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Today has been a very long day that did not go as planned.

Keith and I left the hotel about 11:30am to take me to the airport. It is now almost 12:30am and I just got home. My 12:58 flight became an 8:50 flight. We landed just after 10:00 making it impossible to catch the 10:15 shuttle, so I had to wait for the 11:15 shuttle.

Now. To grab a few hours sleep, get up, repack and get on a flight for FL in the morning.

Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly and I can begin catching up on my sleep. Hopefully.

At the very least, the group I was with mostly kept its sense of humor. We had one woman join us late in the day from another flight who whined about her hour wait and found herself the target of our collective humor, but she took the chop busting pretty well when she found out how long we'd all been there. I feel for the dude who had to catch a shuttle to the train station and try to get south to Treton, and then Camden and home. He's still traveling. And I met a very nice gentleman at the shuttle shelter and we chatted during the wait and the whole way home. Very rare the conversation I get to end with Namaste.

In summary, I did not get to see my children. We had to cancel the consultation with the eye Dr for Isaac. Tomorrow is going to be rushed. But I had a really good visit with everyone. I had fun with my games. I think everyone had fun with my game. I had good people to suffer with.

So a painfully long day but all is well that ends well. I will try to catch up with everyone over the week as I grab computer time in FL.

Good night!
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T'was a very nice weekend with lots of good company and fun gaming. I'm still more than a little steamed about the speeding ticket, but that was the only blemish on the weekend.

For [profile] princejvstin ’s The Fiona Affair I can happily say I sucked us all into the plot. Granted it was totally without intention, but off we went. Who knew someone would booby-trap a trashy romance novel? I jovially informed dear Captain Babarosa that he was about to be boarded (by two people floating in the sea after he so kindly let down a ladder to us) and got to battle a creature of the Deep, a la Cathulu with [personal profile] dirkcjelli ’s ‘monk’ making certain that a) the Pearl could get to where we needed her to go (because I was useless for that task) and b) that what brains the creature and the caller had were sufficiently scrambled so that the crazy pirate chick swinging out over the rails with the guns could actually take shots. I thought it went splendidly and the unassuming Puritan town was successfully pillaged. Sadly, Indiana Jones was not allowed to return with us, but I am left with the still gleeful image of valkyries with Gatling guns and may yet take pencil to paper to attempt that.

In later discussion we concluded that the two people most likely to fall prey to the Commonwealth were at opposite ends of the stat spectrum and together. *That* would have been interesting.

In Night of the Lonesome October I played a time hopping gypsy hell-bent on Closing but half-way passing herself off as an Opener. I didn’t play that quite as well as I could have; not dark enough when talking to the Egyptologist I was certain was an Opener, though I did cop to wanting sunshine and flowers when the superhero started asking question. Figured it was best not to trifle with the man of steel… He was quite the gentleman, offering to walk me home, but the others were still trying hard to figure out where the duce I lived.

But the intrigue is often tough, no one wants to give anything away because it can be very hard to recover if you misstep.

Saturday night was Riddles which went pretty darn well though I feel a bit bad about running an hour over. 1AM is not my friend, but there was troll stomping and kitty stealing, Trumpy picture books for children, a horse that spans dimensions (as well as a clock and a shiny red jewel), a nekkid lady in a lake who promised the perfect kiss, and another daughter that hasn’t grown up.

I wish I’d given more thought to Moire’s exact back story (as well as Llewella’s) before play, because I realized at the last minute that several things I’d bullet stated for myself conflicted and it made them tough to play. Still, I’d only given the whole ‘free Moire’ thing a 50-50 shot, I’m not disappointed that she’s still in the lake, and I think I can logically use some of their inconsistencies.

I have many thoughts for next year (some of them coherent) and I mostly need to decide on the mechanics of ‘how’. Do I introduce a character who’s been mentioned, but not been on-screen (and curiously, no one has asked about or seemed to connected the dots with) or do I make do with the cast I have..? I suppose I will tweak things when I see who’s coming to play.

