Feb. 13th, 2008 08:59 pm
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The only thing worse than being sick, is being sick when the baby is sick. I normally escape all the bugs that go around the house, but apparently Brian brought home a 'special' one. :p


Jan. 21st, 2008 07:38 pm
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My office feels like a refrigerator and it's days like this that make me HATE winter. These frigid windy days when my ears and cheeks get painfully cold just getting to and from the car when we go places. When I feel bad taking the baby out because she whimpers and tries to bury her face or brush the wind off her cheeks.

And we got a whole nother week of this. :-p

But we survived the weekend. Isaac bounced enough that we made it to the Disney on Ice show (Finding Nemo). First, Izod now has the lease for the arena...... Why? For all the cost, I can't imagine it's worth the money. Seriously. Secondly.... we had to wonder where the hell everyone else was. There was no line pulling in. We drove up, paid for parking, drove to the lot entrance, let some people cross, parked and walked in. Just like that we were in and looking for our seats, even with only two people at the door taking tickets. The whole top of the arena was empty and blocked off, and only half (if half) of the lower seats were sold. We were the second row, sitting on folding chairs with only one row between us and the ice. Dora waved to Isaac and he got to slap a turtle high-five. Elly loved the scenes with the military and african themed music because she's big on drums. She also liked the opening with the black lights and the glowing fish.

A girlfriend went to the evening show and said it was almost empty. So I guess the trend of us collectively pulling back and spending less hits the Disney shows hard. We bought our tickets way back when we first saw them advertised, because in the past they've sold out, or at least all the decent seats are gone. Not this time.

By Sunday everyone was healthy but me. I've picked up another eye-infection somewhere (the gym, the pool, so many possibles). Brian's eye Dr was able to squeeze me in and apparently I've got a couple of things going on in there, so we can't be sure of the cause and I get a whole collection of drops and go back Wednesday because if it's not responding quickly, I get another set. Other than wanting to claw my eye out because it itches, I didn't get annoyed until the pharmacy lied to the Dr's office. My local place that I'd gone to for years closed and transferred the scripts to a chain store. This place said they had everything and it'd be ready in 40 minutes and then when I got there said two of the things wouldn't be in until tomorrow. Next time, I go somewhere else and if they don't have it tomorrow morning, they will be making calls to locate the drugs, because that's just not acceptable.

The rest of our 'entertainment' was watching the world markets convulse and crash. Brian walks by with updates or sends me emails (he's a real ray of sunshine, that husband of mine).

"Japan is smoked." he announces in one pass.

"Australia is off to a bad day..."

And so it goes with lots of speculation as he tries to decide how to play it tomorrow. Is tomorrow The Crash? Is there going to be a bounce? Will it topple 500 points like it did in 1987? And then it occurred to me, 'hey, didn't they do something to stop a free-fall?' I fumble for the words, dredging up old information, but he was with me and I didn't need to finish the sentence.

"They took the circuit breakers off this year."

Perfect timing.

One guy who does a video blog in real time while he trades had a really bad day. It was all in futures (the US stock market wasn't open) but he lost 30k. He was freaking out. I couldn't understand why he didn't pull out. He'd realize the loss, but at least it wouldn't be worse. I guess, once it's that bad and you've lost everything and the markets are still falling, and you've gotten emotional... He was cursing the market, cursing himself, cussed out people who'd gone short and congratulated them for taking his f'in money and finally turned off the camera. Looking at the time stamp, Brian pointed out that from when the guy cut the video off, the market had fallen another couple hundred points. It's a little surreal, having a face to put to the crash, because what this guy went through today, is what a whole lot of people are going to face tomorrow.
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windows to the soul
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I played a lot with the camera last week and got the little man to pose for a bit. The right bribe at the right time works wonders! He had his camera out briefly as well. He doesn't appreciate that Mommy has Macro and leans in really, REALLY close to everything.

mundane details of a week off to a productive start )
But tonight I've got a massage, tomorrow we see Josh Groban and hopefully the week will go without a hitch and be at least as productive as today turned out to be.


Jan. 12th, 2007 11:41 am
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Somewhere along the line I started doing a pretty good job of listing to my body. The practice has served me well.

