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I'd remembered wanting to see this when it came out (way, way, back when) and stuck it in the Netflix queue when I came across it. I'm glad I finally got to it. Strictly an adventure film but fun, kinda like MUMMY but without the slap-sticky humor.

And for those who remember the character, Dirk Pitt is a man after Jubilee's own heart. Just keep going, climb over the obstacles, surf them, whatever it takes. Eventually they run out of things to throw at you. :-) But seriously... wind sailing the old plane? Win! Much fun.

Jube would also agree with his 'all the best things have happened in the water' comment.
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For ACUS, Texorami, specifically, I have a witchy, ghost-seeing bounty hunter of mixed white and Native American heritage.

Now I need some one to cast as her and my brain is blank.

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[ profile] princejvstin pointed out a new movie trailer and Priya gets an icon just cause I was having fun playing with screen caps.

Main trailer here:

These guys: have a different set of trailers entirely. I'm partial to #1, pity it's small and grainy.
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Had a wonderful time at the concert last night. Managed to pick Brian up, get there, get parked and get seated without any hiccups, and we had great seats! A half-tier or so above the floor, so we were level with the stage, a good view over the heads of the people on the floor in front of us, and dead center.

As we entered we noticed one very hard to ignore detail: women were at least 3:1 with the guys. At least. And lots of them were my age or older. Brian looks at me, "Are you going to swoon. You know, just so I can be ready to catch you."

I laugh. Seriously. Can any of you see me swooning??

Now, the kicking myself part: I didn't bring my camera. I thought about it. I had it in my hand at one point, but in the end I didn't bring it. I went to one of the ushers and asked what the rules are for cameras now (since they're built into so many phones) and was told that I could bring in a camera so long as it wasn't "professional". So. My lovely Canon with the good zoom would have been okay (without the extra zoom lens). Dang. I promptly tripped turning on the metal stairs and stubbed my toe, which fit, because I was pretty annoyed with myself. Ah well. I'd have had such cool shots. *sigh*

The show was wonderful. Angelique Kidjo, a South African woman and her band opened and I liked them so much I bought the CD on the way out. Pity it doesn't do them, or her, justice. She is a dynamic performer with an amazing, Janis Joplin sort of raw, powerful voice. I think the CD plays it too 'safe'. I suppose to cross over to a wider audience, but I think they really sacrificed. If I see a live CD, I will grab that to see if it's better. She only did one song in English - a cover of the Stones' "Gimme Shelter" (which sounds a whole lot different when it has an African spin on it) but that didn't detract from my enjoying the music. Her percussionist was fantastic. He had a 5' or so space crammed with different drums and at one point his hands were a blur as he swung back and forth jammin'. On a gaming note: Jubilee sat up and took notice and got really loud. That is her sort of music.

I've caught Josh on TV in a few places and he seems like such a nice personable kid guy. On stage, he comes across just as well. A couple of little girls (about 10, a few younger) came up to the edge of the stage and he knelt down to talk to them, sign their programs and accept gifts. One little girl (about 4?) gave him Cheerios. He brought that up a couple of times, nicely joking because, it was funny (why Cheerios?) but he didn't say anything that might have hurt her feelings.

That voice. Wow. It really doesn't matter what language he's singing in, he's amazing. On stage with him were a violinist, Lucia Micarelli and cello player, Colette Alexander. Very talented ladies. During the 'break' they and the band played "Cashmere" by Led Zeppelin. Phenomenal.

Josh dashed back and forth on the stage a few times to dock sort of structures that put him right out in the audience. He sang, shook hands, held hands and made those ladies night! After "Cashmere" we could hear him, but it took a second for us all to follow the lights to the back of the arena. He came through the crowd (singing) shaking hands and while he had bouncer/body guards with him, it was all very personal and they didn't do more than make sure a barricade was out of his way before he got there. A few ladies almost knocked themselves out getting to that row, trying to reach out and touch him (I watched).

He sang a lot of stuff off the new CD, "You Are Loved", "So She Dances", "Machine", and some older songs like "You Raise Me Up" and "Remember When it Rained". There is very little that I hear that I would describe as magnificent, but this is it. This is the kind of music that fires the imagination. Sweeps you up. Carries you along. The kind of stuff you can get lost in.

Saturday in Albany isn't sold out .... and I'm very, very tempted to grab another show while I can.

