Feb. 26th, 2005 09:12 pm
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Progress has been made on the old To-Do list.

The 'sisters' who came to look at our house a week or so ago came back today, which I was happy about. They're neat ladies and I think the location is good for them and I know the house will do well by them, so I'd like to sell to them. When I popped back in to grab my calendar and wall samples for the new house, they were still here. They had some questions and I was happy to stop and chat a minute and they're making an offer. But my agent is still on vacation. Now... why can't they just tell me?? Why?? Just tell me what the offer is and I could probably have answered right there on the spot and we'd be done. Wouldn't that be nice? But no, apparently that's just not how things get done. *sigh*

But the one sister seemed to think it was a good offer (she's got this devilish smile which amuses me to no end) and asked about our kitchen table (a nook arrangement with a bench that fits into the corner and takes up two walls and has storage in it). I said I'd take any offer on it and she winked at me and said when I heard their offer maybe I could just leave it for them. She has one of the smiles you have to answer, you can't resist. So I laughed and said Okay. I've been told that their Order has already given them the money, and they were looking at the house at it's original price (we dropped it since our own closing is getting frightfully close) so...... I really don't know what to expect, but a nun wouldn't lie to me, would she?

They also need to move as soon as we can since the house their apartment is in is getting sold and they have another sister joining them. So the frightfully close closing date works perfectly for them. All in all, it seems like an ideal situation, butI'd really like to have it done. To be told so we can say yes and sign on the little line and make everything nice and official. To be able to do things without having to worry about people showing up to see the house and catching me as I'm about to get in the shower and the baby is sleeping. That's happened twice, it's extremely annoying. Do they think the note at the bottom of our listing saying appointment only and no showings 12-2 while the baby naps is a joke? They were both turned away because I don't care how badly we need to sell, no one is coming in while I'm half dressed and not for nothing will I wake Isaac up, especially not when he's sick.

The bed set is bought!! I haven't had real bedroom furniture since I lived with my parents! I was civilized, once. It was nice. I am going to be civilized again! I'm going to have a bed that's not just sitting there naked in the room like what I had in college. Not that just sitting there is bad, it's how it's been for most of my life, but there's something about a headboard and a footboard that I really like. A sense that my bed isn't just floating in the dark at night like some bit of wreckage I'm clinging to but something sturdy and sure that's going to carry me through til morning.

As a child I was never afraid of the dark, but I was always afraid of the space under the bed. Sorta like deep dark water where you can't see what's beneath you. Along the same lines, I'm frequently leery about approaching trucks that are high off the ground. A boyfriend once thought it would be funny to grab my ankle while I was standing next to his truck and I leaped so badly he ended up with road rash.

But I digress...

The bedroom set is bought and we ordered sofas. I have no idea if they'll really go with the room or not, but that's part of the problem with buying furniture for a house you're not in. Brian doesn't see this. Suddenly the furniture we've lived with for years isn't good enough and he's on this manic drive to replace it all. I think he's crazy, but we have a sofa and love seat and the 'all important' tv stand. I'm assuming the new TV is either ordered or will be soon.

The people in the house now might sell us their kitchen table and chairs and maybe even the computer desk. If they accept our offer, as far as I'm concerned, we're done. There are other things we'll want, but they will all wait.

Bit by bit, it's all coming together.


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