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Somehow, I went through an entire holiday without taking a single picture.

The husband even made note of that and asked if I would get the kids back into their costumes to take pictures today, so I guess I will go ahead and do that.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I have two gold eggs. One is free to a good home.

Adopt one today! -- got traded for a paper egg who is now Petey Mache Adopt one today! and Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! was traded to a lovely gent for Adopt one today!. I picked up another geode on the abandon page. I hit refresh before I took it, to see if it vanished, and then had to check to make sure I hadn't interupted a trade, but it was someone who'd bred a pair and got two.  Maybe now I'll try for dinos and a chicken...
Adopt one today!

Just one alt left to go, except someone mentioned a pink alt I have not seen and then there's the description that the ocherdrakes's come in variations/mutations, but I haven't seen anything different for them either. Might be just a tease.
Adopt one today!

It has rained pretty much every other day, making July almost as soggy and cold as June. I'm supposed to go to the beach tomorrow, it rained half the day today ....what are the odds I get rained out? :-p

-- Rained out, but weekend is beautiful!


Jul. 1st, 2009 06:01 pm
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Isaac's first swim meet got canceled because a thunderstorm blew in for about 20 minutes just as everyone got there. They canceled, we headed home and not a minute later it stopped. It hadn't even rained at our house. :-/

I HATE this weather.

Over June it rained 23 out of 30 days, even of those 'dry' 7 it wasn't nice and from our normal of 3" we got over 10" of rain. July isn't starting out any better. :-p
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Happy Solstice!

For us the sun has finally come out. The weather man was saying more rain, but maybe they didn't want to give anyone false home. Rain is in the forecast 60-80% all the way through Thursday.  It's been so dreary that yesterday I heard a gasp from the back seat and Elly declared, "Mommy, Blue Sky!" It'd been so long since she'd seen it apparently she was surprised by it.

You know it's bad when even the 2yr old is commenting on the weather!

And for those who collect them, the summer dragons arrived on time:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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You'd think I'd know better. When you think to yourself, "This is a bad plan," stop what you are doing and make a better plan. But noooooo.... I keep right on and two minutes later I'm falling in the pool. *sigh*

Have I mentioned that the water's cold?


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Because I wasn't paying attention .... tomorrow's high is 36 -with snow! and then down to a high of 31 for Friday with more snow for Saturday. :-p

Both kids have asked to go back to my mom's (without any prompting from me) and if it weren't for Isaac's school and our lack of income, I'd be packing the suitcases.
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Isaac had off from school today, so after yoga (I flipped my downdog all the way into full wheel!) we went to the farm for lunch and to feed the animals, and then to the nature center to walk around. Despite the promise of sun, it was another gray dreary day (I think it's been a week since I've seen blue skies) and the weather man actually apologized as he informed us that if the clouds didn't break now, they might not until Wednesday. WhooHoo! Two weeks, no sun. Suddenly the cruise isn't looking so bad.

Took a while to get into the rhythm of writing tonight, and I had to reboot because the computer was freaking out and not keeping up with me. Literally. I typed the word 'respect' and ended up with just a 't'. Bizarre. But once that issue was resolved and I hooked into my scene, I got my words.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,390 / 50,000

Pity now it's past my bedtime. Getting up with the kids isn't going to feel good. :-p
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Few things will bring a geyser of tears bigger than a popped balloon.

Few things will pop a balloon sword faster than slamming it a car door.
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We've survived Day 2 of Isaac's Spring Break.

Our outing yesterday was a trip to the farm to have a donut (they have a bakery), run in circles and feed the animals. Isaac didn't believe me when I refused to buy carrots (to feed the tops to the bunnies) because bunnies will eat dandelions and those are free. But the bunnies goggled them up and he had fun hunting for more. We also went to the gym so I could work out and take a 'new' (to me) class that has left me a little achey. Funny thing about the class... some of the 'poses' they were using were virtually identical to yoga and I could tell no one else in that class takes yoga. We were in Pigeon -but using a physio ball to stretch the chest and then to do modified lunges, and he chiding everyone to lean toward the floor... 'try to put your chest on the floor'... so I laid down. Literally. Propped my head on my chin so I could still see him but I was otherwise flat with one arm lifting up in a sort of twist to move the ball. The instructor did a bit of a double take. Given where everyone else was, I guess he didn't think actually getting to the floor was possible. All in all a good class, but damn... skinny bunch of women. I don't think I've ever been anywhere where I'm the only person in the room with a little extra body fat.

