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The babysitter
Friends got a new puppy and we puppysat for a few hours Sunday. Dexter made little Oreo more than a bit nervous, but since she's smaller than his head, that's understandable. But she warmed up and by the end was chewing his ball and bouncing around like a little cheerleader yipping while he played ball.

Dexter 'rings' his bowl when he's hungry (a trick I taught him in case the kids forego feeding him) and when I tossed the kibble in she got excited. Like a gracious host he stepped aside and let her go first. She was having trouble getting into his bowl and reaching the food and he actually reached in, took some out, and dropped it on the floor in front of her, than took his own bite and stepped away to eat it. He didn't settle in to eat until she'd walked away. I've never seen a dog do that before, but then, I don't normally have both adults and puppies. Still seemed pretty darn sweet.

And Dexter would really prefer I not hide behind the camera. He makes nice faces when I hold it lower, and funny, unsure faces when he can't see my face for the black thing aiming at him.
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First Time Effort
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Isaac had his birthday party Saturday... it looked like it was going to be awful and rainy, so I booked an animal show and had a ball python, iguana, tarantula and other critters brought to the house, and then it was gorgeous so we all went swimming too. He gathered donations for the animal shelter dogs instead of presents, so we dropped those off at the shelter this morning but to my horror I'd left my camera sitting at home and my cell phone (which has a good camera) was dead. Thankfully, mom had her blackberry, but it just wasn't the same, and Isaac had wanted to pose with Dexter and our foster, but he was so distracted by them, he was never looking at the camera and smiling.

Not our finest photo moment, but has been a great weekend.

Dexter and I did our very first 'real' obstacle course at the town dog show and took 4th place. He didn't fall off the bridge (or jump into the pool) and we didn't knock anything over, so I was happy. Next year I bring the flexi lead and hopfully he'll follow directions instead of needing to follow a tennis ball, but he didn't try to take off in odd directions. And he was at least as well behaved as any other dog there, and he has better tricks, so next year we'll enter more categories!¤t=video-2011-09-11-16-32-20.mp4

Water Dog

Jul. 16th, 2011 08:49 pm
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Water Dog
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Water isn't as clear as I want it (stupid rain) but we had a good day and Dexter has gone from a dog afraid to get his feet wet, to diving and retrieving toys from as deep as the 4th (and last) step. I expect, by next week, he may well be taking them off the bottom in the shallow end. Not sure just how deep a dog can go, or how long he can hold his breath, but he's lots of fun to play with. We've put the baby fence back up ... just in case, since he will often play by himself and I've seen him drop his ball in the pool for himself and dive in after it without any of us there to prompt him.
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Out of boredom and a need to do *something* I set up an agility course in the house. Just to see if I could get Dexter to run through it.

It started with a little cloth toddler tunnel he can't actually stand up in.
Then I grabbed two tiny plastic kiddie chairs and a mop and made a jump.
I added a second section of tube, and a second higher jump with kitchen chairs, a broom, and a quilt to make it solid.
Then I covered the exit of the tunnel with a towel.
Then I uncovered the second 'high' jump.

It took me about half an hour to teach him to go over (not under) the naked high jump, do the second jump, and go through the tunnel blind. By the end I could toss the treat to the far end and he'd run our mini-course solo to go get it.

How long does it normally take to teach dogs these things? I lack all experience in this matter and have nothing to compare to. I just thought it might be fun.

And somehow I expected the kids to be able to do the little jump too.. but they cannot. At least they had fun with the tunnel and tossing the treats back and forth watching him go. Now I've got to find our hoola hoop so we can add that. I also think I need to space the jumps wider, when the higher jump was last his jump looked really ...steep? and sort of awkward.


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