Quote I might never forget: “You’re a girl! Show. Him.Your. TITS!”
([personal profile] follybard ’s Felice to [personal profile] tryslora ’s Véronique who was barely able to haul her American cousin away from the naked lady).

The Con rounded out with [personal profile] kadath ’s In the Service of the King for which I was generously given the perfect character -an assassin for the king who started out as a street urchin who failed to pick Random’s pocket but was allowed to live. Since she hadn’t specified a gender and the name that popped into my head is ambiguous when spoken (Riki/Ricky) I decided I didn’t need to make up my mind. It was a good thinking game since we didn’t have powers to take short-cuts with and in the end the one with the worst psyche was stepping in to take the attack because Random had realized I sucked at this psyche stuff and given me a ring to make me psychically neutral, much to the witch's consternation. Several of us promptly went stabby-stabby and with the witch in a roll of carpet for delivery to the king we merry band marched off triumphantly.

Good games, all around and I'm looking forward to next year.
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Feeling Silly
Originally uploaded by egwenna.

To go along with the write up yesterday I am slooooowly going through photos (I actually took a few this year!!).

Stormy and I were watching someone.... Possibly Lucky Jack with Random at the All Night Ruckus, and he invited Dave to "come join the little monkeys", prompting this as he squealed, "I can't watch!" It was quite funny and we had to do it again after folks scrambled for cameras.

[Edit: my ACUS pictures (the ones worth keeping at least) are finally uploaded to flickr and are part of the flickr Ambercon group, as well.]
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And feeling fairly victorious. :-)

The travel part was EASY this year. Which is good because if I'd have had to go through all the mess of last year again I'd have been seriously put out, though not screaming because at least this year I was towing an infant along as well. But, now worries, it was EASY. And I read a WHOLE BOOK on the plane. You will be hearing about this later. It's called
Skinny Bitch. I could do without the name calling and profanity (guess they needed that in order to use the title?) but the information is well documented. I've been doing a lot of reading on nutrition and this matches a lot of what I've read, going a little further in some segments and skipping a bit of what I know in others but pretty damn comprehensive. I got off the plane and confessed to Keith that I was about to be very fussy about what I eat because I was completely skeeved. It's been weeks since I had a soda. As they say, Soda is Satan! Or it might have been sugar.. but both are pretty evil and I think the point has been driven home. .....

None of which has anything to do with ACUS.

So. "The off-the-top-of-my-head-but-OMG-I'm-tired recap"

WARNING: possibly confusing, a view into how twisted I am, and cut to spare you flist )
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For ACUS, Texorami, specifically, I have a witchy, ghost-seeing bounty hunter of mixed white and Native American heritage.

Now I need some one to cast as her and my brain is blank.


Got Game?

Feb. 14th, 2008 01:56 pm
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WhooHoo! Game lists are out for ACUS:

Slot 1: "Agents of the Argent Rose: City of Swords" by [ profile] arrefmak
Slot 2: "Once Upon a Time in the West - Dead Man's Hand" by [ profile] tymen
Slot 3: "In the Shadows of Greatness" by [ profile] ambersknave and Mrs
Slot 4: "Ill Met in Amber" by [ profile] kit_kindred
Slot 5: "Mercy & Forgiveness" (M.K.)
Slot 6: "And So It Begins Again" (M.K.-- still trying very hard not to die in this one)
Slot 7: GMing "Riddles in the Attic" (need to get off tush and email players)
Slot 8: "To Live and Die in Texorami: Kings High" by [ profile] kit_kindred
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These days I don't take notes for the Con as much as I used to, but I grabbed a few in Equalizer (all involving Quinlan and Croft.... I suppose because they were sitting across from me) and then came home to find out about a few more:

Chasing spies on a ship before we set sail for Kafsha, two splashes from behind.
Brian, to self and GM: "How deep is this water? Ah, deeper than the keel."
GM, to all: "We're not in dry dock, are we?"

