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Happy Halloween!!
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Hope everyone is having a spooktacular day! Ours has been dreary and rainy, but we did manage to get out. I think the kids have had almost as much fun answering the door and seeing everyone else as they did ringing the bells.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
The Harvest eggs are shiny! After a few fails and dodges, I made a zombie, now I just need a vampire.
Adopt one today!
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christmas eve
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To anyone I haven't spoken to/sent cards to: Merry Christmas!

Our holiday has gone well (if you ignore the whole being sick thing for Princess and I). The kids were pretty darn cooperative about going to bed, though I pre-emptively went to lay down with Isaac to make sure there was no struggle about it, and after a busy day of playing with everyone (my nephews had been over earlier) he went out by 8:00.

Mom and I got all the presents tucked under the tree, got the stockings sorted and filled and then discovered that there was nothing for Princess from Santa. Not that she would know, but I was willing to bet Isaac would, and as naughty as he's been, if he gets presents you can be certain she deserves presents! So, at 9PM on Christmas Eve, Mom and I are out hunting for an open store. We got lucky and the second open store had these cute little trucks for the sand and a steering wheels with buttons that make all sorts of car/truck/ambulance sounds. She makes car sounds as she pushes cars around, so it was perfect. All the boys wanted to play with her little trucks, but she fought to keep them, and when my nephews got their trucks from me, she went to go get those too. She likes things with wheels. She uses them as skates for her hands and crawls really -really- fast with them. :-)

So, the extra trip was worth it.

Isaac, surprisingly, wasn't up extra early and he was willing to lay down with me once he did get up to give everyone else a chance to wake up on their own. He was perturbed because his music player wasn't working (he was afraid he needed new batteries) and he couldn't go back to sleep himself. I could feel him awake next to me and asked him what he was thinking about. "New batteries." there was a long pause and then, "And Santa." But for a very excited 4 yr old, he kept it together with waiting.

We opened Santa's gifts and a few select gifts from each other, but there was no rush. They were content with that and didn'f fuss over the rest, which was lovely -especially since we had to wait a long time for my brother and his family to arrive. To fill time Brian and I left Princess with my parents and took Isaac to Busch Gardens, which was a very busy place on Christmas Day, but it was a beautiful winter day in FL so it was nice to be outside.
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At Eye Level
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It hasn't snowed, but it isn't warm. Made for a very short egg hunt....

Of course, the day started with him having a fit because his Easter basket was on the floor filled with things. He actually marched back upstairs to check his closet to make sure that was, in fact, HIS basket. He was peeved. According to Brian, the little man did not believe that today was Easter. After I got done with Elly and had time to sit with him, I figured out what the problem was -- when we were talking about "Easter time" and spring we talked about the spring flowers... and how we'd go get some and decorate the house for Easter. This had not happened, therefore it was not Easter.

That it's colder now than it was Christmas week is messing with his head.
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So... we did Father's day one week early here.  At least I had a cute idea for something to do with Isaac (maybe I got excited about that), but I figured it out before I gave him his gift, so we can still do it next week too. 

And I guess I'd rather be ahead one week, then behind.  :-)
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Merry Christmas to all, and many other happy holidays. However you celebrate this season, I'm hoping everyone has had good days.
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Happy Thanksgiving. May all things go smoothly, and whether you travel, cook or host, may the traffic, the oven, and the turkey be with you. :-)

To all - a good and safe eve and a good day tomorrow.
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Little man says "Hi"
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Happy Halloween! The day was a success, the little man had a blast, and he is now soundly sleeping. I am not too far behind...
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I've given up on any thought of resolutions. I going to set up monthly goals, but I'm not aiming beyond that. Today went fairly well, productive despite the fact that, half the time, as soon as I start to get things done I find myself at the computer killing time with dumb games. Had the same issue at the gym... just didn't want to move. Too much internal resistance.

Inertia is hell.

But we had our first music class for the winter session and that was good. The location is cold, the instructor is new and not as well versed as Alison, but it's a good group of mothers and kids and Isaac had fun and that's all I really care about. Isaac has figured out that when I say "sit down" he needs to put his butt on the floor, so today he got to play with the music sticks --without a melt down-- Hallelujah! Been trying to get that point across to him for a while now. No running with weapons.

Isaac's mood went downhill from there though. Never good when baby doesn't get his naps the way he needs to. Hopefully he's not getting sick... might be teeth again. *sigh* I'll be happy when he finally has all of those. His one canine that had broken through receded, so we get to go through that again. :-p

On the up side, I have a hotel room for ACUS. I'm too disgusted with airlines (they damaged my stroller) and the prices to book the flight. Another week or two and maybe by then Continental will have done right by me.

HAHA... right.

Any how.

Looking at the calendar, I've got a few more days to get started with 2005. Gotta do something about the days just blowing by.

It's over.

Dec. 25th, 2004 08:25 pm
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I guess it was a good Christmas overall. My brother and sister-in-law spent extra time at her parents house, so they were several hours late, which would have been fine except that by the time they showed up it was time to put Isaac down for a nap. Attempts at taking pictures resulted in a meltdown and I got jabbed in the eye.

