Jan. 21st, 2008 07:38 pm
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My office feels like a refrigerator and it's days like this that make me HATE winter. These frigid windy days when my ears and cheeks get painfully cold just getting to and from the car when we go places. When I feel bad taking the baby out because she whimpers and tries to bury her face or brush the wind off her cheeks.

And we got a whole nother week of this. :-p

But we survived the weekend. Isaac bounced enough that we made it to the Disney on Ice show (Finding Nemo). First, Izod now has the lease for the arena...... Why? For all the cost, I can't imagine it's worth the money. Seriously. Secondly.... we had to wonder where the hell everyone else was. There was no line pulling in. We drove up, paid for parking, drove to the lot entrance, let some people cross, parked and walked in. Just like that we were in and looking for our seats, even with only two people at the door taking tickets. The whole top of the arena was empty and blocked off, and only half (if half) of the lower seats were sold. We were the second row, sitting on folding chairs with only one row between us and the ice. Dora waved to Isaac and he got to slap a turtle high-five. Elly loved the scenes with the military and african themed music because she's big on drums. She also liked the opening with the black lights and the glowing fish.

A girlfriend went to the evening show and said it was almost empty. So I guess the trend of us collectively pulling back and spending less hits the Disney shows hard. We bought our tickets way back when we first saw them advertised, because in the past they've sold out, or at least all the decent seats are gone. Not this time.

By Sunday everyone was healthy but me. I've picked up another eye-infection somewhere (the gym, the pool, so many possibles). Brian's eye Dr was able to squeeze me in and apparently I've got a couple of things going on in there, so we can't be sure of the cause and I get a whole collection of drops and go back Wednesday because if it's not responding quickly, I get another set. Other than wanting to claw my eye out because it itches, I didn't get annoyed until the pharmacy lied to the Dr's office. My local place that I'd gone to for years closed and transferred the scripts to a chain store. This place said they had everything and it'd be ready in 40 minutes and then when I got there said two of the things wouldn't be in until tomorrow. Next time, I go somewhere else and if they don't have it tomorrow morning, they will be making calls to locate the drugs, because that's just not acceptable.

The rest of our 'entertainment' was watching the world markets convulse and crash. Brian walks by with updates or sends me emails (he's a real ray of sunshine, that husband of mine).

"Japan is smoked." he announces in one pass.

"Australia is off to a bad day..."

And so it goes with lots of speculation as he tries to decide how to play it tomorrow. Is tomorrow The Crash? Is there going to be a bounce? Will it topple 500 points like it did in 1987? And then it occurred to me, 'hey, didn't they do something to stop a free-fall?' I fumble for the words, dredging up old information, but he was with me and I didn't need to finish the sentence.

"They took the circuit breakers off this year."

Perfect timing.

One guy who does a video blog in real time while he trades had a really bad day. It was all in futures (the US stock market wasn't open) but he lost 30k. He was freaking out. I couldn't understand why he didn't pull out. He'd realize the loss, but at least it wouldn't be worse. I guess, once it's that bad and you've lost everything and the markets are still falling, and you've gotten emotional... He was cursing the market, cursing himself, cussed out people who'd gone short and congratulated them for taking his f'in money and finally turned off the camera. Looking at the time stamp, Brian pointed out that from when the guy cut the video off, the market had fallen another couple hundred points. It's a little surreal, having a face to put to the crash, because what this guy went through today, is what a whole lot of people are going to face tomorrow.


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