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Aug. 14th, 2011 10:50 am
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Back in June, for one week, we fostered this pretty girl. She ended up back in Georgia with her rescue when the family failed their background check (very weird story there...) and then she came back to NJ to a family about an hour away. I spoke with them once when they wanted to know a bit more about them, and it seemed like it should work out.

And then their cats freaked out. After days of being hissed and spit at, Maybe chased the one under the bed, and then the other one went after her and slashed her face. Previously, Maybe had been okay with cats (her rescue had several) but after that... not so much so. I tried to work out strategies with them, trying to make sure they didn't have any additional negative interactions, and while Maybe would improve, the cats wouldn't. After having the cats 12 and 14 yrs respectively, the cats won and I went to pick Maybe up on Friday. The woman was very sad giving her back. Her animals don't like her kids either, so she'd wanted a dog they could play with, but I guess she's out of luck until the cats die. :(

Poor Dexter is still limping from his crash into the pool, so I'm having to try and keep both of them quiet so his leg has a chance to heal (it's taking forever). Kinda tempting to just keep her.... but then I don't think Dexter would ever heal and they play so rough he ends up with skin issues. My poor sensitive boy. ;-)


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