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First Time Effort
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Isaac had his birthday party Saturday... it looked like it was going to be awful and rainy, so I booked an animal show and had a ball python, iguana, tarantula and other critters brought to the house, and then it was gorgeous so we all went swimming too. He gathered donations for the animal shelter dogs instead of presents, so we dropped those off at the shelter this morning but to my horror I'd left my camera sitting at home and my cell phone (which has a good camera) was dead. Thankfully, mom had her blackberry, but it just wasn't the same, and Isaac had wanted to pose with Dexter and our foster, but he was so distracted by them, he was never looking at the camera and smiling.

Not our finest photo moment, but has been a great weekend.

Dexter and I did our very first 'real' obstacle course at the town dog show and took 4th place. He didn't fall off the bridge (or jump into the pool) and we didn't knock anything over, so I was happy. Next year I bring the flexi lead and hopfully he'll follow directions instead of needing to follow a tennis ball, but he didn't try to take off in odd directions. And he was at least as well behaved as any other dog there, and he has better tricks, so next year we'll enter more categories!¤t=video-2011-09-11-16-32-20.mp4
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Or anyone who might know the answer to this question because my brain is fried and my google foo has returned too many useless hits:

How is rain formed?

Specifically, you are standing on a moor (Scotland-ish) and it is a steady drizzly mist. You have magic. You want it to stop. Does something need to heat up, cool off? Does the pressure need to go up, down? Once upon a time I knew the answer to the question, but it escapes me now and for some reason I've gotten an 1800's exerpt on weather over lakes talking about when the sun goes down, and people talking about lasers to cause condensation and none of it's helping me.

Oh, and Isaac proved this morning that he does have a death wish. I'm pretty sure he's responsible for yeasterday's computer weirdness (all sorts of print previews were open and other proof that little fingers had been there) and this morning he had a blast using Word alllllll over my NaNo novel, pasting things that were in the buffer and typing away and he eliminated a huge chunk of what I'd written yesterday. I almost ... well, no I did pretty much loose my cool. Fortuantely, he hadn't hit save, so a 'revert' brought it all back and I backed-up. I just did a full back up of my computer a few weeks ago, looks like I need to be doing it more frequently. :-p

(another link I want to keep in case I ever need this again:
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We've survived Day 2 of Isaac's Spring Break.

Our outing yesterday was a trip to the farm to have a donut (they have a bakery), run in circles and feed the animals. Isaac didn't believe me when I refused to buy carrots (to feed the tops to the bunnies) because bunnies will eat dandelions and those are free. But the bunnies goggled them up and he had fun hunting for more. We also went to the gym so I could work out and take a 'new' (to me) class that has left me a little achey. Funny thing about the class... some of the 'poses' they were using were virtually identical to yoga and I could tell no one else in that class takes yoga. We were in Pigeon -but using a physio ball to stretch the chest and then to do modified lunges, and he chiding everyone to lean toward the floor... 'try to put your chest on the floor'... so I laid down. Literally. Propped my head on my chin so I could still see him but I was otherwise flat with one arm lifting up in a sort of twist to move the ball. The instructor did a bit of a double take. Given where everyone else was, I guess he didn't think actually getting to the floor was possible. All in all a good class, but damn... skinny bunch of women. I don't think I've ever been anywhere where I'm the only person in the room with a little extra body fat.

Today we went to the zoo and park with friends. Isaac was typical in that he doesn't stay with the group and simply doesn't know how to interact nicely. It's very frustrating. I'm not sure he even gets anything good out of anything, which is a shame. Elly liked the animals, and I had older kids to hollar when Isaac was up to no good and the oldest boy ran to get him and herd him back a couple of times. Isaac needs to learn to listen to the older kids -- they are trying to save him (mostly from himself, but also so he doesn't get in trouble). The loudest shout was when Isaac climbed up on the fence to where the buffalo and elk live... given his usual lack of coordination, he was a breath away from a 10' fall into the mud with the animals. All because Elly and I looked away to look at the eagles....

