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The dog who didn't know what a ball is quickly learned that these small green bouncy things are lots and lots of fun. He has already split apart and destroyed two of them, so we're down to one. I'm going to see if I can get some from the tennis court or the HS team. What do they do with the dead balls, anyway?

Then it's just a matter of teaching him that if he wants me to throw it again, he has to bring it back. He did really well with my mother (at 5:50 AM) but he's not as good with me, and he's worse with everyone else. But, like the kids, Dexter decided that Mom-mom is great fun and made it clear that she was a prefered person. However, him getting her up at 4:30 in the morning, and Isaac commenting that Dexter was at his door every morning, made a new crate necessary. That and it makes house training easier. He howled so miserably at first we had to put the crate in the basement (no number of extra tastey treats would console him) but as of last night there was an 'oh yeah' 5 minute bout of half-hearted whining once he finished his treats and then he went to sleep, so I think that's over with and we can move the crate up to somewhere more central again.

Isaac is bummed that he's no longer allowed to walk the dog and hold the leash by himself. In addition to figuring what a ball is, Dexter has realized that deer are also interesting, and around here, the deer don't just run and I'm always afraid the kids are going to be hurt by one. Bambi, is a thug. Also, Dexter doesn't act badly, but if he jumps and Isaac let go, he'd be gone and I really don't need to be running through the woods after a dog while I have small children getting lost somewhere behind me and I've already had one neighbor make it very clear that if he sees the dog loose he's calling the police, so putting the kids in the house and chasing second isn't a good option either. So, we just won't go there at all.

Dexter has pretty well settled in. He's figured out how to jump into the truck, and he likes to go with us when Isaac has horseback riding. I park near the barn and open his window and he watches the horses and kids go back and forth. I like that he doesn't bark alot. I'd park at the other end (away from the barn) and let him out, but the stable dog was already growling at him and very jealous that she had to share attention. Figure it's easier to leave him where he is. People come visit and he still gets to be social without being out and about and making Gracie crazy.

Our last item of interest is that therapy dog training starts the first week of October. I wanted the group setting rather than a home study because none of it is worth anything if you can't do it all in public with distractions. A lot of the class looks like it is gears toward basic obediance, but we've already been working on that, so I'm hoping it will mostly be polishing... we will see.

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