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It's super soaked outside, so going to the playground was out this morning. I could have brought a change of clothes and dried off the swings and the end of the slide where the water puddles, but I can't dry the whole thing and I was afraid Princess would slip on something. But we bought her a new bathing suit and the little man needed some new jeans. I'm going to have to make the old ones vanish because he refuses to let them go. They fit in the waist and leg, and I guess they've got that comfy broken in feeling, but they just aren't long enough. The bonus: today was a sale and I had a coupon, too and saved $60, so Yay.

I keep wanting to get to the gym early enough to finish weights so I can take the stretch class, but I never manage it. With going to the store I didn't make it again this week, but today while I was working out, one of the trainers approached me. Apparently he is concerned by what I was doing and worried I'm going to hurt my back -not because I'm doing it wrong, but because the nature of the exercise can be damaging. This guy is 50 and wins awards for bodybuilding (they get displayed at the gym) and he says that, after 35 years of bodybuilding, it's the one thing he really wishes he'd done differently. Figured I should pay attention since the last thing I need is to wreck my back. So he gave me pointers for how to modify it and I worked on that for the next set. Had to drop the weight a bit to do it the way he suggested, but since I was lifting 80lbs dropping a little is okay. It's one of the good things about working out closer to mid day; the trainers usually don't have clients and are on the floor doing their own thing. ...gotta make a note on my sheet that take with me so I don't forget for next time.

Now we're just puttering around the house and I'm trying to get the kids to entertain themselves in a fashion that doesn't involve fighting with each other. Since Elly didn't take her nap and I'm trying to avoid turning on the tv, this is challenging. I might toss them both out in the yard and tell them to go duck hunting (they get water guns and are in charge of keeping the ducks out of the pool area).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

I like the new stripey dragons, pity they don't come in black as well, and my red egg is going to have to be given up to make room for another black. I keep trying for a black alt and coming up empty and now I have no room to try again.

[edit: the blacks were all a bust, so I tried for a gold (win!), my other gold hatched, so I tried for an alt vine...
It's been adopted, but I'm leaving the red egg so I can see if he gets taken care of.] Adopt one today!

[additional edit: In addition to the red, neither of the blacks was an alt, so I decided to let one go, and then trying to get an alt green gave me another spring seasonal... with summer dragons coming soon, I let it go too. They've all been adopted, but I want to watch them hatch safely. For all that they're pixels, it's a little sad when they die.]
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Mostly just a boring recap since I am drained... I got Elly down for her nap, shuffled down the hall, put the heating pad under my feet and hid in bed for almost 3 hrs. Sleeping some of it. Strangely, I feel the soda -the first I've had in almost 2 yrs- is largely to blame. We had friends over and they brought soda and we had pizza and I figured... why not? My stomach is not happy. :-p

Last week was full of socializing though, with Mardi Gras on Tuesday (I must say, the hats were pretty darn cute) with jambalaya and cupcakes, mexican on Wednesday with too many chips, Panera on Thursday and Saturday (the bread!!!) and chinese food each Sunday with the inlaws. So, in truth, my waistline and stomach have a few things to be unhappy about. Gotta get into a Lent mindset and a little detoxing starting tomorrow.

not even the workouts could save me )
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I've been reading The New Rules of Lifting for Women and adopted their workout scheme for the days I lift weights. I modified today because I don't have an 'Olympic bar' at home (7', 45 lbs) or a way to do lat pull downs and there was just no easy way to make it to the gym. But hopefully, next week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be weights with yoga on the 'off' days.

workout details )

One of the things I like about the book is how down to earth the author is. He's been writing a while and admits to having written things we now know to be false. But it's the whole point of doing better when you know better. He debunks a lot of the jargon that women's fitness magazines use (the notion of 'long' muscles and whatnot) and really goes into the physiology of how things work, why things happen and how it all ties together. Like the so called 'Dowagers Hump' that so many elderly women have. It starts in the quads and has a lot to do with how strong those muscles are in women compared to any other muscle group in our bodies. Add in frail bones and you've got deformity and an inability to bend forward without risking that the simple action of standing back up will fracture your spine.

