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We spent most of the day at the old house cleaning and grabbing all the stuff I either forgot or didn't know what to do with when we had the movers there. We need one more day to finish cleaning out the garage and the shed, and then spackling/painting the holes the tapestries left. The new people also want the yard cleaned up professionally, with us footing the bill for that as well as the rest of their increasingly long list of demands. I'm going to do some of it, but for the rest of it they can kiss my ass.

They're starting to get real nit-picky and I ran out of patience days ago. It's not my fault they couldn't get their act together and do the inspection when they were supposed to and as far as the yard work - you just bought a house, it comes with yard work. Deal. The gates 'don't work' because you twits tried to shut it with the latch cord in the way. The one post feels loose and always has even though the gate is only a year and a half old and I will happily leave them the name of the company that installed it. They can spend days calling to get someone in. The fuse box isn't rusty, it had wood dust on it from a project. Nit wits. And if you don't have the estimates when you want them, don't wait until the night before I'm moving to tell me you want it and expect it to happen in three days.

And that's just the first page of 'requests'.

Brian thinks we need to be nice and he's offered to have the carpets cleaned. I told him I hope he has time to make those calls. I leave Wednesday for Florida, I have to find things and pack in addition to taking care of the things I agreed to. All this and Isaac too. I'm not inclined to try and squeeze in anything extra and I don't feel like being nice after everything that happened. If the deal goes south I toss all of them and start over and the realtor can kiss her money goodbye.

Simple enough as far as I'm concerned and this time we play by my rules.

Otherwise, things are going smoothly. This house still feels big and hollow and while cleaning up the old home I had a whole new appreciation for it and the work we did. Leaving it is sad. But this yard has potential and I know exactly where some of my existing plants are going (on the list of things the new people want removed that I am happy to comply with...along with a few they maybe didn't intend). And the little girl next door stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood with a friend, which was cute. So, all in all, I guess it's about as good as it gets.


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