Lots of people tell me I eat too many eggs... except they're what I want and my cholesterol is pretty darn low. So I ignore them. Last weight loss effort a veggie omlete was breakfast almost every morning because that seemed to help me. These days I'm wanting pancakes, but maybe that's the nursing... (and it still includes an egg)


Year's End

Dec. 31st, 2005 05:16 pm
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For the most part I'd just like to delete this year from my memory and pick up at about the 15th of December with how things are now but no need to recall how they got this way. Not to say that the year didn't have occasional good parts, but they were grossly outweighed.

today, )
Here's to 2006, and hoping it is a kind, generous year.

yay friday

Oct. 7th, 2005 08:45 pm
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For the last two days I've been stuck home with a small sick child. Wednesday he woke up from his nap with a gooky eye. Gooky as in, this has to be pink eye. Momma's not happy and he's a miserable wretch. I call the Dr and get him an appointment to get the prescription for drops.

Put two drops in each eye 3x a day for 5 days. The husband's moment of brilliance: "Well at least 5 days isn't long." Moment of silence from me since I'm the one stuck home doing it. I would rather medicate a cat.

This morning the little man doesn't look much worse for wear but he's miserable. And he's still spiking fevers which worries me.

On the upside, all the time confined to the house has given us ample time to use the potty. I know there's no way he's going to be potty trained this year, but the sooner the better so I've been giving him opportunities. He's been taking advantage of them. He's sorta gotten the hang of it and he's rather proud of himself. Of course, it's completely unnecessary to follow me into the bathroom to cheer, but it's sorta cute when he does.

At least the whole Halloween costume upset seems to be resolved. Isaac wanted to be a lion, at least, that's what he indicated when he took the costume catalog from me and began roaring. He's big on big cats right now and I'm cool with that. Fast forward to both the costumes I was looking at being sold out in his size everywhere I looked. He's finds the catalog again and brings it to me, 'roar' says he. *sigh* say I, and go look some more. After scouring eBay I found one similar, the measurements the seller gave are good for the little man and Hey! I won the bid. So hopefully they ship when they said they would and it works out.

::crosses fingers::

Off to the Dr's tomorrow to take care of the bursitis and maybe soon I won't be in pain for the first time since July. That would be nice. And if I get really lucky maybe we'll even get a chance to catch a movie.


Aug. 18th, 2005 04:12 pm
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On our way home from Colorado, amid everything going on, I noticed that Isaac had a bite on his leg. A quick pause to check and it looked like either a small spider bite or a mean mosquito, but there was no sign to indicate that I needed to do anything about it.

Fast forward a week. )
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Mom always said drink more water. *sigh* But giving it up ain't gonna be easy.

Drink More Diet Soda, Gain More Weight

One of the last lines in the article pretty well sums it up:

"People think they can just fool the body. But maybe the body isn't fooled," -- nutrition expert Leslie Bonci
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We are definitely dealing with a virus. Isaac woke up from his nap at 102.2


Not that the Dr can do anything, but back we went and this time they're ruling out strep as a cause as well unless the culture says otherwise. I don't expect it to. I just wish I could get the fevers to come down. Once they hit their high they just hover there and then he gets chilled and he's huddling against me for warmth and I'm sweating because I have this hot little body draped across me.

Verified with the Dr just how much of what I'm allowed to give him and hopefully after his next nap we'll be back to normal. And he's such a good little patient it's sad and cute all at the same time.


Apr. 10th, 2005 10:51 pm
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So, I think we might have given Isaac heat stroke. Or something. That or he caught a virus. We don't know and neither did the ER. Not for certain, at least. What we do know is that he doesn't seem to have pneumonia and his lungs are otherwise clear, so he doesn't have bronchitis. While this offers some measure of reassurance, I will likely be uneasy until we get up tomorrow and he is restored to his normal, happy, energetic self. If I once again have a limp, roasting little rag doll who only wants held, it will be straight to the Dr's for us.