Tomorrow we're back at the same zoo and park, but with a friend of his from school. I'm hoping the smaller group will help him keep it together and we'll go through the zoo part faster to get to the playground. ::crosses fingers::

At least our evenings have been good. He's gotten pretty good at getting the flowers out of their packs, breaking up the root ball a bit and helping me get the annuals planted. Tomorrow we do the pansies and we're done with those until after Mother's Day.
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We were on our way home and the baby was fussing and fuming and I kept reassuring her that we were allllmost home and hurrying to make sure of that. She fussed and fumed quietly for a bit, there was a moment of silence, and then this happy little sound that was disturbingly close to my ear. I turn my head, make eye contact, and she giggles. She is almost entirely out of her straps, kneeling in her (still) rear-facing carseat, and happily peering over the passenger seat. She was quite proud of her accomplishment but I almost had a stroke.

Isaac was supposed to have a playdate today with a little girl we'd met at the playground. She and Isaac had hit it off and we'd managed to meet up on purpose once, but one of us has had to cancel the last three times we've tried. After his nap, when I had to tell him that the playdate was canceled, he started to cry he was so disappointed. He really wants a friend to play with and he just laid down on my shoulder, defeated. To cheer him up I announced that, since we had time, we were going to go get him a 'big boy' (booster) seat for the car. We've been talking about getting him a new seat and giving Elly his old one for a while, but so long as she fit in the bucket (which makes things so darn easy sometimes!) I wasn't going to make the switch. Now that she's escaping, however...

He was happy with that news and off we went. He tried the seat in the store and announced that it was 'Good!', but I think he's so taken with the notion that it could have been wretched and he'd have said the same thing. Now, in a frenzy of productivity, the truck is cleaned out (I even vacuumed) and the seats are swapped. I'm expecting him to be very happy with the new arrangement, but he's been warned that if he plays with the seatbelt or takes it off while I'm driving, Elly will be sitting in a pretty new pink seat and he'll be back in his old one that very day.
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In a rare event I'm sitting in front of the TV with the laptop, but it's only the superbowl. ;-)

It's nice to be everyone, but there is a limit to my interest. I know Brian is rooting for the Giants (quietly), but since the Bucs are out, and it was the Giants who took them out, I don't think my parents much care. They just want a decent game. I missed most of it trying to get Isaac to go to sleep, but I caught the halftime show, which was pretty good, I thought. Being a Tom Petty fan, and all.

Today was good. Warm, sunny with nice moody fog as we loaded into the rental and headed off for Busch Gardens. We got there as the park opened, baby clapping for the band while we waited for them to let us in, with lots of time to look at the birds as Brian and Isaac ran ahead to the rides. But rather than the more grown up bits of the park we've been going to this trip, we went to "Dragon Land". It provided Elly with her first amusement park experience! Brian took her on the flying dragons and she went on the ride twice more, fighting to climb over the railing to get in before it was her turn. Isaac joined us for our last twirl around, claiming he was going to 'get us'. Pity for him they are all in fixed locations. :-)

She wasn't so keen on the little boats, but I think that was as much about being left to Isaac's tender mercies as separation anxiety.

We went for a light lunch, saw the 'Critter Castaways' show, and then back to the central, area with Storm... something that was Isaac's first 'big boy' ride, the motorcycles and planes and stuff. It's also home to the oldest (non-wooden) rollercoaster in the park. I remember, when I was little, the coaster being added. Now Isaac is (just barely) tall enough.

Now, I love coasters. Big, tall, fast, wide open. BUT, the thought of my baby being on one almost freaked me out. Seriously. I went and changed the baby rather than watch. When I came out and found them, they were on something else and I had to wonder if they'd gone on it at all, but Isaac rushed over, grabbed my hand and wanted to show me the one that goes upside down! He was thrilled and apparently waited for me to go again. I was flattered, but had to tell Isaac that this was scaring mommy.

The Scorpion is a little box car with high sides, a padded seat your head slides off of, a decently tall drop, one loop and [for a 4 yr old] an intense corkscrew all with only a padded lap bar. I reached across him, bracing my arm on his chest and holding his leg and as we reached the crest and tipped downward, he wrapped his hands around my arm, snuggled close and held on. We had a great time and he rushed around to do it again -this time we were the first row of the first car! That was a little scary, but as we trotted down the ramp, another mom was pointing Isaac out to her husband and girls, "look at this little one who just went on!" I can remember people saying that about me. I suppose, the baton has been passed. It's kinda neat.
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We went to a concert today. Creole music for kids. Much fun. They even had oodles of Mardi Gras style beads to t oss out.