Quinlan, to... Anna? "Kafshans are especially smelly."
GM, to all: "So says the Celtic fisherman."

Quinlan, during team selection process: "Spells are like sharp objects, but with more fire." 

During discussion about Alden (Rinaldo)
Shaely to Quinlan, "You have to wait until he finishes his other conversation."
Quinlan, "Yes."   ...pause....   "Wait. What other conversation?"

Brian, to Croft:  "I'm PC. I run toward gunfire."

Meanwhile, at home: 

"Can you snap my pants? I want breakfast. Can I watch TV? Hey... Wait a minute. Where's mom?" 
---Isaac, to my husband, 6am Friday: 

Isaac, walking to the woods with Daddy Sunday, "It's a beautiful day! This is the life!"

Isaac, handing Daddy the softball bat so he can get giant mushroom: "You hold it."
Daddy:  "I thought you said you'd be serious and hold it?"
Isaac: "I am being serious. You hold it."

"Aw man. This isn't the life!"  --Isaac, after the giant mushroom he was trying to bring home to show me falls apart.
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TBR was fun, the drive there was unbelievably easy (even if I did arrive after 1AM) and the drive home went surprisingly well when you consider that the major highway I use (I-91) was closed for a section and I winged it with a fragment of zoomed out map printed from Google and still got home within half an hour of when I expected to. I have made notes of the roads used, will have to Google.maps exit 19 to figure out what I did there (nothing like blindly making all the right turns) and hopefully I can reverse engineer it for next year. 

Princess was graced with oodles of attention - which leaves her suffering a bit of withdrawal now... poor baby keeps looking around every time she hears something and I swear she's looking for other people. 

Speaking of.... sounds like she's destroying something. I should investigate that..... 

Sounded worse than it was. One of those papery plastic bags (too small for her head) that came with one of Isaac's toys. Little man will not be happy with the mess she's made of his toys. Guess he and Daddy should have put them away when they were done. (nothing got done while I was gone. surprise, surprise)

but -- Thank you [personal profile] dirkcjelli , [profile] princejvstin , [personal profile] mcroft and [personal profile] immlass for the games! Never having played Continuum or Sprit of the Century (despite having it in my hands ever so briefly) I felt a little flat footed with the mechanics, but the games were fun. Being able to shoot down a zeppelin with a handgun while flying my splashy lil' plane made my night. Nothing as nice as a called shot that goes perfectly. And I think I used most of my aspects. Where else do you get to shout, "My mother's dress!" to aid an action? Continuum is a bit to get the head around, but negotiating the challenges was half the fun. Getting to totally frag Fiona was the other half. 

[personal profile] eternaleponine you can tell Evan Catherina says, "You're welcome." She recognized the importance of the books, but you were really becoming a bit of a hazzard to yourself and she'd be put out if something happened to a cousin on her watch. ;-) 

I think Ms Pippen will become a regular Con character. Got to put Shaely through her paces in Equalizer and now that I've had her in action and know better how to use her, I think she'll be fun. Even if she smells a little odd to discerning noses. Forgivable, I think, when you consider that she can get you high or blow you up depending on which pocket she reaches into. And blowing things up was ever so useful. 

But all y'all can keep them twiglettes to yourselves. I'm going to file them under 'ale' with the other wheaty, hoppy sorts of things that my tastebuds protest.

I finally got to meet [profile] goldfired ! And [personal profile] follybardwas there! and if Princess had woken she could have been a prop, 'cause she'd have been perfect for the baby in the fleeing zeppelin. 

Mine own game went okay. I wasn't entirely pleased, but never having GMed solo before I'll take the learning experience. I know exactly where I got derailed, what I should have focused on and what questions I should have asked myself two weeks ago. Plus, next time I'll keep a better eye on the clock, though I only blew it by about half an hour. And while I couldn't sit down and about broiled in the heat of my jangled nerves, I don't think my anxiety was blatantly obvious. Of course, I might not be the best judge of that.  Ah well.

All in all, a good weekend.

