Jul. 8th, 2005

rag doll

Jul. 8th, 2005 05:49 pm
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Watching her fall limply is a tad distrubing, but also facinating...I would imagine this took a while to build.


If she gets stuck, you can click on her and move her around.
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Two -- count them! -- two babysitters. The sisters next door came over again today to meet Isaac and play with him for a bit. They also helped give him lunch and found his efforts at communicating both entertaining and confusing. I had to translate a few times, but they were starting to catch on.

Before they left they said they were interested in sitting and we did the whole phone number exchange and eventually I will have straight which one is which (I've memorized the names, but keep wanting to call them by the wrong one). I told them I would call them Monday and I'm putting together a schedule of what I need to do and if I have help, what can I get done. It's very exciting.

They can't drive... neither confesses to having a boyfriend (though I didn't get nosey and ask) and with the parents right next door, that should limit the amount of nonsense I know some people get.

(A friend of my mother's came home to find her babysitter hosting a barbecue party in her backyard and feeding all of her friends!)

::crossing fingers::


Jul. 8th, 2005 11:02 pm
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Something we never had to deal with at the last house-- idiots ringing the doorbell and running away. It was bad enough when it was the little kids, but I was out the door fast enough to catch them the last time and since they'd woken Isaac I chewed them out pretty good and finished with a threat to go talk to their parents since I knew where they lived. They have not been back.

Tonight it was a bunch of teenagers. It's what time? Obviously they need put to work. If this happens again I will take action. I have infrared stuff, lots of outdoor lights that can be rigged and a wicked sense of what's funny. I will come up with something.

Wire across the top step... oooh... and I have lots of paint I don't need... hmmm.... And then there's all the poison ivy growing in the back that I'm not really allergic too....

Lots of possibilities.


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