We had front row seats. Not as good because you're so close it's tough for little people to see over the stage but it left the little man room to get up and dance.

They took Isaac up on stage and handed him a 'rub board' (a fancied up washboard).

There he was, doing the little white boy dance, hamming it up, throwing mommy beads and jamming with the other musicians...

And I didn't have a camera.

But the little man had fun and when another little girl was sad because she didn't have any beads he went over (with only a small prompt) and happily gave her one of his necklaces.
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Did a little grocery shopping today, kids in tow. Didn't have to yell at Isaac to stay with me. Didn't have to chase him. When I suggested that he get in the cart (one of those cars on the front ones) he did, and didn't get up again.

He was complaining he was cold, but didn't feel like he had a fever. He complained about his stomach, but I was thinking that we're a little late for lunch. But then we get home and he doesn't eat more than two bites. I suggest he go lay down and five minutes later look around the check on him and he's huddled under the covers, hood still pulled up. Another minute later and he's asleep.

Anyone who knows my small child knows this just ain't right.

We're supposed to see Disney on Ice tomorrow, which he's been so excited about (he loves these shows), and it'll be very sad if he's sick and we can't go. :-(
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Which is sad, because we don't have very many left. Even sadder - the river birch in back has already started to drop a few leaves, and a maple up the street is already tinged in red. It is WAY too early for that, but there it is. :-/

It was a busy weekend. We took Isaac up to the Mountain Laurel Center/Tom Ridge Pavilion to see Laurie Berkner. For the pre-school set, she's a major rock star. Even had her own tot sized mosh pit going. According to Brian (who took Isaac down to participate in the mosh) said the venue photographer was complaining that it was worse than GooGoo Dolls. My theory is that the adults would get out of the way, but the children -not realizing that he's supposed to be privileged- ignored him as just another random adult.

We bought him his very first concert t-shirt (I may have trouble getting that off of him long enough to wash) and a book and he's asking to go again. He would also like to invite Laurie to our house. I told him I'd send her a letter.

After the show we stopped at Bushkill Falls (we were driving past, didn't have to make an extra turn, why not). The falls are lovely and it was a nice walk. At one point the little man was so distracted looking around that he stepped right off a step. SPLAT. Right in mud. Fortunately, it was just one step and not a whole flight, so he wasn't hurt, just stunned and very dirty. Nice was it was, I wish I'd been wearing better shoes but as painful as the hips are today from the bit we did, it's a good thing I didn't. I'd say we'd do more the next time we went, but traffic getting in and out was pretty bad. There were random slowdowns on I-80 getting there, and one particularly bad intersection we crawled through both ways. Made a long drive even longer, especially with two small children who were so over-tired and wound up that they couldn't sleep.

We'd been hoping the walk and lunch would take him down from the concert high, but no such luck. He had trouble going to sleep and then, since he never sleeps well that tired, he was up at 5:15 this morning rattling around. Which means I've been up since 5:15, and I didn't get to nap. :-p

But today was pretty low-key. We swam, he let me take pictures (I need to do the invitations for his birthday party and wanted one for that) and I taught him how to swim with a mask and snorkel. He'll need several more lessons, but he was very excited about it. I'm hoping he's got a hang of it by the time we get to Cozumel so he can go out with me.

Princess hit the 10 month mark last week. She's now up to 16 lbs, so just a bit bigger than when folks saw her at TBR, but still fitting into all her 3-6 month cloths. Back to Laurie: the concert was the first place I've been where, after asking me how old she is, people responded, 'aw, she's little!'. Other people are always telling me how big she looks and I want to ask them what country they're from that she qualifies as big.

