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I made that declaration a few weeks ago and I don't think anyone took me very seriously.

I made it again with the inlaws here so everyone knows and no one can claim they weren't informed.

Today, as I took away the last toys that were in Elly's room I said it one more time.

Now, her room is empty, Isaac's is almost empty and how sick I am of toys on the floor still doesn't seem to register with the spoiled brats that are my children. It will register when Christmas rolls around and there's nothing much to open except a nice letter from Santa about how he hopes next year goes better and they learn to take care of their things.

My sil is already on the s*t list for buying Isaac a series toy guns no matter how many times I say 'no guns'. The last one was a cap gun! That she fired in the house! I took all the caps I could get my hands on and threw them away, and the toy gun from a couple of weeks ago went into the trash after I found Isaac jabbing Elly in the neck with it. I expect this one will likely make it's way there by the end of the week. The next one I am making sure leaves with her -unopened- to further illustrate my 'no toys, no guns' policy. She will likely be an issue when Christmas rolls around, but I seem to have both sets of grandparents on board.

One of my girlfriends, with kids about Isaac and Elly's age, is hugely relieved to hear someone else intending the same toyless Christmas. She has the same frustration I do and feels that there really isn't even room in the budget for toys even if the kids were being decent. I told her ours could sit and cry together and at least they wouldn't be the only ones they knew it had happened to. I have another girlfriend who would like to do the same thing, but feels her inlaws won't go along with her. I think grandma can keep the toys at her house and she can clean them up after visits.

Now I need to find some way for them to volunteer. Be nice if they could do something for someone else instead of always expecting everything to be done for them. :-p
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1:30am and I am blasted out of the bed by the fire alarm screeching painfully like amp-powered microphone feedback and then after a few seconds (during which my heart started beating again) it went off in genuine fire alarm beep-beep-beep fashion. After four beeps or so (which are painfully loud) it stopped.

Since I happen to now be wide awake I get up to snoop around the house. Kids are still asleep. The alarm in our bedroom is going off again, but nothing else in the house is. There is no trace of smoke I can smell. No warmth in any of the walls I touch.

Brian gets a chair, stands on tip-toe and hits the reset button.

20 minutes later it gives a few whiny ass, I-could-still-blast-you-out-of-bed beeps, forcing me to mutter about ripping it out of the ceiling a la monoxide detector. Brian comments that it's wired into the house. I reply that such a thing won't stop me. When I get woken rudely I am not above physical violence. Ask Elly's talking dog after it cried, "Let's Sing!" one too many times at 2am.
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Or anyone who might know the answer to this question because my brain is fried and my google foo has returned too many useless hits:

How is rain formed?

Specifically, you are standing on a moor (Scotland-ish) and it is a steady drizzly mist. You have magic. You want it to stop. Does something need to heat up, cool off? Does the pressure need to go up, down? Once upon a time I knew the answer to the question, but it escapes me now and for some reason I've gotten an 1800's exerpt on weather over lakes talking about when the sun goes down, and people talking about lasers to cause condensation and none of it's helping me.

Oh, and Isaac proved this morning that he does have a death wish. I'm pretty sure he's responsible for yeasterday's computer weirdness (all sorts of print previews were open and other proof that little fingers had been there) and this morning he had a blast using Word alllllll over my NaNo novel, pasting things that were in the buffer and typing away and he eliminated a huge chunk of what I'd written yesterday. I almost ... well, no I did pretty much loose my cool. Fortuantely, he hadn't hit save, so a 'revert' brought it all back and I backed-up. I just did a full back up of my computer a few weeks ago, looks like I need to be doing it more frequently. :-p

(another link I want to keep in case I ever need this again:
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That was actually the answer to a crossword style game show the other day while I was at the gym. I've no idea what the show was called or what channel it was, but it was mildly diverting and I actually knew about half the answers. Probably more if my attention didn't keep wandering.

My camera is off to Canon for repair. The fix-it-yourself instructions I found were for a slightly older model and do not work with my model. I guess Canon got tired of people fixing their design flaw on their own? The guy at the shipping place was familiar with shipping cameras which didn't improve my mood because it means he sees a lot of them. It won't get there until Tuesday, so I am going to have to find all the pieces of one of my old cameras, get the batteries charged, the memory cards ready, etc or I will not have a camera for our trip and that's just not acceptable. That I won't have a good camera pisses me off to absolutely no end. The whole reason I got that one was for the zoom. Well, not the whole reason, but a very big reason and now I don't have it and the new exhibit at Bush Gardens is open and there's no way I'm getting the pictures I wanted. *pout*

This little bit of extra aggravation I did not need.
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A friend was having problems with her card/camera. She's not technical and there was no way to give her steps to follow but I thought I'd check her card to see if it was okay. Stupid move.

My camera wouldn't help because it won't read the card if the little door is open. I put my card in and I get "Memory Card Error". So, I don't know what her problem is, but her card, or something that happened when I put it in, hosed my camera. Base fixing price is $119 + shipping.

I am not happy. The odds are I will not have a camera for FL unless I take the more expensive option: trade it in for $165 and pay 2-day shipping.