Now I have grocery shopping to catch up on, a house that needs cleaned, a party to prep for, a baptism that's just had it's details changed, and a whopping, nasty headache I can't shake. Hopefully another night's sleep, another dose of allergy meds and a gallon of water will be the end of it.
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Slot 1 - The Eternal City
Slot 2 - The Children of Amber in...The Machinations of Duke Icarium!
Slot 3 - Tales of the Regency: The Invasion of Time
Slot 4 - Equalizer III: The Courts of Kashfa
Slot 5 - GM: Riddles in the Attic

Funny enough... as soon as I had my player list, I had a whole slew of ideas for my game and suddenly it's looking much more serious than the kidlet game I originally envisioned. Not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing...

Now, to put the notes together, send a greeting email (most especially since BD already has his character in!) and generate a couple of characters.
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"Doing the best at this moment puts you
in the best place for the next moment."
                                                                    --fortune cookie proverb

Flight hassles aside, I had loads of fun at ACUS!! Got to see lots of folks, though I felt robbed by missing Thursday. Odette persevered with a slight edge of hysteria that was funny in a scary sort of way. Tink was a hoot! And the good folks of Texorami anted up for the highest stakes game they have ever played. T'was a beautiful thing.

Right now the weather is gorgeous so I'm going to go out, but tonight after the kidlets are sleeping I'll get a review done, although, I didn't seem to get any quotes this year. Had my hands full with Princess, I guess.

I lied

Mar. 22nd, 2007 03:59 pm
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But it wasn't my fault.

Pack. Check.
Ride to airport. Check.
Get there on time, get through security, everything good. Check.

Wait to board.... Flight Status: Canceled.

Rebook flight. Pace terminal. Call hotel, call Keith, get something to eat and worry over baby who is now going to be off her schedule.

Flight Status: Canceled.

Get directed to REALLY long line. Call 800# to rebook flight instead. Find out it's going to take at least 2 hours to get my luggage back, or I can trust that they are going to get it onto my flight tomorrow morning. Abandon luggage and call Keith again.

Make multiple phone calls to find a way home, find out both credit cards aren't working when I try to buy bus fare. Find cash in diaper bag.
Find father-in-law.
Finally get back home.

They said it's weather, and there were announcements that the FAA had issued weight limits for flights [because of it] and airlines were being forced to estimate the weight of luggage and passengers and they were having to take people off of flights. It went down hill from there as delays began piling up. Rather than stress and struggle, I went home. There is a limit to what I can do with an infant in tow and the only way to get out today would be to find another airline with an open seat and get my airline to put my ticket toward that, find my luggage, get it -and me- to another terminal/airline and expect that this next airline wasn't going to be running into the same problems. Even crew members were on cell-phones trying to work things out... it looked like a mess that was getting uglier by the minute.

But, flight woes aside, we're home, the baby is in a MUCH better mood (it got really sad there for a little while), I have one CC problem worked out (the hubby has to handle the other) and I'm booked to head out at 6:45 in the morning. Hopefully the weather system causing the grief won't cause more grief and my luggage will actually go with me. ::crossing fingers::
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I now have a character who literally ran away and joined the circus. For some reason, this amuses me. And since I have relatives who were Carny Folk for many, many years, I know the hard life that sets her up to have had. And those were her happy days. Go figure.

Later, I get to play Tinker Bell. This also amuses me.

Plus my librarians (although only one actually is), my triplet, who will be very sad if she's all alone this year (so much more fun with three libidos) and my gunslinger. T'is going to be a varied year. :-)
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I have flights. I have hotel.