Last week was also our first week without camp. Ouch. Friday it rained and in desperation I called a play place to see if they had 'free play'. They did. Right when I needed it, for just an hour. I rushed over to make sure we got all of it we could, and there was a group of boys just his age to play with. And he played nicely!! There were a few little girls he tried to play with when the boys took a break... and that was a disaster. As far as the girls were concerned, they were being assaulted and they burst into tears, screamed, the one was demanding that her father take the little man out, and then she hit him. He took that to mean she did want to play, and went after her. The screaming escalated. She hit him in the head with a ball. He launched a whole arm-full at her. None of them got any where near her, but she got hysterical at that point and her father finally got her to Go.Somewhere.Else. The boys came back and he played again with them for another half hour. The girl was bawling again 10 minutes later because someone else had done something. Not a child I would want, but hopefully we can go back and there will be more little boys for him to rough house with.
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who has who?
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Friday night was the raindate for the concert and fireworks and the little man behaved long enough for use to see it all. Barely. Before the music started there were a few performers, including this guy who gave the kids turns playing with the kite (Isaac needed help because the thing is a little awkward and really heavy for someone his size), but he loved having it and didn't want to give it back. Surprise, surprise.

Princess liked it all, and got very excited by the fireworks. Little arms were straight out as if she were reaching for them, her mouth was wide open, she shrieked and shook her head (dancing). It was very cute. And then she gave us the 'tired now' signals, we put her in the carseat and she went straight to sleep - with fireworks still exploding. Our friends had to leave early because their little one was freaking out, but mine know no fear.

We have to leave because the little man becomes unmanageable. :-p

Today was my July party and about half the size of last year, which works. I'm tired, we've the Baptism next weekend, and it meant I got to try the grilled cheese experiment: blue cheese and fig sandwiches on the BBQ. Odd as they might sound, they were quite yummy. I might do them again when my Dad is here next weekend.
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These days I don't take notes for the Con as much as I used to, but I grabbed a few in Equalizer (all involving Quinlan and Croft.... I suppose because they were sitting across from me) and then came home to find out about a few more:

Chasing spies on a ship before we set sail for Kafsha, two splashes from behind.
Brian, to self and GM: "How deep is this water? Ah, deeper than the keel."
GM, to all: "We're not in dry dock, are we?"

Quinlan, to... Anna? "Kafshans are especially smelly."
GM, to all: "So says the Celtic fisherman."

Quinlan, during team selection process: "Spells are like sharp objects, but with more fire." 

During discussion about Alden (Rinaldo)
Shaely to Quinlan, "You have to wait until he finishes his other conversation."
Quinlan, "Yes."   ...pause....   "Wait. What other conversation?"

Brian, to Croft:  "I'm PC. I run toward gunfire."

Meanwhile, at home: 

"Can you snap my pants? I want breakfast. Can I watch TV? Hey... Wait a minute. Where's mom?" 
---Isaac, to my husband, 6am Friday: 

Isaac, walking to the woods with Daddy Sunday, "It's a beautiful day! This is the life!"

Isaac, handing Daddy the softball bat so he can get giant mushroom: "You hold it."
Daddy:  "I thought you said you'd be serious and hold it?"
Isaac: "I am being serious. You hold it."

"Aw man. This isn't the life!"  --Isaac, after the giant mushroom he was trying to bring home to show me falls apart.
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But yesterday was ugly ugly ugly.

It starting with freezing rain just before midnight and it continued as a mix of snow and sleet until about 4:30pm. All told, there's maybe 3 or 4 inches of accumulation, but the stuff is so solid I can walk across the top of it without breaking through and after a half-hearted attempt to shovel, I gave up.

Sadly, for all the pretty white, it was so cold it was tough to go sledding. The 'track' (our driveway) was fast, but after a few runs, bundled up as he was, Isaac started to cry because his cheeks hurt from the cold. Poor little guy was so frustrated. He'd been waiting for snow so he could sled again and it was too cold to enjoy. But we went inside to make cornbread (to go with our chili) and that helped make it up to him (I've never seen anyone get so excited about mixing).
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I'm feeding the baby and the little man strolls in.

"I wasn't playing in your bathroom." He tells me, in his most calm, reassuring voice.
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The other day I went to Ikea because I'd seen a bench/bin/shelf thingie that looked like it would be useful for picking up the toy room. In reality it's not quite as wide as I would like, but it's good enough for what I want now and versatile enough to be 'reassigned'.

Last night, with the baby in her seat watching me, I put it all together, got the bins in and starting sorting toys. Anything not appropriate for group playdates is going back upstairs - these are toys with small parts, books that are easily torn, and anything Elly might choke on once she gets mobile. I'm about half done.

