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Shoveling wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, which was good, but I am now pretty much certain that this toe is broken. The others that were jammed along with it have stopped hurting and this one, if anything, hurts worse. But at least the snow boots aren't terribly flexible and sort of protect it. Other than taping it, I'm not sure that much more can be done for it, and therefore haven't bothered with a Dr. I would imagine that this is going to take a while to heal.

House hunting didn't go as planned. We didn't see the real estate agent at all, but she'd given us a few addresses so after we were dug out and the road looked a little better, we drove around and checked them out. It was educational, if nothing else. I think a fenced in yard, or a yard that can be easily fenced, is more important to me than I originally thought and a good many of the ones we looked at today weren't fenced and since no one else was either it might look a little funny to be the only one who was. That and after all the talking I think we're more on the same page as to what we want. So a productive day regardless. Hopefully the R.A. and I will get out during the week to see a few.
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I've no idea how much we have and until it's time to dig out tomorrow I guess I don't care. At least it'll look pretty in the morning and I'll have a few minutes to appreciate it before I start hating it.

Hopefully we'll get Isaac back out in it for a little while and maybe get a picture or two. I'd been looking forward to doing that for days and I was highly annoyed when Brian took him out without me. He chose to do it while I was trying to take a nap -- a desparetly needed nap he repeated interupted. So I was extremely groggy, very irritated and trying to get down the stairs because he can't find Isaac's snow boots. I trip on the stairs and I think I broke one of my toes. Not the most successful day.

House hunting continues. Lots of online browsing, talking and number crunching, but no real changes on that front. Hopefully we'll still get out to see a few tomorrow and this won't turn into an ordeal.
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So... we've decided to move. We decided on Wednesday. Brian's already crunched the numbers. We've already scoured the online listings, sent a list of prospects and priorities to a family friend/real estate agent and, if the snow doesn't muck everything up horribly, we're going to be looking at 3 houses Sunday.

For me, this is all happening horribly fast.

I don't like change. Most times, I'm not even comfortable with the notion of change. I get comfy where I am and unless there is something seriously poking me --that I can't do anything about-- I feel no need to change. I will admit that there are little things poking me: my clothes are hanging at the back of Isaac's closet because we don't have enough closet space, we live on a very busy (potentially dangerous) road with a small lemming, and we have no basement and therefore no storage space. The road is an issue, but the location is otherwise good and the other things are only irksome.

So I keep trying to tell myself that change will be good. We'll have a basement, a quieter road, and a walk-in closet is on the wish-list. All good things. But I just redid the bathrooms! And I'm so pleased with how they came out. There are a few minor things I would have done differently upstairs if I'd known better, but over all they are exactly how I imagined them to be. The colors and textures I wanted, the little accents I wanted..... *sigh* And now it's all going to be someone elses colors. Stuff someone else did because they saw it one particular way and I'm going to be standing there wondering what in Hades made them think that was a good idea. This does not give me warm fuzzy feelings.

But maybe I'll have a porch on a quiet street that'll be nice to sit on, or a patio that doesn't looking into trashy neighbor's junk filled yard.


And hopefully it won't take 20 years for it to finally start feeling like it's mine.


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