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Summer has been a mixed bag, but it's better than last summer. No week in the hospital. No month long down pours. So I'm not going to complain. Still room for improvement though.
Kinda like swim team.

Our team finished 3rd in the Leagues.. but partially because one team tried to cheat and got disqualified. I was working the meet and there when the coach tried to blame everything on the student coaches. Unfortunately for him, one of the officals has a daughter who is a student coach for another team. The fact that he was throwing the kids under the bus to cover his rear made her so angry she announced that she was ready to disqualify him from the leage. Sat him back on his heels pretty quick. Brian thought it was unfair that all the kids lost, but I pointed out that the kids themselves (the swimmers) could have refused and to make the point I asked Isaac how many events he was allowed to swim per meet. "Three." He didn't even hesitate. So, if my 6yr old knows this, the 12 - 15yr olds certainly do.

A week after swim ended I finally got Isaac to really dive... Figures. But in June and July it's just too cold for me to stand in the water and work with him. We've practiced more, but I expect he'll have to relearn it for next year. Princess will join him on the team next year. She is very excited.

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Jul. 17th, 2010 03:05 pm
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So I've seen this floating around and got curious.

A page+ sample from an unfinished, many year old contribution for Brieanne came back as "Vladimir Nabokov".... Wiki informs me he wrote Lolita which I have never actually read.

The second full page, many year old post for Brieanne came back as "David Foster Wallace", and a long post for a different character came back with "Stephenie Meyer" two more authors I didn't know until google told me Ms. Meyer is responsible for the Twilight books. She's made money, but I'm not sure I'm happy with that. :-p

Lastly I took the first chapter from the bit I did for NaNoWriMo just two years ago, which is probably my longest, recent effort. Finally came back with someone I not only know, but like:

I write like
J. R. R. Tolkien

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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We got bear in there...
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because coyote aren't enough.

My next door neighbor called to make sure the kids were secured and safe because our neighborhood bear was on their deck. The younger daughter was relaxing, painting her toe nails, looked up as the biggest dog she'd ever seen ambled up their deck stairs. Took her a moment to realize what she was looking at.

It left their deck to rest in the bushes that cover my fence on their side of the divide. We hovered outside watching out for it, even though we couldn't see it any more. The police showed up and sounded the siren and it decided to mosey on away. I followed the sound and manage to get two shots of it.

I think I might clear away some of the brush... a better line of sight for what's out there might be good to have, and not just for picture taking opportunities. There are some surprises I don't want.
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work in progress...
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Otherwise known as what happens when the barberry scratches me for the very last time.

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Phish at Hartford
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Took a walk through the city today, mostly heading up to the Mark Twain house. Our lunch stop was at the Trumbull Kitchen .... Yum... if you're in Hartford, that's my suggestion.

To my frustration, the post I wrote this morning vanished. The hotel internet is somewhat flaky and I thought it went, but clearly didn't... but that's my only complaint about things. :-)

As a venue, Hartford is excellent. Nice lawn, they let you bring in blankets, food and a bottle of water per person. Small comforts make a big difference! I also think these were better shows.

Last nights "song I recognize and like" was Farmhouse (I was at the Big Cypress show this was recorded at). Tonight they played Velvet Sea again, but the song of the night was Possum. They also did a reprise of Tweater (normal) and then called out Hersey Park, saying they didn't get to play Tweater there because they were getting kicked off the stage. Which leads me to think, that Hershey might not be their favorite venue either.... maybe they find this a more comfortable venue as well.

There's been a change of guard at home, so a little more law and order for the next two days. Probably much to Isaac's dismay. But mommy trained the babysitters and they enforce the rules more than the grandparents do. :-)
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I made that declaration a few weeks ago and I don't think anyone took me very seriously.

I made it again with the inlaws here so everyone knows and no one can claim they weren't informed.

Today, as I took away the last toys that were in Elly's room I said it one more time.

Now, her room is empty, Isaac's is almost empty and how sick I am of toys on the floor still doesn't seem to register with the spoiled brats that are my children. It will register when Christmas rolls around and there's nothing much to open except a nice letter from Santa about how he hopes next year goes better and they learn to take care of their things.

