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In the past I've said that I like NJ and this area because it doesn't seem like Mother Nature is trying to kill me. Now we gotten an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week. My mother called to comment on that. :)

But after living in FL and the east end of Long Island I'm probably a little too calm about Irene. For once I'm not living at sea level! However, we will not be sleeping in our bedroom tonight... we have a pair of huge (200 - 300+) trees outside and neither of us want to be in our own bed if Irene decides to tear one out of the ground and send it in toward the house. The tulip tree would take out our room entirely.

All the outdoor furniture is in the garage, most of my plants and things are inside as well. Just a few more to drag in tonight or tomorrow before the rain starts. The grill is strapped down, the gas is turned off. I'll drain a few inches of water out of the pool tomorrow and shock it. I'm sure when I wander around I'll find more things I want to tuck away, but I think we've done about all we can. Kinda wish we had plywood to cover the windows... guess we'll see how this goes and if a window does get smashed, I'll measure them all and get things fitted so we're prepared next time.

We have lanterns and batteries, water and plenty of food and if the power is still out when that runs out, we've got a tankful of gas. I can think of a few friends to visit and one of them is bound to have a hotel nearby with an open room. 

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