Oct. 4th, 2007

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I took the little man to see "Walking With Dinosaurs" last night. It was very cool. We started with a mostly blank stage and a 'paleontologist' (not sure if he's real, or not) talking us through the evolution of the planet. It was a brief segment and then we were in the Triassic period with the evolution of the egg, Plateosaurus and the first dinosaurs. The first scene was a predator snapping a baby up from the nest as the hatchlings broke free... and then running around the stage with the baby swinging back and forth from its jaws. I imagine a few kids might have found that disconcerting, but we were talking about the food chain. Isaac asked why he was eating the baby and it was a simple answer: everyone has to eat, and it's just like Scooter (our snake) eating mice. "Oh." His eyes were riveted to the stage.

The dinosaurs were cool. And having the actor on the stage gives you a sense of scale you couldn't have otherwise.

As the story progresses, he talked about the evolution of the planet, as well. The breaking up of Pangaea and the drift of the continental plates, the evolution of plants, the first appearance of flowers and their relationship with bugs. It was all very interesting, and every once in a while one of the dinos went after our erstwhile host. Which the kids seemed to really like.

The Brachiosaurus was impressive... you don't normally sit up in the stands and have something look down at you. And toward the end we got a bit of humor in the form of a baby T-Rex who wanted very much to be as impressive as Mommy. The little roars got lots of laughs and then the paleontologist couldn't herd him off the stage. Isaac wanted to bring him home, and when he decided that having the dinosaur sleep in his room wasn't a good idea, he decided that they could both sleep on the deck.

My only disappointment was that Ornithochirus didn't fly over the audience. I mean, what the heck? If Pink Floyd can fly a bi-plane over my head for a concert, why can't the dinosaur do a pass overhead? But that's the extent of my complaint, because it was a very cool show and I highly recommend it to everyone who has the opportunity to see it.

YouTube clips: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=walking+with+dinosaurs+live

Official site: http://www.dinosaurlive.com/


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