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I'd remembered wanting to see this when it came out (way, way, back when) and stuck it in the Netflix queue when I came across it. I'm glad I finally got to it. Strictly an adventure film but fun, kinda like MUMMY but without the slap-sticky humor.

And for those who remember the character, Dirk Pitt is a man after Jubilee's own heart. Just keep going, climb over the obstacles, surf them, whatever it takes. Eventually they run out of things to throw at you. :-) But seriously... wind sailing the old plane? Win! Much fun.

Jube would also agree with his 'all the best things have happened in the water' comment.


Feb. 16th, 2008 07:36 pm
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We actually made it out to the movies! It all came together at the last minute, we got out the door, got to the theater, a few things were starting that looked okay and we walked into "Jumper" about 30 seconds after it started.

It ended and it was like.... alrighty. It was interesting, but the ending was just as functional as so much else - just there to move the story along (or conclude it) and I'm assuming this is a set up for a sequel.

The movie is fast paced. Fast as in, if you get motion sick, you might want to take something before you watch it on a big screen and you really don't want to see it on the IMAX. Fast enough that there are moments where you can't follow all of it because *blink* *blink* *blink*

It has a coherent story line, an actual arc to the story, an interesting premise, enjoyable special affects, but not much in the way of character development. The damsel in distress is kinda clueless and mostly there to get him in trouble. He makes an obvious mistake that is one hell of a whopper (why would you do that???) and honestly, he's not such a nice fellow so I don't mind watching him get his ass kicked. Now, the Irish bloke, him I found interesting and I wish there'd been a little more to him.

clip (the synopsis on this site is a little

From the trailers and clips it looks like a few scenes were cut, hopefully they'll be on the DVD.
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[ profile] princejvstin pointed out a new movie trailer and Priya gets an icon just cause I was having fun playing with screen caps.

Main trailer here:

These guys: have a different set of trailers entirely. I'm partial to #1, pity it's small and grainy.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 09:11 pm
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FINALLY saw Pirates. T'was good swashbuckling fun even if the many Sparrows did get a wee bit old after the first go around.

I will confess to being a bit surprised by Turner's 'turn' so to speak, and have been told that there was an extra snippet at the end of the credits to go along with that, but we didn't feel like we could sit around and wait for that.
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Ya know... I have no idea if anyone is going to get these, or not. I think at least two of them are easy. What was surprising was how many of the same keywords kept popping up, no matter how different the movies seem.

Go to and look up 10 of your favorite Movies. Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks. Have your friends guess the show names.

1. Curse, Planetary Alignment, Sword And Sorcery ([ profile] arcaedia , [ profile] tymen )
2. Sharpshooter, Famous Line, Death Wish ([ profile] tymen )
3. Femme Fatale, False Accusation, Character Name In Title
4. Title Spoken By Character, Secret Society, Egyptology ([ profile] princejvstin , [ profile] agameofthree )
5. Good Versus Evil, Archeology, Famous Score ([ profile] meadowsweet9 , [ profile] wanderingdream , [ profile] adpaz , [ profile] agameofthree , [ profile] tymen )
6. Tragic Hero, Friendship, Alien Contact ([ profile] princejvstin )
7. Fairy Tale, Secret Identity, Cult Comedy ([ profile] djinnthespazz , [ profile] arcaedia , [ profile] agameofthree , [ profile] tymen )
8. Overprotective Brother, Buster Keaton Copy, Romance ([ profile] djinnthespazz , [ profile] agameofthree , [ profile] tymen )
9. Angel, Heaven, Fall ([ profile] wanderingdream , [ profile] adpaz , [ profile] agameofthree , [ profile] tymen )
10. Shower Scene, Historical, Thief

(PS:comments screened for now)

Happy Feet

Nov. 27th, 2006 10:04 am
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That was a lot of fun, better than I expected, even. It capitalizes on the whole March of the Penguins phenomenon, but it is it's own story and goes places I didn't expect it to (granted I've only seen the one trailer), with more gritty details than many animated flicks offer -the scenes with the leopard seal and the orcas might be a little intense for some small people.