This morning Isaac enters my room and announces that he doesn't like the new shelf. It's just after 6am. I tell him I'm not discussing it now and he can go play in his room if he doesn't want to look at it. He leaves, quietly whining to himself. Not five minutes later there is a tremendous crash that catapults me out of bed as Brian rolls over and says, 'there goes the shelf'. Well, it's not a shelf, it's a three tiered thing that weighs about 50lbs. Isaac isn't that strong, but I still don't know what the sound was so down I go as several other things go crash. He is flinging the bins. The large empty one must have been responsible for the big boom, but the room is trashed - he even tore toys off the old bookcase (moved to the other wall but otherwise the same) and threw them on the floor. It's only 6:15. I march him back to his room and give myself 20 minutes to calm down and warm back up.

I went back to Ikea and exchanged the big bins for (more) smaller ones (for the same reason you give kids small plates and small amounts of food: less maximum density = lower throw to mess ratio) and the room is mostly put back together. We'll see how it goes when he wakes up from his nap. The fact that clean-up time can be faster/easier should make it an easy sell, but reason is frequently lost on small children.

Expecting logic to fail, I'm buying sticker paper and printing labels to put on the bins that have pictures of what goes inside. I will cut the stickers out, he can slap them on the bins and hopefully that will smooth his ruffled feathers.
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We're in the middle of the going to bed routine and I ask Isaac to go get his socks.

"Yeah," he tells me, "and I won't put them on Elly's eyes this time."

WTF?!? When were the socks on Elly's eyes?!? She obviously didn't suffer any distress, so... I agreed good naturedly and sent the little man on his way.

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Friday morning, Isaac eats his breakfast nicely, and as per our usual routine, he gets to watch a video. He picks Finding Nemo. Shortly into the story he's asked me for something and it's the scene where Nemo swims out to the boat.

"Nemo isn't being a good listener, is he?" --Divers appear, panic and pandemonium ensue on the reef, Nemo gets napped. Isaac is sitting there with wide eyes as I repeat myself.

"No...." He says.

"I think Nemo should have listened to his father." --Nemo crying for help, father calling for son, but blinded by the flash.


I go back into the kitchen. My father is in the kitchen having coffee and firing up his laptop to get working (it's not even 7 yet, but our day is well underway) and he's listened to the entire exchange, plus the background sounds of the movie.

He's laughing. "Pay attention boy!"

I pretty much forget about all this until this morning, when -over breakfast again- Isaac starts talking about how Nemo wasn't a good listener and didn't listen to his father and how that was sad (because bad things happened). This turned into a 10 minute conversation (or one 5 minute conversation on repeat). Apparently it made an impression, and after breakfast that's what he wanted to watch again.

I'm pretty sure there are other lessons, about courage and trust and trying/perseverance and all that, but if Nemo had been a good listener: no movie.
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It was barely 70 here today, so we went to the zoo with friends. If I didn't constantly have to yell for him to stay with us, it would be much more enjoyable. *sigh* And today it was just so busy with school trips that he kept vanishing in the crowd and some of the older kids were from special schools and when you watch them phycially abusing their teachers and throwing tantrums as if they're two, you don't want them anywhere near your small child - no matter what their 'special need' is.

But for the most part, it went pretty well. The donkeys are pretty sweet, which is good because the only way to keep him from sticking his hands through the little holes is to physically haul him away. Over and over and over again. He knows animals bite ... he's been bitten. A few times (every time we go to a pet store, we play with something). But he just doesn't seem to care.

Other than the farm exhibits, we went in to see the butterflies and then actually hiked over for pony rides. The rides were good. The little man is too cavalier, but he has fun and almost holds on, or at the very least, doen't fall off, which will make my MiL happy because she's huge into horses and I know she'd love to be able to take him riding some day.
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Peony was especially a "remedie for those that are troubled in the night with the disease called Ephialtes or night Mare, which is as though a heavy burthen were laid upon them, and they oppressed therewith, as if they were overcome by their enemies, or overprest with some great weight...." (The Herbal or General Historie of Plants, 1633 edition)

I have been remedied. I swear, Sunday, when I was watering the puttering around, the peonies were hard little balls. Today, driving out for swim lessons, I had to stop the car because most of them were exploding.

This is only their first spring, so they're still establishing themselves. Should be even lovlier next year.