For AoR folk: Rebma got juiced. Daphney laid claim to "So She Dances" and a Spanish song I don't know, I think it's Gauriel who raised a hand for "You Are Loved (Don't give up)" and a whole slew of scene ideas flooded the brain. Jill & Karen, since I didn't have enough PC's, you've joined the Rebma crew (since you're with Daph at the moment, it seemed natural).

And now I know which NPC probably isn't going to make it. I've waffled back and forth through different scenarios, but suddenly I can see the whole story arc. Now... to see how you guys beat the hell out of that. ;-)
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These days I don't take notes for the Con as much as I used to, but I grabbed a few in Equalizer (all involving Quinlan and Croft.... I suppose because they were sitting across from me) and then came home to find out about a few more:

Chasing spies on a ship before we set sail for Kafsha, two splashes from behind.
Brian, to self and GM: "How deep is this water? Ah, deeper than the keel."
GM, to all: "We're not in dry dock, are we?"

Quinlan, to... Anna? "Kafshans are especially smelly."
GM, to all: "So says the Celtic fisherman."

Quinlan, during team selection process: "Spells are like sharp objects, but with more fire." 

During discussion about Alden (Rinaldo)
Shaely to Quinlan, "You have to wait until he finishes his other conversation."
Quinlan, "Yes."   ...pause....   "Wait. What other conversation?"

Brian, to Croft:  "I'm PC. I run toward gunfire."

Meanwhile, at home: 

"Can you snap my pants? I want breakfast. Can I watch TV? Hey... Wait a minute. Where's mom?" 
---Isaac, to my husband, 6am Friday: 

Isaac, walking to the woods with Daddy Sunday, "It's a beautiful day! This is the life!"

Isaac, handing Daddy the softball bat so he can get giant mushroom: "You hold it."
Daddy:  "I thought you said you'd be serious and hold it?"
Isaac: "I am being serious. You hold it."

"Aw man. This isn't the life!"  --Isaac, after the giant mushroom he was trying to bring home to show me falls apart.
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Slot 1 - The Eternal City
Slot 2 - The Children of Amber in...The Machinations of Duke Icarium!
Slot 3 - Tales of the Regency: The Invasion of Time
Slot 4 - Equalizer III: The Courts of Kashfa
Slot 5 - GM: Riddles in the Attic

Funny enough... as soon as I had my player list, I had a whole slew of ideas for my game and suddenly it's looking much more serious than the kidlet game I originally envisioned. Not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing...

Now, to put the notes together, send a greeting email (most especially since BD already has his character in!) and generate a couple of characters.
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I have flights. I have hotel.

I have games:

Slot 1: "Lean Times in Amber" by Kit
Slot 2: "Agents of the Argent Rose: "City of Czars"" by Arref
Slot 3: off
Slot 4: "Ill Met in Amber" by Kit
Slot 5: "Mercy & Forgiveness" by M. Kucharski ...hehe... the triplets. We were such politically incorrect, morally skewed fun last year
Slot 6: "And So It Begins Again" by M. Kucharski ...might have to kill Momma this year
Slot 7: "Fables: Hide and Seek" by Lorraine Donaldson
Slot 8: "To Live and Die in Texorami: "Last Set"" by Doc Kindred

Hopefully Princess is as good about the Con as her big brother was, but I took a slot off so we'd have extra time to relax and visit.
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Funny thing about gamers/writers... we will occasionally do damn weird/dangerous things when an idea hits us and we're desperate to get it down on *something* before it escapes.

Last night it was a napkin, with an almost dead pen, on the steering wheel, on a highway, at night, in traffic.*

Or maybe this is only me?

(*most of the writing occurred in the parking lot when I arrived at my destination, but I was chanting to keep the idea in focus and furiously scribbling with the pen trying to make it work before that)
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The hubby found this and sent it to me, knowing in advance that I'd like it:

The dumber they think you are, the more surprised they'll be when you kill them!

I have PCs who live by this. :-)

(Edit: apparently this was found on a deveoper forum, presumably written by a guy in IT.)
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Picking up from [ profile] princejvstin

No surprise that Evey scored as "Utilitarianism". Odette would as well, I think.

Utilitarianism )

Even less surprising is where Brieanne scored:

Julian's little darling is... )
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Given the jolt of energy that was And So It Begins Again at ACUS this year, a website has been started and there's been a flurry of activity. Makes me think Odette needs an image... which means she needs a face.