The music and dancing, especially since they are huge scenes, are fun and Isaac was dancing in the aisle since he couldn't keep himself in his seat. My little man is going to end up on MySpace or YouTube or something.... but I have to agree with him because they are scenes you can really get into and enjoy.

Definite thumbs up!
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*sigh* That was fun.

I opted for this because I do not think, at 28+ weeks pregnant, that I can sit through a movie more than two hours long. Plus, the reviews I've read were positive.

It's not Toy Story or the Incredibles... it's more like Iron Giant in it's pacing. Sorta quiet, but it keeps moving. A bit of a coming-of-age story, without really going that route and pretending it's not an animated movie. Great animation, btw. It also has a consistent story line and all the pieces make sense when you get to the end. If there were loose ends, I missed them.

Traditional characters (not terribly unlike the Potter trio), plus the typical clueless, useless, absent parents, dopey cops... familiar themes, a grouchy old man and the scary, creepy house almost every neighborhood has. But, while all the elements are familiar, and you're never really going to be surprised, they do it well, presenting it all in a way that's interesting and watchable. Lots of smiles, even if you won't be laughing out loud.

And a satisfying ending to boot.

There were a few families in there with smallish kids, but one 5(?) year old wanted to leave shortly into it. He did not sound happy - the house and the old man are a little frightful.

All in all, a nice relaxing afternoon at the movies. I wouldn't put it at the top of the queue necessarily, but it's worth watching. And if you don't see it on the big screen, it'll be good on a smaller screen too.
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Friday morning, Isaac eats his breakfast nicely, and as per our usual routine, he gets to watch a video. He picks Finding Nemo. Shortly into the story he's asked me for something and it's the scene where Nemo swims out to the boat.

"Nemo isn't being a good listener, is he?" --Divers appear, panic and pandemonium ensue on the reef, Nemo gets napped. Isaac is sitting there with wide eyes as I repeat myself.

"No...." He says.

"I think Nemo should have listened to his father." --Nemo crying for help, father calling for son, but blinded by the flash.


I go back into the kitchen. My father is in the kitchen having coffee and firing up his laptop to get working (it's not even 7 yet, but our day is well underway) and he's listened to the entire exchange, plus the background sounds of the movie.

He's laughing. "Pay attention boy!"

I pretty much forget about all this until this morning, when -over breakfast again- Isaac starts talking about how Nemo wasn't a good listener and didn't listen to his father and how that was sad (because bad things happened). This turned into a 10 minute conversation (or one 5 minute conversation on repeat). Apparently it made an impression, and after breakfast that's what he wanted to watch again.

I'm pretty sure there are other lessons, about courage and trust and trying/perseverance and all that, but if Nemo had been a good listener: no movie.
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For those in the states with the day off, I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. The weather here was warm enough for us to turn on the pool heater and hop in, so we did lots of swimming. It is now the first thing Isaac wants to do in the morning, the first thing he wants to do after his nap, and what he wants to do any time we're not busy doing something else already. He's thrilled.

We got to see X-Men! It misses a vibe the other installments had, and I was a little surprised by some of the events (that wasn't in the comic) but overall we both enjoyed it. Even my Mom said she liked it, and she is not normally a sci-fi/fantasy/comic/action sort of fan. Mom had to ask me what I thought the ending meant - apparently she and my Dad were having a disagreement over a scene, and I had to go with Mom. I think Dad wasn't paying enough attention. And Brian knew that there was a clip after all the credits, so we stuck around to catch that. I had to explain (I knew who Moire was and remembered the earlier question) but they are definitely set up for a 4th movie. Begging the question - why call this "the last stand"?

Good use/demonstration of their powers (Storm, Wolverine, Kitty, Iceman) and it was nice to see one of the kids come into their own. Looking forward to the next one.

We also watched "Hitch" with Will Smith. I'd seen the promotion when the main cast were on Oprah and I had wanted to see it and never had the chance. Good fun flick. I love Will Smith. Funny. Romantic. Funnier. Though you do just want to punch that woman (the columnist). They even have a tiny clip of Jerry McGuire, as if you don't know this is supposed to be about love.

