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Somehow, I went through an entire holiday without taking a single picture.

The husband even made note of that and asked if I would get the kids back into their costumes to take pictures today, so I guess I will go ahead and do that.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!!
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Hope everyone is having a spooktacular day! Ours has been dreary and rainy, but we did manage to get out. I think the kids have had almost as much fun answering the door and seeing everyone else as they did ringing the bells.

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The Harvest eggs are shiny! After a few fails and dodges, I made a zombie, now I just need a vampire.
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I have two gold eggs. One is free to a good home.

Adopt one today! -- got traded for a paper egg who is now Petey Mache Adopt one today! and Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! was traded to a lovely gent for Adopt one today!. I picked up another geode on the abandon page. I hit refresh before I took it, to see if it vanished, and then had to check to make sure I hadn't interupted a trade, but it was someone who'd bred a pair and got two.  Maybe now I'll try for dinos and a chicken...
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Just one alt left to go, except someone mentioned a pink alt I have not seen and then there's the description that the ocherdrakes's come in variations/mutations, but I haven't seen anything different for them either. Might be just a tease.
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It has rained pretty much every other day, making July almost as soggy and cold as June. I'm supposed to go to the beach tomorrow, it rained half the day today ....what are the odds I get rained out? :-p

-- Rained out, but weekend is beautiful!
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Happy Solstice!

For us the sun has finally come out. The weather man was saying more rain, but maybe they didn't want to give anyone false home. Rain is in the forecast 60-80% all the way through Thursday.  It's been so dreary that yesterday I heard a gasp from the back seat and Elly declared, "Mommy, Blue Sky!" It'd been so long since she'd seen it apparently she was surprised by it.

You know it's bad when even the 2yr old is commenting on the weather!

And for those who collect them, the summer dragons arrived on time:

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It's super soaked outside, so going to the playground was out this morning. I could have brought a change of clothes and dried off the swings and the end of the slide where the water puddles, but I can't dry the whole thing and I was afraid Princess would slip on something. But we bought her a new bathing suit and the little man needed some new jeans. I'm going to have to make the old ones vanish because he refuses to let them go. They fit in the waist and leg, and I guess they've got that comfy broken in feeling, but they just aren't long enough. The bonus: today was a sale and I had a coupon, too and saved $60, so Yay.

I keep wanting to get to the gym early enough to finish weights so I can take the stretch class, but I never manage it. With going to the store I didn't make it again this week, but today while I was working out, one of the trainers approached me. Apparently he is concerned by what I was doing and worried I'm going to hurt my back -not because I'm doing it wrong, but because the nature of the exercise can be damaging. This guy is 50 and wins awards for bodybuilding (they get displayed at the gym) and he says that, after 35 years of bodybuilding, it's the one thing he really wishes he'd done differently. Figured I should pay attention since the last thing I need is to wreck my back. So he gave me pointers for how to modify it and I worked on that for the next set. Had to drop the weight a bit to do it the way he suggested, but since I was lifting 80lbs dropping a little is okay. It's one of the good things about working out closer to mid day; the trainers usually don't have clients and are on the floor doing their own thing. ...gotta make a note on my sheet that take with me so I don't forget for next time.

Now we're just puttering around the house and I'm trying to get the kids to entertain themselves in a fashion that doesn't involve fighting with each other. Since Elly didn't take her nap and I'm trying to avoid turning on the tv, this is challenging. I might toss them both out in the yard and tell them to go duck hunting (they get water guns and are in charge of keeping the ducks out of the pool area).

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I like the new stripey dragons, pity they don't come in black as well, and my red egg is going to have to be given up to make room for another black. I keep trying for a black alt and coming up empty and now I have no room to try again.

[edit: the blacks were all a bust, so I tried for a gold (win!), my other gold hatched, so I tried for an alt vine...
It's been adopted, but I'm leaving the red egg so I can see if he gets taken care of.] Adopt one today!

[additional edit: In addition to the red, neither of the blacks was an alt, so I decided to let one go, and then trying to get an alt green gave me another spring seasonal... with summer dragons coming soon, I let it go too. They've all been adopted, but I want to watch them hatch safely. For all that they're pixels, it's a little sad when they die.]
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New eggs

Feb. 11th, 2009 06:37 pm
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I wonder what the logic was for giving this the same discription as the sky eggs, and does anyone know what it is? President's Day egg? Cause it isn't exactly colored for Valentine's Day, and it isn't a traditional seasonal.

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The trashcan that smelled as if something had crawled in and died is washed. The dahlia and canna are dug up and stored. The fig has been brought in for winter storage, too. The house is vaccumed, my dragons are hatching and my words are written.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,801 / 50,000

Good night.

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Princess and I hit the polls before her music class and I held her hands while I made my selection because she couldn't wait to hit the bright orange button that said "Cast Vote". She was very happy when it was time to give that a slap.

I'd been afraid the line would be bad and I wasn't going to wait, but there was an open booth waiting for us, we signed, selected and we were done. Apparently I'd missed the rush by half an hour or so, which is fine by me.

Isaac went with Brian this morning and I think he found it very anti-climatic. All this, and that's it? He seemed confused. But when he comes home asking (he was already asking who was winning before he got on the bus) I can assure him I went and it was either John McCain or Barack Obama, just like him. :-)

And at the library, we were taking to the librarian who runs the children's programs and we were looking 'duck runs for president' or some such and she was disappointed by the books out there for kids about elections. Apparently that's something that needs written.

Totally unrelated, some of my dragon eggs are getting ready to hatch and others are just sitting there doing nothing. I still don't quite get this, but they are somewhat addictive.

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Ok. I've been to this site twice now (from [ profile] adpazand [ profile] agameofthree) and ... now I have an egg. Pity I'm not sure what the heck to do with him, but it seemed wrong just leave him sitting there all by himself to waste away.

Adopt one today!

The grass and small flowers makes me think Brieanne has had something to do with this. :-)

And because one was not enough...

Adopt one today!

This one has her own patch of grass and flowers, so maybe they're sisters. Both abandoned, so I had to rescue them. But I guess these are 'bred' eggs because they have parents listed, so I know they aren't siblings.

And now.... to see what the differences are when it's not one that's abandoned but a 'cave egg'. I need to find a dictionary of all the terms they use (like, what the hell is 'fog'?)

Adopt one today! and because I could: Adopt one today!

Now I'm 'full' and can't take another egg. Hopefully I don't kill them....


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