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She is who most accommodating and helpful is the one left holding the bag and generally SOL. :-p

When planning Isaac's school year I made sure Thursday got left free so we'd have one day we weren't running to to somewhere and had time to do other things. For his 'after school' program I choose Monday and Wednesday (he has school M W F). She didn't have enough people and dropped Monday. Ok... He has swim Tuesday, so Tues and Wed. Well, then there were conflicts and someone really needed Tuesday so could I do Friday. Fine. But then there were problems between Isaac and another little boy and she'd already asked them to move several times (and I hadn't???) so could I do Thursday. I explained that Thursday was my free day (we'd already gone to the NY Botanical Garden and the NY Aquarium) and she pleaded saying that on some weeks if we had something I could go back to Friday. Well, that was a lie. I really want my Thursday back for the next two weeks and I've been told I can't, but maybe in mid-march when the little boy Isaac had trouble with moves.

I am more than a little annoyed.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 09:19 am
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The pool is frozen, I can't even get the hose back out, and we weren't able to get it pumped down because we blew out the pump again. The little tranfer piece inside overheats, dries out (the chlorine helps with that) and shatters. The ice is high enough that I HAVE to get some of the water out, even if it is frigid outside. A long talk with a very nice guy at the hardware store has me set up about as well as possible, though I suspect that we will have to wait until some sort of thaw to do anything. We will see.

On a better note, I'd abandoned my feeder months ago. I don't like letting it run empty, filling it, letting it run empty, etc because I think that messes with the birds too much. So once it empties, it stays empty until I know I can take care of it again. Today I hoisted the feeder up onto the deck and refilled it. Within half an hour I had an entire flock of Tufted Titmice, three pairs of Cardinals, three Mourning Doves, a Blue Jay and a Red-bellied Woodpecker. Apparently they were waiting for me.
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We've had two days of non-stop gloom and rain. At some point yesterday @#$@#$% deer ravaged my white rose. The one I was trying to propagate (that hasn't gone as well as hoped) and that I've been looking forward to. It was covered in blooms just about to open. Half the plant is completely destroyed and branches have been broken off so that the central woody stalk has huge gaping wounds.

We need a longer, more liberal hunting season. It's not like there's not other food. Or that it's dry. We just have about 100 more per square mile than is sane.
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The data recovery company can recover almost all of my drive.  [insert huge sigh of relief here]  I'll go pick up the drive and we're going to plug it in, haul it onto the usb drive. They think they have the drive repaired enough for that. But I don't have a new computer to put it on yet. Never good when you get an email with the subject line "First Notification of Order Delay".  :-(
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"Honey Perfume"
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Today went okay. The sun finally came out yesterday evening and stayed around for the day, though they tell us the clouds are going to move back in and we'll get yet more rain over the weekend. :-p

Having sun helps, because my stress levels are stuck at critical mass. The hard drive is toast. We figure the update wrote to a bad sector, probably created by a dying power supply, and then we fracked it further with the restore and recover efforts. I wish it had hung in there one more hour so I could have finished getting stuff off. Brian wishes we'd spent the money and replaced it the moment it started acting flaky. Funny the different perspectives.

The new machine is ordered. Our first 'standard' machine, ever. All of Brian's machines we've built, or they were custom ordered from high end companies because the work he does is a little intense. It's one of those that just blew up. The geriatric machine I'm on right now I built .... 8 years ago? At one point in time, I had a clue. But I've a new Dell on the way, new monitor he insists I need and a semi-free printer he figured he'd get because the price was right. The new machine has two hard drives (my geriatric machine does too) for back up purposes.

In the meantime, our recover efforts continue. My calendar/address book is gone. My saved email, favorites and all that are also gone. My pictures.... we'll know in 5 days when the utility finishes. Thankfully, most of my favorites, the really good worthy shots are uploaded to either flickr or ofoto. So I'm not completely sick, but I know there are a lot of good shots that aren't.

But it was a nice day (I'm trying to focus on that). Isaac and I went to pick up my blue butterfly bush and we both paused in the roses (the path led through that section) and Isaac insisted, "Mommy, stop. Smell roses." and so we did. Stressed as I've been the last 24 hrs, I could have sat down and just breathed for an hour. The rose that he wanted was a lovely apricot, I decided I knew just where I'd put it and we took that home too.