I have games:

Slot 1: "Lean Times in Amber" by Kit
Slot 2: "Agents of the Argent Rose: "City of Czars"" by Arref
Slot 3: off
Slot 4: "Ill Met in Amber" by Kit
Slot 5: "Mercy & Forgiveness" by M. Kucharski ...hehe... the triplets. We were such politically incorrect, morally skewed fun last year
Slot 6: "And So It Begins Again" by M. Kucharski ...might have to kill Momma this year
Slot 7: "Fables: Hide and Seek" by Lorraine Donaldson
Slot 8: "To Live and Die in Texorami: "Last Set"" by Doc Kindred

Hopefully Princess is as good about the Con as her big brother was, but I took a slot off so we'd have extra time to relax and visit.
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Given the jolt of energy that was And So It Begins Again at ACUS this year, a website has been started and there's been a flurry of activity. Makes me think Odette needs an image... which means she needs a face.

I was thinking Ines Sastre, but Eugenia Silva has a few shots that might work as well. Just have to stay away from sexy shots since that's just sooo not Odette. Of course, if everything she's currently thinking comes together the way she wants, she'll be a whole lot freer to do whatever she pleases by the end of next year's Con.
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The trip home could have used improvement, but such is air travel. More on that later.

Isaac laughed when he saw me, but right now he is trying to ignore me. He's only half succeeding.

ACUS was a whole lot of fun, had some great games, cannot believe the wheels that are turning around Evey (I am going to have to find my own candidate to support) and one story line has reached a turning point that could have serious repercussions, provided I can find the means to the end I desire. I think we are about to test my creativity and the strength of my roleplaying given the favor I intend to ask another player/PC.

Full hash later, right now I'm off to play with the little man since he seems to have decided that I am welcome again. :-)
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Back from TBR and all is well.

Details )

ACD update

Apr. 5th, 2005 06:06 pm
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The GM and all participants should have my notes in their inbox. Enjoy.


Apr. 5th, 2005 04:59 pm
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Still working on ACUS recap, but a sick, very cranky child has slowed that process down considerably. Him following me around complaining is my payback for leaving him with his father for 5 days. I'll pay it. ;-)

In the midst of this, my mother-in-law calls. trials, travails & details follow )

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The dash to the airport got a little crazy, but that was my doing (couldn't find my sunglasses & can't afford to lose them) so I can't complain. Besides, all's well that ends well and I got there with a minute to catch my breath before boarding. M.Croft and [ profile] immlass were on the same flight so I even had a chance to say Hi.

But now I'm home, I've had a chance to play with Isaac, and despite a splitting headache, things are good. My new grill is in, the washer and dryer are connected and ready to rumble, and the guy buying the old house stopped by while Brian was fixing something and when Brian commented that I was going to miss one of my plants (I'd love to know how that came up) he told Brian I could take anything I wanted because he didn't care about plants. So I'm going to be busy taking him up on that offer the next few days! Hopefully the weather will hold because we've already got flooding in places, but it makes the ground nice and soft and easy to dig in.

The only down note is that Isaac is once again sick, so we won't be as social this week as we normally would, which is going to stop me from seeing my girlfriend's new baby until next weekend. This weekend Trace had her's early, weekend before SB had her's early. Good thing I'm staying home the next few months or Jean and Lise might be in trouble.

ACUS recap later and tonight, if I don't crash, I'll start notes for ACD.


Feb. 1st, 2005 12:17 pm
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I had some juggling to do because I have too many commitments and not enough slots, but I finally got everything worked out and only had Slot 6 to puzzle over. Now I wait and see what I get.

1- If Wishes Were Horses -- GMing w/ Deb
2- One Night in Heerat -- reprising Riff & really hoping DJ shows up with Tigger. Royal Legacy as 2nd choice.
3- A Common Disaster -- a kinder, gentler Rhiannon
4- Cityscape, w/ Walpurgis Night as 2nd choice.
5- Unto the Third Generation -- Ana, whose job keeping the regents alive keeps getting harder. I will be one of those 'whittling the list'. Unlike the diplomats, I will be using a sword.
6- Placebo Pattern Plot, Skid Row, Equalizer ... no idea where I'll end up.
7- And, So It Begins Again -- Odette. My nervous but nevertheless heroic librarian. You don't need enemies when you have family like hers!
8- To Live and Die in Texorami -- Guen, who (despite last year's rumors to the contrary) is not having an affair with Martin!


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