My sil is already on the s*t list for buying Isaac a series toy guns no matter how many times I say 'no guns'. The last one was a cap gun! That she fired in the house! I took all the caps I could get my hands on and threw them away, and the toy gun from a couple of weeks ago went into the trash after I found Isaac jabbing Elly in the neck with it. I expect this one will likely make it's way there by the end of the week. The next one I am making sure leaves with her -unopened- to further illustrate my 'no toys, no guns' policy. She will likely be an issue when Christmas rolls around, but I seem to have both sets of grandparents on board.

One of my girlfriends, with kids about Isaac and Elly's age, is hugely relieved to hear someone else intending the same toyless Christmas. She has the same frustration I do and feels that there really isn't even room in the budget for toys even if the kids were being decent. I told her ours could sit and cry together and at least they wouldn't be the only ones they knew it had happened to. I have another girlfriend who would like to do the same thing, but feels her inlaws won't go along with her. I think grandma can keep the toys at her house and she can clean them up after visits.

Now I need to find some way for them to volunteer. Be nice if they could do something for someone else instead of always expecting everything to be done for them. :-p
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Happy Halloween!!
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Hope everyone is having a spooktacular day! Ours has been dreary and rainy, but we did manage to get out. I think the kids have had almost as much fun answering the door and seeing everyone else as they did ringing the bells.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
The Harvest eggs are shiny! After a few fails and dodges, I made a zombie, now I just need a vampire.
Adopt one today!
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The saddest bit about summer ending is that this summer sucked. The weather sucked. We lost half the swim weather to Isaac being sick and in the hospital, half of our free time has been spent going to Dr's offices ... the pool broke, twice, we had TWO hornets nest and Brian ended up with multiple stings finding the second one in the ground, and now that he's off the antibiotics, Isaac had swimmer's ear, and both kids broke down with asthma attacks two days before my parents arrived, prompting another round of Dr visits! We really just had very little time to kick back, relax and enjoy the fact that it was summer. I feel jipped.

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I have two gold eggs. One is free to a good home.

Adopt one today! -- got traded for a paper egg who is now Petey Mache Adopt one today! and Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! was traded to a lovely gent for Adopt one today!. I picked up another geode on the abandon page. I hit refresh before I took it, to see if it vanished, and then had to check to make sure I hadn't interupted a trade, but it was someone who'd bred a pair and got two.  Maybe now I'll try for dinos and a chicken...
Adopt one today!

Just one alt left to go, except someone mentioned a pink alt I have not seen and then there's the description that the ocherdrakes's come in variations/mutations, but I haven't seen anything different for them either. Might be just a tease.
Adopt one today!

It has rained pretty much every other day, making July almost as soggy and cold as June. I'm supposed to go to the beach tomorrow, it rained half the day today ....what are the odds I get rained out? :-p

-- Rained out, but weekend is beautiful!
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gotta love the funny hats
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Dad was here, which helped a bit, but he is back in Chicago now.

I cannot believe how totally wiped out I am. I'm a very used, rung out dishrag and I'm not sure any amount of bleach and laundry soap is ever making me presentable again. Emotionally, there is just nothing positive left to me.
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a literal hornets nest
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My pool pump (or rather, the pump and the system of pipes that connect everything) was leaking. I puttered around with it on and off in-between Dr visits and finally called the pool company. They came and gave me an estimate Brian could live with and I set up a day for them to do the work.

I was about the leave for yoga when the guy came knocking on my kitchen door and saying he had to show me something. Whatever it was, I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I certainly wasn't prepared to see a giant wasp nest sticking out of my oven vent.

How the hell did I miss this?? Seriously, this thing was about the size of my head with hordes of wasps going in and out and swarming around.

Apparently, when he fired up the power tools, the noise or vibration freaked them out and they went after him. Fortunately they aimed for his head and he was wearing a heavy baseball cap and he managed to escape unharmed. But, now the pool pump was in pieces and there was no way to repair it. It even took a few tries for him to be able to get his tool box back.

So much for going to yoga. I tracked down a bee keeper in a nearby town who assured me they weren't honeybees or something else benign and he gave me tips for getting dealing with them if I wanted to do it myself. Brian is away so I'd have been out there by myself ... hell no. I called professionals, got my quotes and lined up one of them to come wage the war.

That night I realized I could hear them... they were in the vent all right, right up against the mesh over the stove top which was apparently now the only thing stopping them from getting in. The thought of a thousand wasps having free reign in my home was disturbing. I put a little oil in the cast iron pan, turned the flame on high and hit the vent button. I let that smoke about an hour, toying with the flame so I didn't fill the whole house and when I turned it all back off I didn't hear them any more.