Today we went to the zoo and park with friends. Isaac was typical in that he doesn't stay with the group and simply doesn't know how to interact nicely. It's very frustrating. I'm not sure he even gets anything good out of anything, which is a shame. Elly liked the animals, and I had older kids to hollar when Isaac was up to no good and the oldest boy ran to get him and herd him back a couple of times. Isaac needs to learn to listen to the older kids -- they are trying to save him (mostly from himself, but also so he doesn't get in trouble). The loudest shout was when Isaac climbed up on the fence to where the buffalo and elk live... given his usual lack of coordination, he was a breath away from a 10' fall into the mud with the animals. All because Elly and I looked away to look at the eagles....

Tomorrow we're back at the same zoo and park, but with a friend of his from school. I'm hoping the smaller group will help him keep it together and we'll go through the zoo part faster to get to the playground. ::crosses fingers::

At least our evenings have been good. He's gotten pretty good at getting the flowers out of their packs, breaking up the root ball a bit and helping me get the annuals planted. Tomorrow we do the pansies and we're done with those until after Mother's Day.


Mar. 1st, 2008 08:39 am
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I don't care that it just snowed another three inches -- I saw Robins yesterday. A whole flock of 10 or 12 of them hopping around grubbing for bugs. All those puffed out red chests made me smile and I am hoping they are a harbinger of warmer weather (as opposed to the frigid Easter we had last year).
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She is who most accommodating and helpful is the one left holding the bag and generally SOL. :-p

When planning Isaac's school year I made sure Thursday got left free so we'd have one day we weren't running to to somewhere and had time to do other things. For his 'after school' program I choose Monday and Wednesday (he has school M W F). She didn't have enough people and dropped Monday. Ok... He has swim Tuesday, so Tues and Wed. Well, then there were conflicts and someone really needed Tuesday so could I do Friday. Fine. But then there were problems between Isaac and another little boy and she'd already asked them to move several times (and I hadn't???) so could I do Thursday. I explained that Thursday was my free day (we'd already gone to the NY Botanical Garden and the NY Aquarium) and she pleaded saying that on some weeks if we had something I could go back to Friday. Well, that was a lie. I really want my Thursday back for the next two weeks and I've been told I can't, but maybe in mid-march when the little boy Isaac had trouble with moves.

I am more than a little annoyed.
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Was poking at headlines and came across this. More than just food for thought, it's stuff I should do, stuff I've thought about doing, and only one is done.

If you get hit by a bus tomorrow
By Elizabeth Cohen

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Mark Balduzzi isn't old. He isn't sick. He isn't paranoid, either. But he's seen enough shootings, car accidents, and 52-car pile ups to know his life could end at any moment.

"Even though I think I have another 30 good years left, I know tomorrow I could get hit on the road by some nitwit," says Balduzzi, 50, who was a police officer for 15 years and a paramedic for eight in New York and is now a health and safety consultant for the insurance industry.

That's why he has all his ducks in a row: He's filled out all the right forms so his wife can make medical and financial decisions for him in case he can't make them himself.

We don't like to think about it, but any of us could get hit tomorrow by a nitwit. So here, step by step, is what to do now to prepare.

Step 1: Put crucial medical information in wallet and glove box

Step 2: Put your "in case of emergency" numbers in wallet, glove box
This one is sorta done - they're all in my cellphone, both for me and the kids. Home is listed, Dr's are labeled by who they're for.

Step 3: Appoint someone to make decisions for you

Step 4: Don't forget the HIPAA release form

Step 5: Give these forms to several people, and tell your family whom you've appointed to make decisions for you

(full article here:


Jan. 21st, 2008 07:38 pm
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My office feels like a refrigerator and it's days like this that make me HATE winter. These frigid windy days when my ears and cheeks get painfully cold just getting to and from the car when we go places. When I feel bad taking the baby out because she whimpers and tries to bury her face or brush the wind off her cheeks.

And we got a whole nother week of this. :-p

But we survived the weekend. Isaac bounced enough that we made it to the Disney on Ice show (Finding Nemo). First, Izod now has the lease for the arena...... Why? For all the cost, I can't imagine it's worth the money. Seriously. Secondly.... we had to wonder where the hell everyone else was. There was no line pulling in. We drove up, paid for parking, drove to the lot entrance, let some people cross, parked and walked in. Just like that we were in and looking for our seats, even with only two people at the door taking tickets. The whole top of the arena was empty and blocked off, and only half (if half) of the lower seats were sold. We were the second row, sitting on folding chairs with only one row between us and the ice. Dora waved to Isaac and he got to slap a turtle high-five. Elly loved the scenes with the military and african themed music because she's big on drums. She also liked the opening with the black lights and the glowing fish.

A girlfriend went to the evening show and said it was almost empty. So I guess the trend of us collectively pulling back and spending less hits the Disney shows hard. We bought our tickets way back when we first saw them advertised, because in the past they've sold out, or at least all the decent seats are gone. Not this time.