I hate Christmas.

We opened presents instead of putting Isaac down and of course he wasn't much interested in anything except a $2.50 phone my mom and I picked out at Walgreen's yesterday. As soon as I was free to do so, the baby went down for a nap, but all the noise from the kitchen and living room seems to echo into the back bedrooms. Even with the doors closed the noise is almost as clear in there as it is outside. Needless to say, the baby didn't nap much, but we hung out, ate Dad's cinnamon rolls (which are always very good.

Dinner was good, but when Dad cooks it always is. Isaac was at least playing at sleep, so I got to eat before I had to go get him. Then there was the chaos of trying to get Ethan to nap and they wanted to watch Elf which I wasn't interested in so I got to chase a baby who hadn't napped enough, didn't want to eat and was generally cranky. I finally went outside and we walked around in the drizzle so I didn't have to listen to Brian bitch that Isaac was making noise while Nadine was sleeping on the couch. Baby is there, so he grabs him by the arm and calls for me, causing yet another melt down when he could have just gotten his butt up on the sofa, picked the baby up, taken two steps and handed him to me since I was already there. But no, he would rather the baby scream while I'm trying to get in-between things and past him to get Isaac. By then, everyone was up.

And people wonder why I hate Christmas?

Shawn is all pissy, so I obviously missed something and he's packing the truck, though they stay long enough to have dessert, but now Dad is pissed because Mom no sooner got Ethan back to sleep and he starts making all sorts of noise in the kitchen and she hissed at him to knock it off. Too late and now Ethan is up again.

So, there we are. Joy.

Shawn and Nadine have left. Isaac went down for another 20 minute nap and still didn't want to eat much when he woke up and when my father tried to hand me Isaac, I got slammed in the nose so hard I saw stars. It still hurts. And then I jabbed in the other eye when Isaac decided he was done with his treatment. Now both eyes hurt. I get up because we're done and step on the star shape that goes in the shape sorter ball.

I'm done. I yell for Brian and when I'm forced to explain why it's his turn I don't have any trouble doing so.

Now Isaac is in bed. I'm in a crappy mood, my nose still hurts and I'm exhausted but at least Christmas is over.

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and all through the house, the parents were still talking with mom at the house.

Last night was a looooong night that ended early this morning. Nothing like listening to your baby try to cough up a lung to make sure you don't sleep much. Baby and I gave up around 6:30 or so and once it was a decent hour my Dad called the couple across the street. Amy gave us her pediatrician's #, she knew where the nearest emergency care place was for children, and if that all failed she gave me her cell # so we could reach them and her husband could call ahead to the ER so we weren't stuck waiting forever. In the meantime she gave me a package of Xopenex too (her middle child and husband have asthma as well). Thanks to Amy I was as prepared as possible without have been prepared leaving Jersey.

Not surprising, the pediatricians are closed, but the emergency care place was as quick as it could be once they finally opened. They took his vitals, gave him a treatment with extra oxygen and told me 'yes, he has bronchitis.' So after a trip to one of the few pharmacies still open, I got what I knew I needed at 6AM around 6PM.

Poor baby. At least I know he responds well to the meds and will be his normal happy little self by bedtime tomorrow.

Other than that the day went pretty well. My brother & his family came by and got some much needed sleep on the couch while we were all watching a movie and since they didn't seem concerned by Isaac playing with Ethan, I told myself not to worry about it either. Bronchitis isn't contagious so long as Ethan doesn't catch the cold that started it all. Since I most certainly have the cold, I didn't have much to do with Ethan, but I think once it's this old it's not catching either.... but I never know for sure. It's one of those things I should probably look up.

One weird note: after telling me not to bring Isaac to Brian's cousin's wedding (long story there) Brian's grandmother calls to tell me that I must. Why she is calling me and not her grandson, I am not sure. That she thinks she can tell me what I can and can't do with my child is another story.

Anyway, the presents are all wrapped, the stockings are stuffed and hanging by the chimney with care in hopes that Isaac won't destroy them there.

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
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All posts in the queue are done. The album pages for my grandfather are done and ready to be sent. Laundry is almost done. Mail is set to be held. The paper is on hold. The house is clean, and the gift to donate from the card I picked out is delivered, which is really the biggest relief of all.

We had a visit with Brian's folks to exchange gifts, though what I ordered for them still hasn't arrived, and this year I got training certificates for the gym instead of truffles, which is also a relief. Isaac needed a little help to open his and of course the paper was the best part. Gotta love little kids (even when they don't nap all day).

So tomorrow after playgroup, we pack. I'll be happy once we're on the plane with the engines roaring and in the meantime I'll be entertained by watching Brian deal with a house full of pregnant women and toddlers.
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The Christmas cards are done. They aren't all quite the way or how I wanted them to be, to it is by no means perfect, but they are addressed, stamped and out the door. Brian chipped a token effort by taking Isaac with him to go buy stamps.


I still have to do something for my husband's grandparents so there's yet another trip to some store or other. I would so rather not bother and just put it all in his lap. I took care of my family, how come I have to manage his as well?


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