And I think one of the things I like about Smith is that he doesn't mind dinging himself up. He does goofy and suave, he does ugly and handsome, he does hip and awkward and all in the same role. 

Good, light hearted fare if you're in the mood for something.

Now, we have to get ready for his new swim lessons and then we are off to The City. Hopefully it'll be a good day.
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For my birthday the in-laws gave me the gift of babysitting. Which, all things considered, is a close second to the earrings my husband gave to me. ;-)

Having no clue as to what is out (except Broken Back Mountain) I took a hasty look through the previews and picked this because it seemed 'right up my alley'. (To which my loving husband replied, "Which one?")

Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury and a passal of children) does not disappoint. A few of the characters are over the top, but it's a fairy tale, they should be, sort of like evil step-sisters, which is fitting. The rules of the world are set up right off and the things that happen in the past that we need to know are also established promptly, and quite eloquently really, because it begins with an empty chair.

I think spoiler free.... )
All in all, as one reviewer stated, it's "good escapism" and I will undoubtedly see it again when it comes out on DVD.
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Friends came over for dinner tonight, and while it is especially chaotic with a pair of over tired 2-yr-olds (neither napped and Isaac was up at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 this morning) over all it went pretty well.

dinner and a movie )
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GoF = thumbs up.

We didn't make it to the IMAX (sold out) but we did manage to get to the movies. Much thanks to the MiL.


Aug. 28th, 2005 08:21 pm
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We Tivoed Punisher and watched that this afternoon. I think it ranks right there with Catwoman for why people should think twice before making a comic based movie. If you anticipate it's flaws going it, it's not horrible, but I'm glad I didn't pay theater prices for it.
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Good flick. I'm not a Gere fan, nor a fan of J.Lo, and it's not quite what I expected, but I give it two thumbs up. I had trouble feeling sympathy for the wife, to a degree, because I would simply have asked waaaay back at the beginning. If there hadn't been clues and I'd had no idea and found out later, yeah, I'd have been ticked. But in the beginning, I'm all about the "did you ask him?"

Still, well worth the rental price. Good, believable characters you can get into, lots of story arcs that reach their conclusions and subtle little moments that say a lot.
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Two thumbs up.

It's not a complicated story and the characters are all pretty straight forward, no gun fights or car chases -- the highest action scene is a middle aged basketball game -- but it's entertaining in a low key way. A bit like Good Will Hunting, but not so emotional and since it's just a moment of their lives there's no big resolution or 'ah ha' moment. But it has a solid punch and a few laughs and if you don't go in asking more of it, you'll leave satisfied.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and tomorrow off. :-)
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Yesterday improved things. We hit the Palisades Mall, which is (I think) the biggest mall in the area and we rode the carousel and the train with Isaac. We weren't sure if Isaac was having fun on the train, or not, but as soon as I put him down he ran around to get back in line. Yesterday we also tried out the harness for him. :-) In addition to security, that provides entirely too much entertainment. He'd walk a bit, pushing the stroller, and then turn around run the other way. About three feet out he hits the end of the tether and lands on his butt. He was very confused. One time I managed to get him to go in a circle and when he discovered himself in front of the stroller again, he grabbed it and started pushing as if there'd never been a pause. It was funny. He clearly had no idea what was going on, but no one was holding his hand and I didn't have to worry about him escaping, so everyone was happy. We did let him set the pace and direction a few times. We ended up at a car display (with a nice shiny red corvette) and a clothing store for women with frilly little things you have to be a size 2 to look good in. The green tunic style dress/shirt/thing was pretty, but in no way practical and then there is the whole issue of being no where near a size 2.

Other than getting out on a really gross day, we did Mexican last night. I haven't had a margarita in a really long time, Brian found chips I can actually eat, salsa and guacamoli... It hit the spot.

We also watched I, Robot. I like Will Smith. and I'm pretty sure I've liked every movie he's done. Even Wild West was entertaining if you didn't think about it. So, much fun.


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