I hauled a good size barberry bush out of the ground and relocated it a few feet to make room, but I thought the apricot and the maroon of the new barberry leaves made a lovely contrast. My arms are a little tore up from the barbs, but I managed to get the beast wrapped in newspaper and tape so it was moveable. In the fall I'll have to trim those pretty heavily, and hopefully the rose will grow a few inches and be more prominent.
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I am currently in the market for a new computer. MS did an update I didn't ask for and didn't okay and ever since than the machine doesn't work right. We tried going back and restoring from another point and that hasn't fixed the issues. Most of the time it says it can't do the restore. AOL won't load, which doesn't much matter except that it took all my saved (game) mail with it, much worse is that the USB card appears to have finally bitten the dust. The hubby got me a 120 gig hard drive for Mother's Day (knowing my machine was on the fritz) but without the USB port it doesn't work with my computer. *sigh*

I knew the machine had issues, but I was really hoping it would hold out just a little bit longer. :-p  

Free Bird

Aug. 26th, 2005 08:36 am
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Yesterday I took Isaac to the zoo with friends. I won't do that again. It was the second trip to the zoo (we did the Bronx zoo in NYC last time) and neither one of us has much fun. He's not interested in the animals. They don't move, they're too far away and he does not look for them, so then I end up frustrated trying to point them out to him. Even the otters swimming by he might look at if they're right up against the glass, but then he wants to walk away. And trying to get him to walk with the group is a joke. He wants to go the opposite direction and throws a temper-tantrum every time I go get him. End result is that he spends most of the trip in the stroller with me not even making an effort to show him anything because it's the only way to achieve peace. A waste of money, the day, and the gas it takes to drive there.

Of course by the end of all that he's exhausted and went to bed at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Today is going to be better. The little man went into the city with Daddy and he'll spend the day at the care center there.

What to do... what to do... what to do. :-)


Aug. 18th, 2005 04:12 pm
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On our way home from Colorado, amid everything going on, I noticed that Isaac had a bite on his leg. A quick pause to check and it looked like either a small spider bite or a mean mosquito, but there was no sign to indicate that I needed to do anything about it.

Fast forward a week. )
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This could get extremely long and rambley because there's just an awful lot to talk about. Over shadowing everything is the disaster at the end. We're still dealing with the fall out from that and I'm so stressed I'm actually ill. Which is a real shame because most of the trip was really good.
Day by Day )
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Dealing with the police investigation, we're trying to track the checks I wrote to the painter. We need to find out if they have all been cashed, where they were cashed and it was suggested we get copies of them.

One of them doesn't appear to have been cashed, which seems unlikely, and thinking I might have written it from my own, seldom used account I went looking. This was challenging. The bank is closed and I was confronted with a web interface that has changed radically since my bank merged with another bank... but I managed to find a way to get to a login page that accepted the old information and after some serious mental searching, I remembered it all. I am very impressed since it's been years since I've gone online for this account. *Years.* We keep it just because and some of that might be sentimental, which is silly, but, whatever.

The check isn't there either, so we are still looking for it. Once upon a time this would not have happened. I was once fanatical about my book keeping.. but apparently I've adopted Brian's bad habits. Must change this.


Jul. 19th, 2005 08:43 pm
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So, just in case I wasn't already depressed, someone stole my wedding rings. I guess it's what I get for not wearing them to the gym. Went to the police Friday, spent the weekend searching before the report went to the detective, went back to the police yesterday.

Today the Sr. detective called to make sure that I want this filed and tomorrow the detective who will actually be handling everything is supposed to call me to go over it all again. Why this suddenly seems like going through hoops, I don't know, but I really didn't need this and it makes me wonder what loveliness life has in store for me in August. :-p


Jul. 8th, 2005 11:02 pm
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Something we never had to deal with at the last house-- idiots ringing the doorbell and running away. It was bad enough when it was the little kids, but I was out the door fast enough to catch them the last time and since they'd woken Isaac I chewed them out pretty good and finished with a threat to go talk to their parents since I knew where they lived. They have not been back.

Tonight it was a bunch of teenagers. It's what time? Obviously they need put to work. If this happens again I will take action. I have infrared stuff, lots of outdoor lights that can be rigged and a wicked sense of what's funny. I will come up with something.

Wire across the top step... oooh... and I have lots of paint I don't need... hmmm.... And then there's all the poison ivy growing in the back that I'm not really allergic too....

Lots of possibilities.
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So we're trying to plan a surprise party. The person most likely to be able to help us is being an anti-social poop who has already deliberately sabotaged our plans once and there is one person I'd really like to find and invite and can't. Other people on the list have tried to help and one came up with a last name, but apparently it's an unlisted number so even with the extra detail I'm stuck. :-p

Very frustrating. If there was something resembling organization on the part of the person getting the party it would be helpful, but that's not going to happen either.

I know I've made the effort, but I still feel bad because this person really should be invited. They qualify as a best friend and they live in the same town. You wouldn't think it would be so hard.


Apr. 5th, 2005 04:59 pm
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Still working on ACUS recap, but a sick, very cranky child has slowed that process down considerably. Him following me around complaining is my payback for leaving him with his father for 5 days. I'll pay it. ;-)

In the midst of this, my mother-in-law calls. trials, travails & details follow )

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I'm sick because my mother in law cares more about some damn stray cat Michael no longer wants (because his girlfriend is allergic) than she does my health or possibly Isaac's, so I have a serious sinus infection and haven't had a decent night's sleep since Saturday. Our realtor screwed up, threw her son into the mix and said he had an offer, created a phony bidding war and cost us legit buyers, so now we're just about at square one on selling the house instead of finished, and I really don't like this whole open post crap. I don't trust people. Too many people use OOC information and with no penalties for doing so, there's nothing to stop them.

Some of that is maybe not entirely fair, )


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