Sep. 20th, 2011

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I don't tend to watch too much about 9/11, and I limit how much of the memorial's I watch... but sometimes I get things that are... I guess good to share and positive and don't drone on or go for drama. I have not yet gone to the new memorial. I haven't actually been downtown since it was still a big empty pit, but I can see the skyline and sometimes I stop and look at the new tower and I'm happy to see something rising into the emptiness again.

Boat was how I got off the island that day. Walking to the water, there were so many people and so many lines and everything was tangled and crowded and anxious, but no one was fighting or shoving, even if many were feeling a little desparate. We had the advantage of being in midtown. We could see the smoke, and smell it, but it wasn't billowing around us. Even with where I was, I cannot imagine standing on that sea wall, or the horror of being enveloped in the dust and smoke when the Towers came down. But there was comfort in seeing the fleet of boats approaching. Even if you didn't get on this or that one, you could see how many more there were to come get us. From all the effort of churning back and forth the river didn't know which way it was going that day.


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