The fact that he gleefully knocks men for behaving like Neanderthals in the gym is also amusing. I have seen some of these men. I've left areas of the gym because laughing because they're being so completely preposterous. At the same time, he makes an acute observation about many women (and I know a lot of these, too):

A woman who's willing to work like a gally slave in Spinning class, twist herself into Gordian knots in the yoga studio, and build enough core strength with Pilates to prop up a skyscraper will walk into the weight room, pick up the pastel-colored Barbie weights, and do the exact opposite of what will give her the results she wants.

And they really are Barbie colored. There are BINS of them in the group fitness room, which has a predominately female clientele. I have one at home, but it's for the kids to use.

So, it was a good read and now I'm into the routines. Having them map it all out and explain -why- they've grouped them in the fashion they have makes a lot of the workouts I did with trainers in the past make more sense. Good stuff.
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At yoga today one of the women I've been in class with all week joked, "so what time is our date tomorrow?" I replied that tomorrow I do weights. She shuddered and I teased her and she said "You'd have to teach me." And well, I can do that. So for tomorrow I have a workout buddy, which makes me happy. And tomorrow is my first day with a new workout. It's all planned out, my log sheet is ready, just gotta fill in the weights I end up using.
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This week was harder than last week. It took a few days for it to catch up with me, but by Tuesday I was really feeling the affects. I think the running is the hardest on the hips, so I'm keeping it at just one day a week, but I'm keeping it because I used to love to run. I did cross country and even later I'd hit the trails and run through the mountains. I'm hoping we can take the kids hiking more this summer and I want to make sure I'm not the slowest even if a real trail run is beyond me.

On the plus side, I've managed to keep the pain to a livable minimum and it's been good incentive to return to the physical therapy routine I had been religiously following for a while. If I can keep building on the minimum, it'll help, it's just making the time to dedicate to it.

the week's worth of workouts )
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I keep saying I’m going to make an effort to –finally- lose the weight I gained with Elly and get back into shape and then I get distracted and another few months go by and I’ve gotten No.Where. It’d be frustrating if I was actually making an effort, but since I haven’t all I can do is sigh and be annoyed with myself.

So. On to the effort and the faux-accountability that comes from putting it down in the journal where others might see it and comment and even bust my chops for slacking off and vanishing again.

Once upon a time I had this behind a filter…. Might do that again…
the workouts and the weigh-in )

I was worried about how I'd feel after all of it, especially the session on the treadmill, but other than the hips being their normally achey selves and some twinges in the shins, I did okay. One of the guys who worked on my hips says I walk wrong (who knew!) and that's why I get shin splints so I've been trying over the last few weeks to pay attention to how I walk, which is very awkward because, honestly, how much do you pay attention to how you walk? But I tried and I think I did okay while I was on the treadmill. Hopefully I can keep up the pace again this week and maybe the week after, if everything's still okay, I'll take it up another notch.
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We've survived Day 2 of Isaac's Spring Break.

Our outing yesterday was a trip to the farm to have a donut (they have a bakery), run in circles and feed the animals. Isaac didn't believe me when I refused to buy carrots (to feed the tops to the bunnies) because bunnies will eat dandelions and those are free. But the bunnies goggled them up and he had fun hunting for more. We also went to the gym so I could work out and take a 'new' (to me) class that has left me a little achey. Funny thing about the class... some of the 'poses' they were using were virtually identical to yoga and I could tell no one else in that class takes yoga. We were in Pigeon -but using a physio ball to stretch the chest and then to do modified lunges, and he chiding everyone to lean toward the floor... 'try to put your chest on the floor'... so I laid down. Literally. Propped my head on my chin so I could still see him but I was otherwise flat with one arm lifting up in a sort of twist to move the ball. The instructor did a bit of a double take. Given where everyone else was, I guess he didn't think actually getting to the floor was possible. All in all a good class, but damn... skinny bunch of women. I don't think I've ever been anywhere where I'm the only person in the room with a little extra body fat.

