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Battlestar Galatica has reached its conclusion. This was some of the most amazing television I've ever seen and I fell in love with the characters. From Papadama to President Laura "if I want to throw a baby out an airlock, I'll say so" Roslin, Daddy & Hero Helo and crazy, heart-breaking, heart-broken, star-crossed, kick-ass, can't-kill-me-til-I'm-done Kara Starbuck Thrace. Most especially Starbuck.

I cried over this show. I'm envisioning Mary McDonnell finally getting the Emmy I think she earned three years ago and every year since. Her performance as the teacher who became the Education Minister catapulted to the presidency by genocide, visionary and iron willed lady who helped humanity survive has occasionally made the little hairs on my arms stand on end. Watching her at the end, cancer riddled and dying, hobbling down the hall in her suit and wig so she could stand by her man was painful to watch because she made it so real.

One of the scenes that will never leave me happened this season. Again, it wasn't just acting. This is an actress who can surrender herself to her character so that the character is REAL. Your gut reacts, your heart speeds up, because she is so into her role that she takes you with her.

"Do you hear me? I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eyeteeth to end you. I swear it! I am coming for all of you!"

OMG ... it was intense! There is a rehash and picspam here for that scene. It doesn't do it justice. You need to see.... you need to HEAR her delivery. It was raw. And you don't doubt, for even one second, that dying and now in exile, that she is going to pull it off. No one doubts it. There are flaws in how the arc ends, but damn... it's an amazing set of episodes.

Starbuck. Too many thoughts and so much debate. But I think that's half of what made her great. She was passionate, driven, confused and conflicted. And in the end it made so much sense that the first person on the deck for Galatica's last stand was Starbuck. It was probably a one-way mission and who better to have with you than the Queen of Impossible Missions? How many times had she gone off, probably to die, and returned victorious? I can count three right off the top of my head. They couldn't kill her. You can't kill a force of nature. But when it's season is past, it leaves content so that the next season may have its time.

And so... it's ended. It took me a few days to sit down and watch the finale. If I didn't watch it, it wasn't over. I'm going to miss it.

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I took the little man to see "Walking With Dinosaurs" last night. It was very cool. We started with a mostly blank stage and a 'paleontologist' (not sure if he's real, or not) talking us through the evolution of the planet. It was a brief segment and then we were in the Triassic period with the evolution of the egg, Plateosaurus and the first dinosaurs. The first scene was a predator snapping a baby up from the nest as the hatchlings broke free... and then running around the stage with the baby swinging back and forth from its jaws. I imagine a few kids might have found that disconcerting, but we were talking about the food chain. Isaac asked why he was eating the baby and it was a simple answer: everyone has to eat, and it's just like Scooter (our snake) eating mice. "Oh." His eyes were riveted to the stage.

The dinosaurs were cool. And having the actor on the stage gives you a sense of scale you couldn't have otherwise.

As the story progresses, he talked about the evolution of the planet, as well. The breaking up of Pangaea and the drift of the continental plates, the evolution of plants, the first appearance of flowers and their relationship with bugs. It was all very interesting, and every once in a while one of the dinos went after our erstwhile host. Which the kids seemed to really like.

The Brachiosaurus was impressive... you don't normally sit up in the stands and have something look down at you. And toward the end we got a bit of humor in the form of a baby T-Rex who wanted very much to be as impressive as Mommy. The little roars got lots of laughs and then the paleontologist couldn't herd him off the stage. Isaac wanted to bring him home, and when he decided that having the dinosaur sleep in his room wasn't a good idea, he decided that they could both sleep on the deck.

My only disappointment was that Ornithochirus didn't fly over the audience. I mean, what the heck? If Pink Floyd can fly a bi-plane over my head for a concert, why can't the dinosaur do a pass overhead? But that's the extent of my complaint, because it was a very cool show and I highly recommend it to everyone who has the opportunity to see it.