The guy who came to exterminate them was pretty cavalier... I guess when you do this all the time you start to lose your fear, but he seemed a little short on common sense, too. They got him. Of course, that made him mad and he asked me to hit the vent again and smoke them out while he blasted the bejesus out of the nest.

It was quite a battle out there, with them swarming after him and driving him back and him going back in and blasting another junk off. In the end, the nest is in tatters, everything is quiet and my pool guy was able to return this afternoon to finish the repairs.

Garden War

Jul. 5th, 2009 08:05 pm
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creeping thistle
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Creeping Thistle, (Cirsium arvense) is a noxious thing that has invaded my pool side garden. The flowers aren't attractive enough to make up for the stringy, gangly plants or the ratty, mangey looking fluff when it goes to seed. I let a few bloom, just to see what happened, but they didn't even attract butterflies.

The website where I first looked it up described it as "pernicious" and while it doesn't pose the same threat poison ivy might, the thorns are wicked. Individual battles to weed it out seem to be failing as a tactic so I may have to rip out and kill a whole section of the garden to get rid of it. Not a huge loss, I'm not fond of the weedy looking shrubs that are growing there, and the azalea that are there look sad and the blooms cook in the sun every spring, so moving them would be a good idea anyway.

Just wish it wasn't going to be so much work. :-p


Jul. 1st, 2009 06:01 pm
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Isaac's first swim meet got canceled because a thunderstorm blew in for about 20 minutes just as everyone got there. They canceled, we headed home and not a minute later it stopped. It hadn't even rained at our house. :-/

I HATE this weather.

Over June it rained 23 out of 30 days, even of those 'dry' 7 it wasn't nice and from our normal of 3" we got over 10" of rain. July isn't starting out any better. :-p
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Happy Solstice!

For us the sun has finally come out. The weather man was saying more rain, but maybe they didn't want to give anyone false home. Rain is in the forecast 60-80% all the way through Thursday.  It's been so dreary that yesterday I heard a gasp from the back seat and Elly declared, "Mommy, Blue Sky!" It'd been so long since she'd seen it apparently she was surprised by it.

You know it's bad when even the 2yr old is commenting on the weather!

And for those who collect them, the summer dragons arrived on time:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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After a looong break I've started scrapbooking again. I have a serious backlog of pictures to work with... At the moment, since Brian was gone all week and it's done nothing but rain, I took over the kitchen island. It's large and high enough that I can stand at it so I'm not hurting my hip. With a few exceptions (Princess likes to pilfer my letter die cuts and hide them) the kids have been remarkably good about not touching anything.

This morning I'm ready to start a new set of pages and I was going through the scrap box to see what I might already have that I can use. It's a good size 12x12 box and Elly climbed up to sit with me, watching. She got very excited when she saw a circle. I'd cut it out for something and then discarded it. "Circle! Two circles!" and she began collecting them. Each circle we came across was hers. Then she recognized an 'egg'. An Oval, I told her. "Two evils!" And then joined her collection, too. The fact that she called them "evils" cracked me up and I went looking for them just to hear her say it. :-)

Now she's happily gluing them all to a giant sheet of paper.

Who knew scraps could be such fun. :-)

And for all the Dads:
Happy Father's Day!
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It's super soaked outside, so going to the playground was out this morning. I could have brought a change of clothes and dried off the swings and the end of the slide where the water puddles, but I can't dry the whole thing and I was afraid Princess would slip on something. But we bought her a new bathing suit and the little man needed some new jeans. I'm going to have to make the old ones vanish because he refuses to let them go. They fit in the waist and leg, and I guess they've got that comfy broken in feeling, but they just aren't long enough. The bonus: today was a sale and I had a coupon, too and saved $60, so Yay.

I keep wanting to get to the gym early enough to finish weights so I can take the stretch class, but I never manage it. With going to the store I didn't make it again this week, but today while I was working out, one of the trainers approached me. Apparently he is concerned by what I was doing and worried I'm going to hurt my back -not because I'm doing it wrong, but because the nature of the exercise can be damaging. This guy is 50 and wins awards for bodybuilding (they get displayed at the gym) and he says that, after 35 years of bodybuilding, it's the one thing he really wishes he'd done differently. Figured I should pay attention since the last thing I need is to wreck my back. So he gave me pointers for how to modify it and I worked on that for the next set. Had to drop the weight a bit to do it the way he suggested, but since I was lifting 80lbs dropping a little is okay. It's one of the good things about working out closer to mid day; the trainers usually don't have clients and are on the floor doing their own thing. ...gotta make a note on my sheet that take with me so I don't forget for next time.