By Sunday everyone was healthy but me. I've picked up another eye-infection somewhere (the gym, the pool, so many possibles). Brian's eye Dr was able to squeeze me in and apparently I've got a couple of things going on in there, so we can't be sure of the cause and I get a whole collection of drops and go back Wednesday because if it's not responding quickly, I get another set. Other than wanting to claw my eye out because it itches, I didn't get annoyed until the pharmacy lied to the Dr's office. My local place that I'd gone to for years closed and transferred the scripts to a chain store. This place said they had everything and it'd be ready in 40 minutes and then when I got there said two of the things wouldn't be in until tomorrow. Next time, I go somewhere else and if they don't have it tomorrow morning, they will be making calls to locate the drugs, because that's just not acceptable.

The rest of our 'entertainment' was watching the world markets convulse and crash. Brian walks by with updates or sends me emails (he's a real ray of sunshine, that husband of mine).

"Japan is smoked." he announces in one pass.

"Australia is off to a bad day..."

And so it goes with lots of speculation as he tries to decide how to play it tomorrow. Is tomorrow The Crash? Is there going to be a bounce? Will it topple 500 points like it did in 1987? And then it occurred to me, 'hey, didn't they do something to stop a free-fall?' I fumble for the words, dredging up old information, but he was with me and I didn't need to finish the sentence.

"They took the circuit breakers off this year."

Perfect timing.

One guy who does a video blog in real time while he trades had a really bad day. It was all in futures (the US stock market wasn't open) but he lost 30k. He was freaking out. I couldn't understand why he didn't pull out. He'd realize the loss, but at least it wouldn't be worse. I guess, once it's that bad and you've lost everything and the markets are still falling, and you've gotten emotional... He was cursing the market, cursing himself, cussed out people who'd gone short and congratulated them for taking his f'in money and finally turned off the camera. Looking at the time stamp, Brian pointed out that from when the guy cut the video off, the market had fallen another couple hundred points. It's a little surreal, having a face to put to the crash, because what this guy went through today, is what a whole lot of people are going to face tomorrow.
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and utterly exhausted.

It really doesn't help that the children have taken turns waking me up several times each night the last several days. I feel like my eyeballs want to fall out of my head.

The flight arrangements for us, my MiL and SiL are made. A car there and back again is also arranged. Boarding passes are printed. Pictures of Sidney have been located, touched-up and emailed (I'm going to choose to believe that I was just the easiest one to ask instead of the only one with recent pictures of him). My husband's suit and our clothes are packed. Costumes are packed (Elly is now to going to be Tinker Bell to go with Hook, Pan and the Pirate). Nebulizer and medicine is packed because both kids are sporting wheezy, asthmatic coughs I know airplane travel won't help. ...passports...!!


And now, in addition to waiting for the last load of laundry so Princess has jammies, I am struggling to finish a letter of recommendation for one of the girls at the gym's playroom. I'm happy to write it, but my brain is fried. I really wish I'd gone at it Friday when she asked me. I just didn't expect to run out of time. I don't suppose anyone is still awake and has brain power to proof-read?
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It's amazing the size of the mess a one-year-old can make with half a roll of toilet tissue.
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The celebratory weekend ended, the folks went home, the sun went away and the clouds rolled in with a vengeance. Mother Nature held the turn of seasons so the Princess could have her party, but boy-howdy, it's autumn weather now. I knew the good times were over when the rains came, the headache came, and the guys came to close the pool. One-Two-Three. I was out. And migraines last three days for me, so most of the week was lousy.

I am finally recovering and now I have to dig myself out from days of being dysfunctional. Nothing like a house with children that's been allowed to fall apart for days at a stretch. :-p

Some things just aren't getting caught up on. Others... hopefully tomorrow, or Monday. There's bills to pay, invites to RSVP, library books that need found and returned, an estimate to fix the porch that never materialized. When you own a house and have kids, the list never ends.

But, on the library score, while it rained and the children napped, when I was feeling better but still couldn't bear to look at a computer screen, I did actually get more reading done! I finished Y: The Last Man Vol. 2: Cycles and Kabuki: Circle of Blood.

I'm still sold on the Y series, though there were bits that seemed a little glib. Throw away bits that sort of annoyed me because they were just there to justify later scenes which were just there to be violent. I suppose they were there to move the plot, or explain Hero and her 'descent', but I thought the set up was fairly unrealistic. And the whole delirious, 'I want you' hospital scene? Please. Still, I liked it enough to request book three, which they don't have listed as a Y book, so I took a stab at the list and hopefully the right book will turn up. I need to ask if there is a way to get an account to tweak the listings, because they look random. As if they were done by a whole bunch of different people who didn't have rules to follow, or didn't have someone to enforce the rules of how things were done. It's a mess and mess is not a word that should apply to library listings.

