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2006-08-02 08:57 pm
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holy moly

Today felt like the inside of a kiln. When it's 85 by 8AM, you know you're in for it. :-p

And I gotta say, all gripes aside, when it's 100 outside and the heat index is spiking up over 110 and the AC isn't working as well as it might... a pool is a very nice thing to have.
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2005-07-08 11:02 pm


Something we never had to deal with at the last house-- idiots ringing the doorbell and running away. It was bad enough when it was the little kids, but I was out the door fast enough to catch them the last time and since they'd woken Isaac I chewed them out pretty good and finished with a threat to go talk to their parents since I knew where they lived. They have not been back.

Tonight it was a bunch of teenagers. It's what time? Obviously they need put to work. If this happens again I will take action. I have infrared stuff, lots of outdoor lights that can be rigged and a wicked sense of what's funny. I will come up with something.

Wire across the top step... oooh... and I have lots of paint I don't need... hmmm.... And then there's all the poison ivy growing in the back that I'm not really allergic too....

Lots of possibilities.
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2005-03-22 08:36 pm
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I spent most of the day searching and can't find the passports anywhere.  the ordeal )

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2005-03-22 12:35 pm
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It took some wrangling, but my computer is finally in place and after a long search I found an extension cord so the printer works too! Now my boarding passes for tomorrow are printed and if I can find my passport and Isaac's birth certificate I'll have time tonight to bang out a bunch of game posts.
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2005-03-20 03:03 pm
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New House, Day 2

I have completely run out of steam. I think I have also pulled my back, but it might just need some rest. rambling and this evening's intentions )
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2005-03-19 04:17 pm
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New House, Day 1

We spent most of the day at the old house cleaning and grabbing all the stuff I either forgot or didn't know what to do with when we had the movers there. We need one more day to finish cleaning out the garage and the shed, and then spackling/painting the holes the tapestries left. The new people also want the yard cleaned up professionally, with us footing the bill for that as well as the rest of their increasingly long list of demands. I'm going to do some of it, but for the rest of it they can kiss my ass.
rant )
Otherwise, things are going smoothly. This house still feels big and hollow and while cleaning up the old home I had a whole new appreciation for it and the work we did. Leaving it is sad. But this yard has potential and I know exactly where some of my existing plants are going (on the list of things the new people want removed that I am happy to comply with...along with a few they maybe didn't intend). And the little girl next door stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood with a friend, which was cute. So, all in all, I guess it's about as good as it gets.
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2005-03-18 09:19 pm
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work in progess

The movers left at 6 or so, and most of everything that should be here is. I still have no idea where everything is going to go and I'm too tired to do any more unpacking anyway.

And Brian thought we'd do this with just us and his brother?

Tomorrow we unpack, with at a few more trips to the old house to pick up my computer and some last minute things that didn't fit anywhere safely. And then I get to clean. :-p

Hope everyone else has a better weekend planned. :-)
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2005-03-18 08:41 am
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We're not as ready as I wish...

But the movers are here!!!

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2005-03-16 05:32 pm

Our new house

Originally uploaded by egwenna.
Got over there today to do a bit of cleaning and we got the washer & dryer delivered unexpectedly, so it was good I was there. And I finally got to take pictures before we move in too much more stuff.

Just wish flickr would let me order the photos rather than jumbling them. In the set they're in a logical order. Out of the set they're all over the place.

One detail I noticed- there's not a crocus or a tulip to be seen. Deer might be to blame.. .but how can you not have crocus?? I have a bunch here and their blooming and cheerful... and then there's not even one. It's very sad. Guess I know what I'll be doing this fall!
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2005-03-15 10:22 am
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Somehow it seems like an ill omen to be closing on the Ides... but today we fork over large sums of money, get our new house and run around getting ready to move. Isaac's toys, pack-n-play, floor padding and corral (all at the in-laws) are among the first things going over because I am going to need them....

Tomorrow we should get the results of the inspection on our old house (and if they start getting fussy and nit-picky I may throw them all out and start over) as well as move fragile stuff. Which I can start unpacking or at least organizing while I spend...

