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I hadn't 'scouted' my pictures in flickr in a long time. The last time there were the same three and then the other day there were none. I've never quite gotten how 'interestingness' works and why old photos drop out, but... whatever. But then another site wasn't working and I remembered I'd deleted all my cookies to deal with an issue and I went back to Scout. I had no pictures listed because the link between their site and my account got deleted with the cookie, so I put it back in and found I have several.

I still don't know how it works (neither of the photo with the most views is listed) but what the heck, it's fun and I think it's an interesting collection of shots.
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One of my favorite pictures got chosen for the Sierra Club's "Daily Ray of Hope". I was pretty tickled when I got the email from them, and then I get paired with Einstein? Bonus!

The newsletter subscribe page:
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A guy commented on my shot and linked this site. I like the 'view on black' look.

me on
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up close and personal
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Found this on Flickr, a few made me laugh, a couple made me groan, and I figured I'd share. :-)

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.
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FINALLY uploaded pictures today. Sent some to Mom and other assorted folks and realized this shot sorta goes with a similar shot from January last year. Scooter is a whole lot smaller than that python, but Isaac's smile is just as delighted. Cute little bugger when he isn't on your last nerve. :-)
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My little man is popular.

And sometimes, I'm still amused. :-)
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The last moment of flickr madness. For a while, at least. ;-)

As previously noted, I was introduced to the concept of "Interestingness" on Saturday, it provided several days worth of lovely distraction, but of course, I didn't think to record any of it until today (screen captures are very popular and there is a tool linked to the Scout page to make these little posters).

1. P1010031 held onto the #2 spot for a while.
2. P6181014 was recorded at a high of #15 for June 18th.
3. P6170960 hit a high of #4 on June 17th.

All three have since fallen off the chart, but it was fun while it lasted. Now I'm curious as to how it all works.

The middle shot was recorded at #15 ... I saw it (albeit very briefly) at #10 and the guy who runs Scout and the Interestingness Pool saw it at #14. The first shot held the #2 place for days. The third shot dropped dramatically once I put it in the Interestingness Pool. I poked through the discussions/forums, I know the logic was changed in February and some people take all this waaay too seriously, but I didn't see where the actual math and figuring got outlined (theories abound). Since I was already talking to the guy who runs the Explorer Scout, I asked him, with the realization that maybe it's an 'inside' secret so people don't try to rig things. People get weird like that sometimes. We'll see what he says.
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Flickr continues to be interesting/distracting and I'm amused, tickled and sorta shaking my head at myself cause... just because. In some regards, it's sorta silly on my part, butI'm having fun and I haven't felt this goofy about something in a long, loooong time.

Saturday I hit the "Most Interestingness" (someone pointed the calendar out to me, or I would have remained oblivious) and today... I got blogged:

Oh! And Sunday my FiL came over and brought dinner (my MiL is in CA) and his favorite is Chinese, so Chinese it was. Fortune cookies and all. Mine:

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Brought me back to the conversation Djinn and I were having on the previous flickr related post.


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