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The other day I went to Ikea because I'd seen a bench/bin/shelf thingie that looked like it would be useful for picking up the toy room. In reality it's not quite as wide as I would like, but it's good enough for what I want now and versatile enough to be 'reassigned'.

Last night, with the baby in her seat watching me, I put it all together, got the bins in and starting sorting toys. Anything not appropriate for group playdates is going back upstairs - these are toys with small parts, books that are easily torn, and anything Elly might choke on once she gets mobile. I'm about half done.

This morning Isaac enters my room and announces that he doesn't like the new shelf. It's just after 6am. I tell him I'm not discussing it now and he can go play in his room if he doesn't want to look at it. He leaves, quietly whining to himself. Not five minutes later there is a tremendous crash that catapults me out of bed as Brian rolls over and says, 'there goes the shelf'. Well, it's not a shelf, it's a three tiered thing that weighs about 50lbs. Isaac isn't that strong, but I still don't know what the sound was so down I go as several other things go crash. He is flinging the bins. The large empty one must have been responsible for the big boom, but the room is trashed - he even tore toys off the old bookcase (moved to the other wall but otherwise the same) and threw them on the floor. It's only 6:15. I march him back to his room and give myself 20 minutes to calm down and warm back up.

I went back to Ikea and exchanged the big bins for (more) smaller ones (for the same reason you give kids small plates and small amounts of food: less maximum density = lower throw to mess ratio) and the room is mostly put back together. We'll see how it goes when he wakes up from his nap. The fact that clean-up time can be faster/easier should make it an easy sell, but reason is frequently lost on small children.

Expecting logic to fail, I'm buying sticker paper and printing labels to put on the bins that have pictures of what goes inside. I will cut the stickers out, he can slap them on the bins and hopefully that will smooth his ruffled feathers.
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Why is it that paint chips never match the color on the wall?

Thankfully, I bought a quart, and not a gallon!

The nursery

Jul. 8th, 2006 09:33 am
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After a number of false starts and having to discard one idea because the math was beyond me (yes, some interior design requires math) I have finally settled on an idea. The fact that it is typically girly stuns the hubby, but there it is.

I went and looked at carpet yesterday and I think I found a set of greens that will work. There is a lovely pale green, but I think the darker green works better with the color I want for the wall. I'm gonna wait until Mom is here next weekend to get a second opinion before I place orders and buy paint. If I can get a girlfriend's opinion (or two) that would be good as well, but I dunno if that's going to happen.

Eventually I'd like to put a faux picket fence up (instead of wainscoting) to further the garden theme. And I want to find bird house cabinets for CDs, powder and stuff over the changing table. We'll see what I find. And how much energy I have.
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Today was the installation of the window treatments for the guestroom and Isaac's 'big boy' room. The roman's in the guest room are perfect. The sheer for Isaac's room is indeed the correct one. The awning is the wrong size and they have to remake it. UGH! That was the peice that took the longest! Damn. In this amount of time I could have made the thing myself (maybe). Thank-God I paid for them to do all the measurements and it's on their heads, not my bill!
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"It's not Barbara's room anymore." --Brian walking in and getting an eyeful.

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I finally found my paint and design books and I've come to the conclusion that there is at least one more I want, but instead of ordering that and continuing to plug away at the problem in front of me, I did something I never thought I'd do: I called an interior designer. Two of them, in fact. Conclusion #2: I need to go into interior design. These people get paid for walking through your front door.
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For parent's who may know why I shouldn't do this...

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