Thursday waiting for cable, the washer and dryer, other furniture is supposed to arrive, a plumber is coming to run a gas line and the phone should get turned on. Then,

Friday the movers show up (I finally wore Brian down and got rid of the notion that we are moving ourselves). Anything not packed, they will pack, and everything will be done probably before Brian gets home from work. A girlfriend and her son are hanging out with Isaac at the new house until my m-i-l gets there.

Saturday and Sunday will be spent unpacking and trying to make the new house livable. Should be fun.
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2005-03-03 09:05 am
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The house is not sold & other gripes.

I'm sick because my mother in law cares more about some damn stray cat Michael no longer wants (because his girlfriend is allergic) than she does my health or possibly Isaac's, so I have a serious sinus infection and haven't had a decent night's sleep since Saturday. Our realtor screwed up, threw her son into the mix and said he had an offer, created a phony bidding war and cost us legit buyers, so now we're just about at square one on selling the house instead of finished, and I really don't like this whole open post crap. I don't trust people. Too many people use OOC information and with no penalties for doing so, there's nothing to stop them.

Some of that is maybe not entirely fair, )
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2005-02-26 09:12 pm
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Progress has been made on the old To-Do list.

The House sold? )

and furniture is bought! )

Bit by bit, it's all coming together.
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2005-02-20 02:17 pm
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This -n- that

First of all, furniture shopping is the pits. It was easier to pick the house. :-p

Now that I've gotten that off my chest:

Obsolete Skill )

And as of yesterday, Isaac has started saying No. Or rather, he vigorously shakes his head No.

He got hold of a piece of bread yesterday at dinner (we were out) he held onto it for the entire meal, carried it home, ran around with it a little bit (shedding crumbs *everywhere* and then insisted on carrying it with him into the bath. At no point would he relinquish this crust of bread, no matter what we offered in exchange. Eventually it dissolved and he was somewhat perplexed. So it was funny and annoying all at once.
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2005-02-12 09:49 am
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Active Kill Zone

I put Isaac down for his morning nap (not that he's sleeping yet) and carted things down to the kitchen and the trash and I'm standing at the sink washing my hands and notice odd movement in the backyard. Now, mind you, I'm near-sighted and almost never wear my glasses (they are for TV and movies only) so I'm standing there for a minute trying to decide what this is without being able to really see it. Whatever it is, it's the same color as the leaves in the backyard and moving rhythmically. It's not spazzy and gray, so it's not a squirrel and it's too big to be any of the birds I expect to see... I go get my glasses.

continued.... )
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2005-02-05 10:24 pm
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The house is partially empty and clean. It looks strange this way, especially with every toy and baby item that was downstairs removed (except for the highchair). Personally, I don't think we needed to have moved so much, but it's done now and most of it can stay exactly where it is until it's time to move it into the new house.

And I am well and truly exhaused. It's a good thing I go to the gym or I might not have survived all this.

Hopefully the open house goes well tomorrow and maybe we'll get lucky and this house will sell in the next week or so. I think we're supposed to have another open house Friday for the realtors... something like that. Just so long as it doesn't drag out. :-p
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2005-02-04 09:58 am
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More on Life

Tiny Animals Dominate Deep-Sea Trenches -

We find life in the strangest places, again seeming to promise that it must exist somewhere else as well.

In other news... )

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Sadly I spent most of the day throwing things away or packing, although the gym gave me a free smoothy. :-)
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2005-02-01 04:39 pm
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We have a house.
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2005-01-31 07:43 pm
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Bidding War

We were afraid this would happen and I'm extremely annoyed. As far as I'm concerned, it's just greed. We've agreed to do one more bid and either they take it, or we walk. We have time and there are other houses out there.

People suck.

And I have to go pack... I'm trying to get at least one box a day done and then we'll have a big push this weekend to clean up and get ready to have our house listed and showing.
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2005-01-29 09:55 pm
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Heart Palpitations

Originally uploaded by egwenna.

So... we decided we were going to move... what? 10 days ago? We're bidding on a house tomorrow morning, first thing. I am this || close to having an anxiety attack.

It's not that the house isn't nice... )

So... I guess, wish us luck?

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2005-01-26 09:31 pm
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Well lookie here...

Amazing the discoveries that still happen after all this time and all the research that's been done:

Da Vinci Workshop Discovered in Italy

In other news... )