The first Vol of Kabuki .... I think I'm going to go with Vol 2, but there are repetitive elements that started to grate. There is a limit to how many times I need to be told any particular detail. Some of it was stylistic and worked almost poetically, and than other times it didn't quite rise to the level of art. But I like the Electra-esque story line and the symbology of her name, that Kabuki is a drama performed by women, the main character is a woman named Kabuki... etc. How she recognizes how she's been dehumanized, going through the steps, remembering in the final scenes. The all important civility as a charade that leaves people powerless when they know it's absurd. Interesting. I'm hoping for color in the second book.

My husband protests that they're 'toy' books, but graphic novels are a quicker read and that's what I've got time for.
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Ball head
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I can't believe it's the end of August already. One more week and it's September. At least the temp climbed back up into the 90's - perfect for swimming. For one of the crappy days we went back to 'In the Swing'. Batting cages for the older kids, an arcade for all ages and a climbing play area for children under 7. The first time there were a few boys for Isaac to play with, but this time it was just us. Which wasn't as much fun, but Elly got to play a little, too.

The scary thing about September is that he turns 4. Unbelievable. But there it is. Invitations are sent. He wants a Scoobie cake and a party store had Scoobie food coloring (apparently Scoobie and the gang are enjoying a revival) so I'm mostly set for that. Even bought Scoobie balloons. We have favors, but I need food. I should make a to-do list or I'll be scrambling.

Monday I have to shop and get ready to make cupcakes for him to take to the daycare he's been going to for two years. Hopefully the new school will be a positive change for him. He certainly seems excited, and talks about his new school every time we drive by. And since they've too many babies for the fall, they can't take Elly for the few hours a week I use and I can't justify sending her part-time. So that's the end of that all the way around. I'm going to miss the adult interaction. The director is a neat lady. Ah well. Hopefully the Moms at the new school will be more social than the others I've met

Children's museum Tuesday (loads of fun but an hour drive in pouring rain both ways). A birthday party today (Princess had a blast, but she made the birthday boy cry). And that's about the size of the week.

Not sure why my days are such a blur. And I'm not sure I can claim to be *that* busy. I guess it's sorta what summer is about, but I thought it was supposed to feel like more fun.
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A disorderly mind eventually gets to the point.

I think I followed a link off [ profile] kadath's journal, to .... some journal I've been to several times but now can't find a link to. Hmm. I hate when that happens. [ profile] princejvstin might know what I'm talking about, I know he reads it too.

Anyway, on this link, or maybe I clicked through to the next entry (my memory is so shoddy these days) was a review for "The Last Man." There was some discussion of the science/biology regarding the premise. I think it's highly unlikely that any virus could systematically wipe out all males, especially since some lower mammals are already starting to breed without it (based off another half remembered article in ... I think the magazine from the Museum of Natural History).

Good grief. I should run away from the computer now. Clearly, one cup of coffee is not sufficient this morning.

AnyWAY..... I thought the book sounded interesting enough to promptly look it up on my library's site and drop it in my virtual bookbag. When I was getting ready to take the little man, I put in my request. They call me to tell me it's there, we run in, he gets a few things, I pick up my book and we're back out before there are incidents.

This morning, I had a moment where I could read. I was so excited. It's such a rare event! And I had my coffee and I sat down, and the baby was playing happily and...... it's the wrong book. They gave me Book 3 of the series instead of Book 1. *sigh*

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windows to the soul
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I played a lot with the camera last week and got the little man to pose for a bit. The right bribe at the right time works wonders! He had his camera out briefly as well. He doesn't appreciate that Mommy has Macro and leans in really, REALLY close to everything.

mundane details of a week off to a productive start )
But tonight I've got a massage, tomorrow we see Josh Groban and hopefully the week will go without a hitch and be at least as productive as today turned out to be.
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But yesterday was ugly ugly ugly.

It starting with freezing rain just before midnight and it continued as a mix of snow and sleet until about 4:30pm. All told, there's maybe 3 or 4 inches of accumulation, but the stuff is so solid I can walk across the top of it without breaking through and after a half-hearted attempt to shovel, I gave up.

Sadly, for all the pretty white, it was so cold it was tough to go sledding. The 'track' (our driveway) was fast, but after a few runs, bundled up as he was, Isaac started to cry because his cheeks hurt from the cold. Poor little guy was so frustrated. He'd been waiting for snow so he could sled again and it was too cold to enjoy. But we went inside to make cornbread (to go with our chili) and that helped make it up to him (I've never seen anyone get so excited about mixing).


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