated by that, but I guess the police don't see a need to give them any information, though I think it's reasonable that they'd ask. Some of them were the ones out front taking care of her. I didn't see anything in todays paper, but there might be something tomorrow. Hopefully she'll be okay and going home soon.
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Managed to get a 2000+ word scene clearly in my head, and then hacked my way through a scene that has dogged me for a while. I have a similiar scene I have to go back and hack my way through tomorrow (right now it has a three word footnote reminding me to finish) and hopefully I can find another scene with pretty descriptions to fill up another 2000+ words.

But I am so close that I have to find a way to finish.

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The kids are wiped (we carted Isaac in semi-conscious and just put him to bed in his clothes). I'm wiped. The house is freezing. But we're home, the flight was uneventful and the baby slept for some of it so I banged some more words out. Tomorrow we unpack, clean and get groceries. Breakfast is gonna be lean but we ate so much the last several days that won't hurt us
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Staggering through a section with no notes, that should somehow contain something important or reveal something about these characters. :-p

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I was hoping to get here sooner, but at least I got here on time. Hopefully I'll get some extra words in this weekend, too.. inbetween the cleaning, laundry and packing.
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And I've got another ladies night tomorrow (different group). All this social life is killing me!! :-)

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Another day with too many distractions and too much time reading about castle life.

Another aggravation is that I'm short several names, but I've stuck in [Crank], [no neck] and [knight] as place holders rather than agonize over that right now. I can picture them in my head, names will come later when I can spend a little time thinking about them. Doesn't help that my setting is a cross between Wales and Russia, or rather, I keep switching it about in my head: russian steppe, welsh moors... russian steppe, welsh moors.. or something like that. Never having been to either, what do I know?

But at least I got the words in (even if it took me til midnight).

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Or anyone who might know the answer to this question because my brain is fried and my google foo has returned too many useless hits:

How is rain formed?

Specifically, you are standing on a moor (Scotland-ish) and it is a steady drizzly mist. You have magic. You want it to stop. Does something need to heat up, cool off? Does the pressure need to go up, down? Once upon a time I knew the answer to the question, but it escapes me now and for some reason I've gotten an 1800's exerpt on weather over lakes talking about when the sun goes down, and people talking about lasers to cause condensation and none of it's helping me.

Oh, and Isaac proved this morning that he does have a death wish. I'm pretty sure he's responsible for yeasterday's computer weirdness (all sorts of print previews were open and other proof that little fingers had been there) and this morning he had a blast using Word alllllll over my NaNo novel, pasting things that were in the buffer and typing away and he eliminated a huge chunk of what I'd written yesterday. I almost ... well, no I did pretty much loose my cool. Fortuantely, he hadn't hit save, so a 'revert' brought it all back and I backed-up. I just did a full back up of my computer a few weeks ago, looks like I need to be doing it more frequently. :-p

(another link I want to keep in case I ever need this again:
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Isaac had off from school today, so after yoga (I flipped my downdog all the way into full wheel!) we went to the farm for lunch and to feed the animals, and then to the nature center to walk around. Despite the promise of sun, it was another gray dreary day (I think it's been a week since I've seen blue skies) and the weather man actually apologized as he informed us that if the clouds didn't break now, they might not until Wednesday. WhooHoo! Two weeks, no sun. Suddenly the cruise isn't looking so bad.

Took a while to get into the rhythm of writing tonight, and I had to reboot because the computer was freaking out and not keeping up with me. Literally. I typed the word 'respect' and ended up with just a 't'. Bizarre. But once that issue was resolved and I hooked into my scene, I got my words.

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Pity now it's past my bedtime. Getting up with the kids isn't going to feel good. :-p
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Research slowed me down today. Realized I knew nothing of the castle/keep she was sleeping in and had to fix that. I hate being ignorant about the basic details, and I find the poking and looking up infomation interesting, so it ate up a good portion of my time today, but the words got done.

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The trashcan that smelled as if something had crawled in and died is washed. The dahlia and canna are dug up and stored. The fig has been brought in for winter storage, too. The house is vaccumed, my dragons are hatching and my words are written.

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Good night.

Adopt one today! ~*~ Adopt one today! ~*~ Adopt one today! ~*~ Adopt one today!


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