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FINALLY uploaded pictures today. Sent some to Mom and other assorted folks and realized this shot sorta goes with a similar shot from January last year. Scooter is a whole lot smaller than that python, but Isaac's smile is just as delighted. Cute little bugger when he isn't on your last nerve. :-)
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We went to the zoo yesterday with friends and had a pretty good day. Best trip to the zoo with Isaac -ever-.

Got another shot of these three holding hands (one last year too) and it's neat to see how they've grown, and sweet to see how well they still get along with each other, because the whole holding hands idea is entirely their own. I think Isaac started it this time, reaching for Julia and asking for her hand before calling to Collin.

Today we were going to go to the city... then Isaac wasn't ready to go eat and we were putzing around upstairs and I decided 7:30 am was the perfect time to move his little bookcase/toy bin thingie. I had trouble getting it through the door (empty it's more awkward than heavy) and I reached to get the front further ahead of me and twisted a bit to swing it through the doorway, and pulled the lower lumbar on the left side of my back again. I am not happy. That's going to be a pain that lingers. So much for the city ...

So, instead, I played with photoshop, gathered laundry and did all sorts of little, frequently ignored, domestic things that don't involve me picking up anything heavy.
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Friends came over for dinner tonight, and while it is especially chaotic with a pair of over tired 2-yr-olds (neither napped and Isaac was up at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 this morning) over all it went pretty well.

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Dec. 27th, 2005 10:59 pm
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Got my suitcase back (did I mention that?) which is good because it had my favorite clothes and we really needed every little bit of space we had to get everything home. The bike Mom-Mom decided he had to have, had to stay in FL. I could find no reasonable way to get it home right now. And he can't ride outside right now anyway.

But, after many hours of traveling, the little man is tucked into his own bed (he is such a good little trouper), I am half unpacked and half the mail has been gone through. If I wasn't so wiped, if my head didn't hurt so much and if I was so ill, it would all be good. :-p

I will sleep, my girlfriend sent email begging for a call because she has stories so that will fill tomorrow's activity slot, and it's back to the routine. After all the cookies, that will be a very good thing!
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But the update at the moment is that Paul is at Newark airport and, according to the Airtran website, he's supposed to take-off on-time. Hopefully it'll be a smooth trip.

NY RenFair

Sep. 4th, 2005 01:54 pm
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NY RenFair
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Yesterday Brian and I went to the NY Renaissance Fair with Matt & Nicole (her sister & a friend were there too). It was Isaac's first trip and he enjoyed watching the people in costumes, especially when they came up to talk and play with him, and he liked the music and the maypole dance.
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The dash to the airport got a little crazy, but that was my doing (couldn't find my sunglasses & can't afford to lose them) so I can't complain. Besides, all's well that ends well and I got there with a minute to catch my breath before boarding. M.Croft and [ profile] immlass were on the same flight so I even had a chance to say Hi.

But now I'm home, I've had a chance to play with Isaac, and despite a splitting headache, things are good. My new grill is in, the washer and dryer are connected and ready to rumble, and the guy buying the old house stopped by while Brian was fixing something and when Brian commented that I was going to miss one of my plants (I'd love to know how that came up) he told Brian I could take anything I wanted because he didn't care about plants. So I'm going to be busy taking him up on that offer the next few days! Hopefully the weather will hold because we've already got flooding in places, but it makes the ground nice and soft and easy to dig in.

The only down note is that Isaac is once again sick, so we won't be as social this week as we normally would, which is going to stop me from seeing my girlfriend's new baby until next weekend. This weekend Trace had her's early, weekend before SB had her's early. Good thing I'm staying home the next few months or Jean and Lise might be in trouble.

ACUS recap later and tonight, if I don't crash, I'll start notes for ACD.


Feb. 6th, 2005 03:46 pm
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The museum was good. We were all able to find each other w/o a problem and it wasn't terribly crowded, which is always nice. The collection was good. Not quite everything I expected to see, but that's not a bad thing. There was a very impressive, very large sculpture of an eagle that would make a great planter or something near a door way, but then in the literature I found out it was used to hold human hearts after sacrifice. Okay....

Speaking of sacrifices, I was surprised that no where did they mention that all the sacrifices to the rain god were children. And then Ginger pointed out all the children in the audience... so, I guess maybe the younger crowd might have a small problem reading about that.

Gave Ginger, Michael & Paul a ride downtown, and while I might not be a fastest taxi in town, the price was right. ;-)

They should all be home and hopefully Paul will have a chance to hop on-line after he gets down with the family visiting. For me, I'm at the in-laws waiting for the open house to be over and hoping that went well.


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