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Normally I try not to get excited over 'stuff' but tomorrow is the 20 yr reunion I've been working on for over a year. Tomorrow. People are going to be at my house Tonight.

I am so not ready. I have like, another hour before one of my best friends shows up and I have so much I want to have done I'm running in circles and getting nothing done at all and Elly, sensing that mommy is a chicken with the head chopped off, is up there singing instead of napping and that's making me crazy too.

The guest bed isn't made, there are photos everywhere, the office is a disaster area because I can't get the shelves dry (they're taking more than a day at a time to dry between coats!!!) and ....of man. Just everything. And I've eaten out of stress all day. Animal crackers of all things. :-p I'm going to need to detox after this weekend and then I get to do another crazy weekend when my parents, brother and nephews show up for next weekend and I need to remember to fax in my not-guilty plea for the speeding ticket I was given way back in July.

Crazy crazy days. So, I'm strung out, but it'll be good. Once everyone is here and what's done is done, I'll be fine. But, OMG... off to tackle the impossible to-do list!

I hope everyone else has a good weekend!!
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So, I've been working on my HS reunion and most of it has been fun. Yesterday we went to set up the bank account........ what a pain. I'm hoping by today the kinks are worked out. We've reserved the hotel, but we owe them money and without this, there ain't no cash coming in.

But, we do have a date and place and I'm psyched!! Get this done, find a few more people and we should be able to coast on planning until January. Between now and then I just need to make postcards and mail 'em out. Which should be easy.

Should be. :-)
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I've been working on my high school reunion the last few days and went crazy on the people search. I finally dropped $20 on a search site because we've hit a wall and weren't getting anywhere. It was only a 24 hr pass, so I was up til midnight running searches on every person left on the list. As a result, I've found six, but I have information of some sort for everyone. Pity 80% of it will turn out to be crap. :-p

The key though -- find the parents. They don't move as often.

But being up that late, sitting, didn't do me any favors. So now I'm groggy and achey and Princess is officially mobile. Monday I put her down after playing in the shower and while I was putzing I realized the sound of her playing had changed. I stopped to listen and realized she was no longer in her room. I went to check and, sure enough, she's sitting in the hall just outside of Isaac's room. She laughed when she saw me, quite pleased with herself. Here it is only two days later and she's already better at crawling. Amazing how fast they start to improve once they get the idea of how it works.

Now, to figure out how to gate off the stairs before she topples down them.... and no more just putting her down to run and get things.

And, is it just me, or are weeds totally out of control this year? I've spent hours pulling them, at this point I've caved, bought Roundup and I'm spraying them, and yet, they're EVERYWHERE. And the poison ivy is completely out of control. It's really beginning to tick me off. I try to keep it in check by working things out with a trowel to get the roots, but right now, organic isn't working for me and tomorrow I'm buying more Roundup. I hate weeds. Hate them! And the mountain of mulch I've been moving is still a mountain. Two more days til my first party and the yard is not presentable. I am vexed. :-/


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