Today we went to the zoo and park with friends. Isaac was typical in that he doesn't stay with the group and simply doesn't know how to interact nicely. It's very frustrating. I'm not sure he even gets anything good out of anything, which is a shame. Elly liked the animals, and I had older kids to hollar when Isaac was up to no good and the oldest boy ran to get him and herd him back a couple of times. Isaac needs to learn to listen to the older kids -- they are trying to save him (mostly from himself, but also so he doesn't get in trouble). The loudest shout was when Isaac climbed up on the fence to where the buffalo and elk live... given his usual lack of coordination, he was a breath away from a 10' fall into the mud with the animals. All because Elly and I looked away to look at the eagles....

Tomorrow we're back at the same zoo and park, but with a friend of his from school. I'm hoping the smaller group will help him keep it together and we'll go through the zoo part faster to get to the playground. ::crosses fingers::

At least our evenings have been good. He's gotten pretty good at getting the flowers out of their packs, breaking up the root ball a bit and helping me get the annuals planted. Tomorrow we do the pansies and we're done with those until after Mother's Day.
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“Many people just sit down and accept the inevitable, and if you accept the inevitable you will get it,” he says.
I've always believed that a great deal of aging is in our heads. I've watched the differences between my various grandparents, other people's grandparents, and even people my own age. So much is what we expect. I decided to go the Oil of Olay route a long time ago and fight it every step of the way.

1st Signs of Dementia May Be Physical
Mental Declines Come Later, Study Suggests
Older people in the earlier study who reported exercising three times a week or more developed Alzheimer's a third less often during the six-year-old study than people who exercised less.
Granted, it's not going to be that simple.
He also points out that older people who exercise regularly may have other habits that could help reduce their Alzheimer's risk.

“They are probably more disciplined,” he says. “They may eat a better diet or be more socially engaged. They may be doing any number of things that seem to be positive.”
They've found hormones that are linked to Alzheimer's (and have theories as to why women suffer less often than men), and I think (hope, pray) that one day we'll have a way to fight this. In the meantime, all we can do is the best we can do.

Me, I'll be at the gym.

Real Age

Oct. 13th, 2005 11:39 am
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Along the theme of taking care of myself...


As of today my 'real age' is 34.3 (-1.4 from my calendar age)

Next week I'll sit down with the food journal and the full results from my physical and see what changes, but for now I have their plan to improve my health and we'll see how that goes the rest of this month. Not that I plan on tackling all of them right now, but one or two a week I can manage.
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As per usual, Isaac and I headed to the gym this morning. ydda yadda yadda )
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Made it to spin today, amazing enough, though I'm a little surprised I made it through the whole class. I will probably pay for it tomorrow since the legs and rear already ache, but it was talking to LJ after class that was most interesting. I can do this? )
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Mom always said drink more water. *sigh* But giving it up ain't gonna be easy.

Drink More Diet Soda, Gain More Weight

One of the last lines in the article pretty well sums it up:

"People think they can just fool the body. But maybe the body isn't fooled," -- nutrition expert Leslie Bonci
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Ok... so I'm all cranky and out of sorts again today. It's a trend. I keep trying to make my way up and end up right back here. At least I managed to keep a good grip on the little lemming today and despite numerous tantrums, brief though they may be, I kept him from dashing his brains out too. Why do they all fling their heads straight toward the hardest thing within reach? It's amazing we survive, with an IQ intact no less.

But the day managed to be productive besides that. I have another box of craft stuff, crayons and whatnot to go to Botswana all bundled up and addressed. Coincidently, I got a thank-you from Harmony (for the first box) with a picture of the kids who are 'graduating' up to the 1st grade. So that's a neat little highlight. In the same wad of mail there was a catalog of adventure travel which includes safari through part of Botswana. How cool would that be? But that's not happening any time soon.

And I stepped on the scale to discover that I'd lost over a lb last week despite the chocolate & caramel covered apple at playgroup. So that was highlight #2 and I've been good again today, so I haven't screwed it up. But at the same time I've come to the conclusion that it's why I'm so crabby. The blood sugar is low and that's always rough on the mood. Oh well. 11 weeks and 14 lbs to go.

This weekend is going to consist of more gray, cold crappy weather... which is likely another culprit for this funk... Monday is supposed to climb to 50 (with sun!) but between now and then it's the treadmill a the gym if I want to walk. :-p Which does nothing for Isaac. Which might account for why he's so crabby. Hmm...

I need a POA.

....meanders away to investigate options.


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