In other news, the instructor for Isaac's new swim class wasn't so sure about having him there. The other kids are 3 - 5 and he looks so little next to them. And it's so hard to ask him to stay at the wall and wait. At his age, they just don't quite get it. Like when he had to stand in line and wait to jump in. He had no idea what that was all about. Today, coincidentally, was also 'test day' when they evaluate all the kids to determine what class they will be in next session.

The little man is a champ. He needs to work on kicking and he was a little uncertain in the new environment, but when it was his turn to push off the wall and swim to her, I told her to stand back and he took off. She was surprised. She retested him and other than the kicking, he passed everything and he'll be one of only two students who move up. Go little man.

And the city was good. For next time I need to remember to slow down and give him a chance to take things in and not get caught up in the hustle. After all, where really am I in a rush to get to? There were a trio of girls playing violins that we stopped to listen to. The steel I-beams are just the right width for him to stick himself in and sit down and we did stay there a moment, but he would have been happier with a moment more. I just get worried about the time and the fact that he hasn't had a nap. Live and learn and hopefully remember so I don't have to relearn it *again*.
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Photo 47-art
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We went to the zoo yesterday with friends and had a pretty good day. Best trip to the zoo with Isaac -ever-.

Got another shot of these three holding hands (one last year too) and it's neat to see how they've grown, and sweet to see how well they still get along with each other, because the whole holding hands idea is entirely their own. I think Isaac started it this time, reaching for Julia and asking for her hand before calling to Collin.

Today we were going to go to the city... then Isaac wasn't ready to go eat and we were putzing around upstairs and I decided 7:30 am was the perfect time to move his little bookcase/toy bin thingie. I had trouble getting it through the door (empty it's more awkward than heavy) and I reached to get the front further ahead of me and twisted a bit to swing it through the doorway, and pulled the lower lumbar on the left side of my back again. I am not happy. That's going to be a pain that lingers. So much for the city ...

So, instead, I played with photoshop, gathered laundry and did all sorts of little, frequently ignored, domestic things that don't involve me picking up anything heavy.
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You have to wonder how the day is going to go when one of the first things that happens to you is your small child walking up and pleading, "Uppy." and you no sooner pick him up when he lays his head on your shoulder and promptly throws up all over you.

Since then he hasn't eaten much and other than water, I haven't pushed it. He hasn't thrown up again, has no fever, hasn't been extra cranky or difficult... ::shrugs:: I think we're fine.

I'm still stymied on the short story due Monday (I've oodles of notes and scenes but need to actually *write* them). Somewhere along today I came up with at least a sentence I'm happy with:
She had seen a girl child to apprentice, had longed for that to be true, and with the twisting of screws lives had been tortured to make her vision reality.

Failure to write aside, it was a semi-successful day. I got to Home Depot for the rest of the drawer pulls, got to the paint store and now the dresser drawers are the correct color, and I stopped by the garden center for a pair of "Blue Clip Campanula". I saw the little bellflower in a catalog and decided it would be perfect by the mailbox. Plus I have a bright pink dianthus languishing in a pot they would look good with. So all three are now in their new homes and hopefully the mailbox area will stop looking so drab and unhappy. I have a whole plan for the mailbox area mapped out and if my measurements/estimates aren't totally off, it'll be a busy place midspring to fall by next year. BUT, despite temptation, I have not bought all the plants yet. I am notorious for killing plants -buying them and then not getting them into the ground soon enough. So I have sworn I am not doing that again. If I can't get it into the ground that day, next day at the latest, I can't have it. This means I have to know exactly where it is going before it gets in the car with me. Preferably I will have the hole dug because experience has taught me that some spots are not suitable because I don't have a backhoe. :-p
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Outside, the iris that first popped up have multiplied, joined by one lonely crocus. Dunno what happened to the other bulbs, but at least I see green now, so maybe there's hope for them, and maybe all the pansies will make a comeback too. Mild as most of the winter was, I really expected better.

Apparently, as far as the garden and bloom time goes, this house is a month behind the old one (we're only 10... 15 minutes away). It's depressing. But that tends to be a bit how I feel about this house and neighborhood in general.

Inside, the Little Man has become a Fraggle Rock enthusiast. It's been so many years since I watched the show, I'd forgotten how much music there is, and he soaks it up. That Gobo plays the guitar doesn't hurt. :-)


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