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Out of boredom and a need to do *something* I set up an agility course in the house. Just to see if I could get Dexter to run through it.

It started with a little cloth toddler tunnel he can't actually stand up in.
Then I grabbed two tiny plastic kiddie chairs and a mop and made a jump.
I added a second section of tube, and a second higher jump with kitchen chairs, a broom, and a quilt to make it solid.
Then I covered the exit of the tunnel with a towel.
Then I uncovered the second 'high' jump.

It took me about half an hour to teach him to go over (not under) the naked high jump, do the second jump, and go through the tunnel blind. By the end I could toss the treat to the far end and he'd run our mini-course solo to go get it.

How long does it normally take to teach dogs these things? I lack all experience in this matter and have nothing to compare to. I just thought it might be fun.

And somehow I expected the kids to be able to do the little jump too.. but they cannot. At least they had fun with the tunnel and tossing the treats back and forth watching him go. Now I've got to find our hoola hoop so we can add that. I also think I need to space the jumps wider, when the higher jump was last his jump looked really ...steep? and sort of awkward.
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My Dad sends me these and who doesn't love the occasional bad pun?

Far away in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, two prawns were swimming around in the sea.

One called Justin and the other called Christian. The prawns were constantly being harassed and threatened by sharks that inhabited the area. Finally one day Justin said to Christian, 'I'm fed up with being a prawn; I wish I was a shark, and then I wouldn't have any worries about being eaten.'

A large mysterious cod appeared and said, 'Your wish is granted'

Lo and behold, Justin turned into a shark.

Horrified, Christian immediately swam away, afraid of being eaten by his old mate. Time passed (as it does) and Justin found life as a shark boring and lonely. All his old mates simply swam away whenever he came close to them. Justin didn't realize that his new menacing appearance was the cause of his sad plight.

While swimming alone one day he saw the mysterious cod again and he thought perhaps the mysterious fish could change him back into a prawn.

He approached the cod and begged to be changed back, and, lo and behold, he found himself turned back into a prawn. With tears of joy in his tiny little eyes Justin swam back to his friends and bought them all a cocktail. (The punch line does not involve a prawn cocktail - it's much worse).

Looking around the gathering at the reef he realized he couldn't see his old pal.

'Where's Christian?' he asked.

'He's at home, still distraught that his best friend changed sides to the enemy & became a shark,' came the reply.

Eager to put things right again and end the mutual pain and torture, he set off to Christian's abode.

As he opened the coral gate, memories came flooding back.

He banged on the door and shouted, 'It's me, Justin, your old friend, come out and see me again.'

Christian replied, 'No way man, you'll eat me. You're now a shark, the enemy, and I'll not be tricked into being your dinner.'

Justin cried back 'No, I'm not. That was the old me. I've changed.'.........

(You're going to love this...)

'I've found Cod. I'm a Prawn again Christian'.

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Bring a live snake to show-n-tell. :-)

I asked before I did it and the teachers' only request was that I remain with it. Easy enough. I bagged Scooter in an old pillowcase, tucked him into my coat and off we went. About half the kids came with me to the other room because several were starting to act distressed by the idea of a live snake being in the room. Which I found odd, but .... So. Anyway. Half a dozen shrieking small children is slightly over-whelming, but neither the snake or I lost our cool. Scooter could have done without Isaac trying to pet his eyes, but otherwise the kids were very good about handling him. And once one had the notion that they wanted him around their neck (after seeing him twine himself around mine) they all wanted a turn.

That was about more than the teacher's assistant could bear, but she made her faces, cringed quietly and let the kids have their fun. Two parents stuck around to check him out and they had a surprising number of questions. The dad had an 'oh no' moment when his son announced that he wanted Scooter to come home with him. I explained that I got my first snake in college, and that was a good time to do that sort of thing, so he might want to wait. He seemed to accept that, much to dad's relief. :-)

Ms. H had another freaky moment when Elly got upset. I'd left her playing in the classroom, but she decided she wanted Mommy. So with a little help to make sure she didn't wander to the stairs, she toddled over to me and crawled into my lap. She was still wearing her coat and the snake, sensing a toasty warm dark place, promptly slithered into her hood. Elly gave the snake a cross look, realized that this sensation was just the snake, and she went back to crawling up my body, demanding that I hold her. I untangled them, put the snake on the floor (which THRILLED the kids) and situated the baby.

The kids were all sitting while the snake was on the floor. My attempt at making sure no one stepped on him, but the more he slithered the more giggles and shrieks there were and they crowded around closer. After about 15 minutes (might have been 20) I gathered him up, helped wash all the little hands and sent everyone back to their room.

Later on, during pick-up, there was talking about the snake and the fact that, among all the stuffed snakes there was a REAL one and finally one mother turned to ask, so who brought the real one? And there was clarification that this was MY snake. Not the husband's or something foisted onto me, but something I'd wanted (and gotten as a birthday present).

Funny moments.
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Ahh.... gotta love the good vibes our currect president and his regime inspire. The husband's favorite is the "race for the moon". I think I might be partial to "democracy at gunpoint".


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