Apr. 5th, 2005 04:59 pm
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Still working on ACUS recap, but a sick, very cranky child has slowed that process down considerably. Him following me around complaining is my payback for leaving him with his father for 5 days. I'll pay it. ;-)

In the midst of this, my mother-in-law calls. trials, travails & details follow )


Jan. 28th, 2005 05:09 pm
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Study: Hydrogen Fuels Yellowstone Microbes

I think this almost guarantees that there is life out there. It might not be anything we can talk to, but I bet some nifty, potentially wicked little microbes are inhabiting places we haven't been to yet.

Back in the mundane world.. )
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Shoveling wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, which was good, but I am now pretty much certain that this toe is broken. The others that were jammed along with it have stopped hurting and this one, if anything, hurts worse. But at least the snow boots aren't terribly flexible and sort of protect it. Other than taping it, I'm not sure that much more can be done for it, and therefore haven't bothered with a Dr. I would imagine that this is going to take a while to heal.

House hunting didn't go as planned. We didn't see the real estate agent at all, but she'd given us a few addresses so after we were dug out and the road looked a little better, we drove around and checked them out. It was educational, if nothing else. I think a fenced in yard, or a yard that can be easily fenced, is more important to me than I originally thought and a good many of the ones we looked at today weren't fenced and since no one else was either it might look a little funny to be the only one who was. That and after all the talking I think we're more on the same page as to what we want. So a productive day regardless. Hopefully the R.A. and I will get out during the week to see a few.
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and all through the house, the parents were still talking with mom at the house.

Last night was a looooong night that ended early this morning. Nothing like listening to your baby try to cough up a lung to make sure you don't sleep much. Baby and I gave up around 6:30 or so and once it was a decent hour my Dad called the couple across the street. Amy gave us her pediatrician's #, she knew where the nearest emergency care place was for children, and if that all failed she gave me her cell # so we could reach them and her husband could call ahead to the ER so we weren't stuck waiting forever. In the meantime she gave me a package of Xopenex too (her middle child and husband have asthma as well). Thanks to Amy I was as prepared as possible without have been prepared leaving Jersey.

Not surprising, the pediatricians are closed, but the emergency care place was as quick as it could be once they finally opened. They took his vitals, gave him a treatment with extra oxygen and told me 'yes, he has bronchitis.' So after a trip to one of the few pharmacies still open, I got what I knew I needed at 6AM around 6PM.

Poor baby. At least I know he responds well to the meds and will be his normal happy little self by bedtime tomorrow.

Other than that the day went pretty well. My brother & his family came by and got some much needed sleep on the couch while we were all watching a movie and since they didn't seem concerned by Isaac playing with Ethan, I told myself not to worry about it either. Bronchitis isn't contagious so long as Ethan doesn't catch the cold that started it all. Since I most certainly have the cold, I didn't have much to do with Ethan, but I think once it's this old it's not catching either.... but I never know for sure. It's one of those things I should probably look up.

One weird note: after telling me not to bring Isaac to Brian's cousin's wedding (long story there) Brian's grandmother calls to tell me that I must. Why she is calling me and not her grandson, I am not sure. That she thinks she can tell me what I can and can't do with my child is another story.

Anyway, the presents are all wrapped, the stockings are stuffed and hanging by the chimney with care in hopes that Isaac won't destroy them there.

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Sick again

Dec. 23rd, 2004 10:25 pm
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The cold I battled before/after St. Lucia has returned full strength, except that this time the baby is sick too. And he's worse. We'll watch him tomorrow and try to determine if he's better or worse but the cough is getting really bad and with his asthma, that's not good. The guy across the street is friends with my parents, a father of three and a Dr, so we're going to pay them a little visit and find out who their pediatrician is and hopefully he'll give me an educated opinion on what I should do. I'm hoping Isaac will just pull through in a day or two and this won't involve dealing with insurance and Dr's and some out-of-state issue. Guess I'll see if he makes it through the night without coughing himself awake every hour.

And it rained. It was gray and icky for most of the day and the people at the cat sanctuary didn't answer their phone or return my call. Which annoys me.

But I finally got to see The Incredibles, which was very entertaining. So I'm really glad I got to see it and it will be joining the collection when it's out on DVD. Next on the list is Finding Neverland. With my parents happy to stay with Isaac, hopefully we can get one more movie in.

So the day wasn't a complete wash and what the hell, it's 70 instead of 7 outside. Can't complain.


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