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It is almost too cute when Elly watches Sesame Street. She counts so enthusiastically with the Count and dances like Snoopy at supper time when it's time for Elmo's World.

And it's so nice that she's finally feeling better. It's so sad when the baby is all glassy-eyed and miserable.

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Flower shopping with Mommy -1
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Elly and I had a good day. Brian took Isaac for a train ride (on the commuter train a couple of stops) and Elly and I went shopping. Mostly we bought flowers. I was hoping to find more poppies since mine didn't come back, so I stopped at a smaller nursery that had them before, first. No luck, they'd already sold out. But we found a few things we liked and then it was off to the big place for a few more things. Elly picked out a 'hen and chicks' for herself. Now quite sure what attracted her to those, but she put a lot of effort into carrying the pot to the cart, even fell once. I figure it'll do well in a larger pot by the pool area.

I got one small bed redone. Several of the new things went in ... a few of which might ultimately get moved because I'm not sure they're going to get enough sun. But we'll give 'em a year or two and see how they bloom. Then I divided up some of my smaller lilies, taking a whole clump out. This summer I want to clear the bed on the next tier up from the one I did today and make it a (mostly) white garden. The only non-white will be the rhodies and an azaela.

I'd have gotten more done but after naps Brian took Isaac to the playground and left Elly with me. I'm not sure why he couldn't take both (what does he think I do???) but keeping her in sight and shoveling through very rocky ground makes for VERY slow going. And my already sore shoulder and now achey back are likely to be singing the blues tomorrow. Which is likely to make yoga really challenging....
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We were on our way home and the baby was fussing and fuming and I kept reassuring her that we were allllmost home and hurrying to make sure of that. She fussed and fumed quietly for a bit, there was a moment of silence, and then this happy little sound that was disturbingly close to my ear. I turn my head, make eye contact, and she giggles. She is almost entirely out of her straps, kneeling in her (still) rear-facing carseat, and happily peering over the passenger seat. She was quite proud of her accomplishment but I almost had a stroke.

Isaac was supposed to have a playdate today with a little girl we'd met at the playground. She and Isaac had hit it off and we'd managed to meet up on purpose once, but one of us has had to cancel the last three times we've tried. After his nap, when I had to tell him that the playdate was canceled, he started to cry he was so disappointed. He really wants a friend to play with and he just laid down on my shoulder, defeated. To cheer him up I announced that, since we had time, we were going to go get him a 'big boy' (booster) seat for the car. We've been talking about getting him a new seat and giving Elly his old one for a while, but so long as she fit in the bucket (which makes things so darn easy sometimes!) I wasn't going to make the switch. Now that she's escaping, however...

He was happy with that news and off we went. He tried the seat in the store and announced that it was 'Good!', but I think he's so taken with the notion that it could have been wretched and he'd have said the same thing. Now, in a frenzy of productivity, the truck is cleaned out (I even vacuumed) and the seats are swapped. I'm expecting him to be very happy with the new arrangement, but he's been warned that if he plays with the seatbelt or takes it off while I'm driving, Elly will be sitting in a pretty new pink seat and he'll be back in his old one that very day.
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Little Miss Elly decided she'd do a little walking today. She's been taking a step here or there on her own, but mostly wants to hold your hand or crawl. She thinks about walking, but I think it seems unsafe to her because, after a moment of consideration, she sits. Today she took six steps to a toy, and this evening she took a dozen or so across the bedroom to Daddy.

Exciting stuff. And she's so darn small that it's entirely too cute to watch her toddle along.
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I've been working on my high school reunion the last few days and went crazy on the people search. I finally dropped $20 on a search site because we've hit a wall and weren't getting anywhere. It was only a 24 hr pass, so I was up til midnight running searches on every person left on the list. As a result, I've found six, but I have information of some sort for everyone. Pity 80% of it will turn out to be crap. :-p

The key though -- find the parents. They don't move as often.

But being up that late, sitting, didn't do me any favors. So now I'm groggy and achey and Princess is officially mobile. Monday I put her down after playing in the shower and while I was putzing I realized the sound of her playing had changed. I stopped to listen and realized she was no longer in her room. I went to check and, sure enough, she's sitting in the hall just outside of Isaac's room. She laughed when she saw me, quite pleased with herself. Here it is only two days later and she's already better at crawling. Amazing how fast they start to improve once they get the idea of how it works.

Now, to figure out how to gate off the stairs before she topples down them.... and no more just putting her down to run and get things.

And, is it just me, or are weeds totally out of control this year? I've spent hours pulling them, at this point I've caved, bought Roundup and I'm spraying them, and yet, they're EVERYWHERE. And the poison ivy is completely out of control. It's really beginning to tick me off. I try to keep it in check by working things out with a trowel to get the roots, but right now, organic isn't working for me and tomorrow I'm buying more Roundup. I hate weeds. Hate them! And the mountain of mulch I've been moving is still a mountain. Two more days til my first party and the yard is not presentable. I am vexed. :-/
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downward facing baby
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Princess wants to crawl SOOOO bad. This afternoon she was scooting her knees in instead of just pushing back and rocking. Soon. It looks like she might figure out how to sit herself up first though, since she almost did that this afternoon as well (but then knocked herself right on over).

It's amazing how much time I 'lose' just watching the baby explore and figure things out.

Days go by

Mar. 12th, 2007 09:41 am
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Princess and I are feeling better, though we've been keeping a low profile and sticking close to home. Over the weekend I tried taking pictures of her, but didn't have much luck. For a baby who's not feeling 100% she's still pretty happy about things and she's kicking and squirming or -when I tried for the shots of her grabbing her toes- she'd lay down straight and stare at me. Silly baby. They always know how to thwart you.


Mar. 1st, 2007 02:35 pm
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Princess rolled over today. She's been working on it the last week or so and today she finally did. And then she was very unhappy because she was stuck on her tummy and her head got heavy.

I put her back and a few minutes later she did it again, but when I got down on the ground with her, she gave me a huge smile and laughed. She might be stuck, but she's very proud of herself.
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Yesterday we were at the playroom and they had a Disney mix playing.... I've had Never Had a Friend Like Me stuck in my head ever since.

This morning I was singing and dancing around the living room with Elly (the echoes make for cool acoustics) and she was laughing out loud. It was divine.

And then I spun around too fast and made the baby dizzy and her face went red and for a moment I thought she was going to throw up on me.... but, you know, right up until then...


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