Now we're just puttering around the house and I'm trying to get the kids to entertain themselves in a fashion that doesn't involve fighting with each other. Since Elly didn't take her nap and I'm trying to avoid turning on the tv, this is challenging. I might toss them both out in the yard and tell them to go duck hunting (they get water guns and are in charge of keeping the ducks out of the pool area).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

I like the new stripey dragons, pity they don't come in black as well, and my red egg is going to have to be given up to make room for another black. I keep trying for a black alt and coming up empty and now I have no room to try again.

[edit: the blacks were all a bust, so I tried for a gold (win!), my other gold hatched, so I tried for an alt vine...
It's been adopted, but I'm leaving the red egg so I can see if he gets taken care of.] Adopt one today!

[additional edit: In addition to the red, neither of the blacks was an alt, so I decided to let one go, and then trying to get an alt green gave me another spring seasonal... with summer dragons coming soon, I let it go too. They've all been adopted, but I want to watch them hatch safely. For all that they're pixels, it's a little sad when they die.]
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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container effort
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Most of my front is done in pinks, blues, whites and purples (the previous homeowner was big on purple, I've been thinning it out with other colors), but the front containers have been orange and yellow since I got my dalias. So, this is this years effort. Verbena, million bells (Calibrachoa), the dalia, agastache (hummingbird mint) and Lysimachia... which is better known, I think, as creeping jenny. I wanted something that might drape but be less appetizing to the deer than the sweet potato vine. Hopefully this is it. The tag says it's a perennial, but so is the agastache. This year I'm going to try and protect them and maybe they'll last.
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Isaac has finished his homework. I've finished cleaning up the kitchen. It's calm and quiet with just the hum of the dishwasher and the occasional noise from the Leapster as Isaac draws. It's nice. Peaceful, even.

Elly -banished to the upstairs rooms so Isaac can do his homework- is playing in Isaac's room. He doesn't realize that, but I know that those sounds are from his closet. She's probably into the pirate ship and people.

I'm going to take one last breath and enjoy the moment and then try to repair whatever Elly has done before the little man goes upstairs, discovers it all for himself, and screaming ensues.
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Ficus carica
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The garden is waking up.

The tulips and early things have come and gone, but the pansies are in full bloom and the peonies are loaded with buds. I've filled in the white garden with a few impatiens while I wait for the rose, daises, anemone and self-seeding snapdragons to bloom later in the summer.

Where I had dill and cilantro in full sun, they bolted and self-seeded, so I have lots of little sprouts. The dill will probably go to salmon and potatoes, the cilantro ... I'm thinking fajitas.

It has never worked for me, but I started a bunch of things from seed this year. I gave up on the peppers and bought a pair of plants. Ditto the tomatoes. The zuchs, pumpkin and cucumber seemed to be doing well, but didn't transition to outdoor life easily and now look sad. I may stick in new seeds and start over. The basil seems to be doing okay, though Princess dug them up and only three of the plants came up. But that was easy enough to reseed. She also chopped apart half a dozen seed packs and dumped out the contents... so I lost the parsnips and everything else I was going to experiment with. Ah well. I never got around to ripping out the pine tree to make space for a little fenced garden, so I really don't have a place for them anyway. But it would have been nice to play. The plan now is to do it this fall so I can set up the beds and be ready with a cold frame next spring.

Always more to do, but it's fun work. :-)
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I'd remembered wanting to see this when it came out (way, way, back when) and stuck it in the Netflix queue when I came across it. I'm glad I finally got to it. Strictly an adventure film but fun, kinda like MUMMY but without the slap-sticky humor.

And for those who remember the character, Dirk Pitt is a man after Jubilee's own heart. Just keep going, climb over the obstacles, surf them, whatever it takes. Eventually they run out of things to throw at you. :-) But seriously... wind sailing the old plane? Win! Much fun.

Jube would also agree with his 'all the best things have happened in the water' comment.


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