YouTube clips:

Official site:

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Had a wonderful time at the concert last night. Managed to pick Brian up, get there, get parked and get seated without any hiccups, and we had great seats! A half-tier or so above the floor, so we were level with the stage, a good view over the heads of the people on the floor in front of us, and dead center.

As we entered we noticed one very hard to ignore detail: women were at least 3:1 with the guys. At least. And lots of them were my age or older. Brian looks at me, "Are you going to swoon. You know, just so I can be ready to catch you."

I laugh. Seriously. Can any of you see me swooning??

Now, the kicking myself part: I didn't bring my camera. I thought about it. I had it in my hand at one point, but in the end I didn't bring it. I went to one of the ushers and asked what the rules are for cameras now (since they're built into so many phones) and was told that I could bring in a camera so long as it wasn't "professional". So. My lovely Canon with the good zoom would have been okay (without the extra zoom lens). Dang. I promptly tripped turning on the metal stairs and stubbed my toe, which fit, because I was pretty annoyed with myself. Ah well. I'd have had such cool shots. *sigh*

The show was wonderful. Angelique Kidjo, a South African woman and her band opened and I liked them so much I bought the CD on the way out. Pity it doesn't do them, or her, justice. She is a dynamic performer with an amazing, Janis Joplin sort of raw, powerful voice. I think the CD plays it too 'safe'. I suppose to cross over to a wider audience, but I think they really sacrificed. If I see a live CD, I will grab that to see if it's better. She only did one song in English - a cover of the Stones' "Gimme Shelter" (which sounds a whole lot different when it has an African spin on it) but that didn't detract from my enjoying the music. Her percussionist was fantastic. He had a 5' or so space crammed with different drums and at one point his hands were a blur as he swung back and forth jammin'. On a gaming note: Jubilee sat up and took notice and got really loud. That is her sort of music.

I've caught Josh on TV in a few places and he seems like such a nice personable kid guy. On stage, he comes across just as well. A couple of little girls (about 10, a few younger) came up to the edge of the stage and he knelt down to talk to them, sign their programs and accept gifts. One little girl (about 4?) gave him Cheerios. He brought that up a couple of times, nicely joking because, it was funny (why Cheerios?) but he didn't say anything that might have hurt her feelings.

That voice. Wow. It really doesn't matter what language he's singing in, he's amazing. On stage with him were a violinist, Lucia Micarelli and cello player, Colette Alexander. Very talented ladies. During the 'break' they and the band played "Cashmere" by Led Zeppelin. Phenomenal.

Josh dashed back and forth on the stage a few times to dock sort of structures that put him right out in the audience. He sang, shook hands, held hands and made those ladies night! After "Cashmere" we could hear him, but it took a second for us all to follow the lights to the back of the arena. He came through the crowd (singing) shaking hands and while he had bouncer/body guards with him, it was all very personal and they didn't do more than make sure a barricade was out of his way before he got there. A few ladies almost knocked themselves out getting to that row, trying to reach out and touch him (I watched).

He sang a lot of stuff off the new CD, "You Are Loved", "So She Dances", "Machine", and some older songs like "You Raise Me Up" and "Remember When it Rained". There is very little that I hear that I would describe as magnificent, but this is it. This is the kind of music that fires the imagination. Sweeps you up. Carries you along. The kind of stuff you can get lost in.

Saturday in Albany isn't sold out .... and I'm very, very tempted to grab another show while I can.

For AoR folk: Rebma got juiced. Daphney laid claim to "So She Dances" and a Spanish song I don't know, I think it's Gauriel who raised a hand for "You Are Loved (Don't give up)" and a whole slew of scene ideas flooded the brain. Jill & Karen, since I didn't have enough PC's, you've joined the Rebma crew (since you're with Daph at the moment, it seemed natural).

And now I know which NPC probably isn't going to make it. I've waffled back and forth through different scenarios, but suddenly I can see the whole story arc. Now... to see how you guys beat the hell out of that. ;-)
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Gotta admit, it was mildly disappointing... probably because it had been so work to get there.