I was thinking Ines Sastre, but Eugenia Silva has a few shots that might work as well. Just have to stay away from sexy shots since that's just sooo not Odette. Of course, if everything she's currently thinking comes together the way she wants, she'll be a whole lot freer to do whatever she pleases by the end of next year's Con.
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I keep seeing this subject line go by: "What has it got in its pocketses, Precious?" and I have to crack up because it reminds me of doing laundry for my son. Yesterday yeilded a fistful of acorns, three rocks, a piece of branch the same size as the largest rock, two pieces of sidewalk chalk (which explains the green chalk on the playroom wall) and one lego.


Aug. 2nd, 2005 09:13 am
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I've had a particular NPC created since the beginning of my game. I don't know their entire story, but I know who they are, why they were where they were and a few other less basic facts, and I've been waiting for the right moment for them to walk out on stage. It took a long while to get here, but suddenly, there it -- the right moment. So out they went, and I don't know how the rest of you feel, but it is a delightful, giggly sort of feeling to finally bring a such an NPC out, turn them loose and discover that they might not be entirely sane. Most especially when that NPC writes with very little effort.

Now that they're out and about, maybe they'll be willing to share their entire story with me, if not, that's okay. I can be surprised along with everyone else.
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After the last few days I've begun to think I should have let Rhiannon's suicide stand.
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I'm sick because my mother in law cares more about some damn stray cat Michael no longer wants (because his girlfriend is allergic) than she does my health or possibly Isaac's, so I have a serious sinus infection and haven't had a decent night's sleep since Saturday. Our realtor screwed up, threw her son into the mix and said he had an offer, created a phony bidding war and cost us legit buyers, so now we're just about at square one on selling the house instead of finished, and I really don't like this whole open post crap. I don't trust people. Too many people use OOC information and with no penalties for doing so, there's nothing to stop them.

Some of that is maybe not entirely fair, )
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So what do you do when a character wants to be more childish and hurtful than you can write for? Wants to throw a tantrum of the sort you haven't thrown since you were 3 and couldn't in a million years imagine yourself doing now? Wants to behave so badly that while you know the tone and 'gist' of the scene, you can't find in yourself the words for?

Continued: )

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We survived the trip home (minus the tray to the stroller that the luggage handlers lost and the very important sippy cup that got left at Grandma's).

Isaac was a trouper. He sat in the seat and just people-watched while I got his carseat in and out and while he didn't take a nap at all, he didn't suffer any meltdowns either (though there were a few tense moments). He likes to interact with the people as they filter down the aisle, the little flirt, and the girl sitting next to us played 'pick up' with him while I wrestled his seat back into its bag. All and all a pretty smooth trip.

At one point there were lots of breaks in the clouds (which were way below us) and all the lights were peeking through. It seemed like we were on water looking down at an underwater city... which made me think of Rebma except I think it's too deep to be seen from above. Beautiful view though.

Anyways, with whatever you have all gotten up to, I hope you have a wonderful New Year's celebration and I'll talk to you in '05.
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Isaac Grandma's
Originally uploaded by egwenna.
Butts Cheerfully kicked. I need that as a logo. eE, you have the cutest icons.

So the baby had another crabby day, but a third canine tooth has broken through so there's only one more to go and then hopefully he'll be consistantly cheerful for a few days. Despite the little grouch we got out and looked at a 2 million dollar house with an outdoor living room and kitchen (in addition to inside counterparts) a 'media room' that was basically a leather clad and comfy theater, multiple bedrooms and these glorious 'closets' since Floridians never have basements. Most of it I could have done without because it was over the top, but the living room/kitchen collection was sweet. With that as inspiration, Mom and Dad are renovating a nook in their pool area into an outdoor kitchen. Work started today and the grill arrives sometime tonight and when I come back in March it'll be done and working. That should be fun and I plan on arriving a few days early to take advantage of it.

I've also gotten boxes and started packing because I have no hope of getting everything into suitcases. Baby made out! And I helped Mom finish her 'Isaac Album', which makes me think of all my pictures that still need to go into albums. A perfect project for a dreary north east winter.

The picture is Isaac after our dip in the hottub. You can almost see where he smacked his head on the pool deck (not sure who felt worse about that - Isaac or mom and I). He's such a funny little guy, even when he's a little bearish. Despite the weather I think we'll both be happy to be home and I don't even have bunches of posts to catch up with. Must be the holidays because most people aren't posting, or they ain't posting much.


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