We were supposed to see GooGoo Dolls and Counting Crows, but due to illness, Counting Crows canceled. *sigh* We were offered a refund, but I'd gone through an awful lot of hoops to get babysitters (Brian didn't want to bring Isaac this time) and after all that, didn't want to turn back. I wouldn't have bought the tickets for just GooGoo Dolls, but was hoping it would be a good show anyway. That did not pan out quite the way I had hoped.

The opening act, Working Title, was a little monotonous. Not bad, per se, it'd make good background music, but it's not something you really sit down to listen to. And then there was a looong break. When GooGoo Dolls came out, there was lots of chatter, more profanity than I saw any need for (and I'm no saint), and "extended set" didn't seem to translate into extra music -- it was just one set, with a brief encore. After Phish, and some of the Jimmy Buffet shows I've been to, I have higher expectations.

Technolocially, the show was 'advanced' I guess. Lots of screens that changed with the songs, and cloth panels behind them with projections, which was interesting, but I'm partial to light shows and there wasn't anything like that. And the guitarist sang several songs... Brian asked me if they had any hits with him singing and I said no. He nodded. "I can hear why."

On the up-side, they played my favorites, but somehow it just wasn't a satisfying experience, even if it was a lot more peaceful than chasing Isaac around.
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Went to the concert in the park. Symphony. Isaac likes music, loves the instruments. Is incapable of sitting still or listening and insists on going after everyone else's food. At least he's cute, because he's also embarrassing. *sigh*

It wasn't all bad, he was conducting the crowd at one point, which was pretty damn funny. And playing with a little girl and clowning around because it was making her laugh, which was also funny. We went up to say "Hi" to the musicians and then showed him how the instruments worked, let him press the buttons on the tuba, play the drum... so that was okay. But I am exhausted.

And sorta sorry I didn't go to yoga and just leave him in the playroom.
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Best seat in the house
Originally uploaded by egwenna.

The concert was good, last night. It's been a while (the last Phish show) since we'd been to a concert. I was a little worried how it would go with Isaac, but other than the run-away puppy routine, he was pretty good.

The husband is a fan of the Grateful Dead and Phish and the whole billing was:

Phil Lesh & Friends (Dead)
Tray Anastasio & Mike Gordon (Phish)
featuring The Benevento Russo Duo (frequently touring with M.Gordon)

The recap )
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The Baby Einstein's are still 'gone' because of his behavior, but Brian read about an artist in the Wall Street Journal and then hunted down her DVD because she was in one of the shows we taped for Isaac (not that Isaac will sit and watch the shows - for some reason puppets are okay for Einstein, but not for anyone else). It's a music video for kids and it's pretty good. Occupies him a little bit and it doesn't hurt me to watch it. As an alto, I can even appreciate the 3-part harmonies they do in the accapella selections:

The Laurie Berkner Band

She has a bunch of CD's, which may end up on the wishlist, but right now we're having a good time with the one we've got.
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Normally I don't listen to much of the morning radio show anymore but we got out early so I had a chance. I'm glad I did.

link, CD and a benefit for Michigan theater )


Feb. 6th, 2005 03:46 pm
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The museum was good. We were all able to find each other w/o a problem and it wasn't terribly crowded, which is always nice. The collection was good. Not quite everything I expected to see, but that's not a bad thing. There was a very impressive, very large sculpture of an eagle that would make a great planter or something near a door way, but then in the literature I found out it was used to hold human hearts after sacrifice. Okay....

Speaking of sacrifices, I was surprised that no where did they mention that all the sacrifices to the rain god were children. And then Ginger pointed out all the children in the audience... so, I guess maybe the younger crowd might have a small problem reading about that.

Gave Ginger, Michael & Paul a ride downtown, and while I might not be a fastest taxi in town, the price was right. ;-)

They should all be home and hopefully Paul will have a chance to hop on-line after he gets down with the family visiting. For me, I'm at the in-laws waiting for the open house to be over and hoping that went well.


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